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<p>Online Tutoring Apply onlineRatesVision Educare Online Tutoringprovides students at primary schools, secondary schools, and universities with online tutoring worldwide.</p> <p>Our tutors work online with students worldwide via Skype, Google Hangout, ooVoo and other web conference tools.Our tutors are highly enthusiasticand very patient professionalswhose passion is to teach their subjects. They teach their subject in such a friendly and innovative way that it becomes the students most favourite subject in the long run.Vision Educare provides online tutoring for all curricula, including: International Baccalaureate, IB European Baccalaureate, EB GCSE / IGCSE A-Levels GED, AP courses &amp; US High School curricula SAT, GMAT, BMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, ACT KS1, 2 and 3 and others University courses + PhD thesis/dissertation</p> <p>Pre-payment packagesTuition fee, euroNon-refundable fee per package, euroTotal per package, euro</p> <p>100 hours/50 sessions4000(40 per hour)75*4075</p> <p>50 hours/25 sessions2250(45 per hour)752325</p> <p>40 hours/20 sessions1999(50 per hour)752074</p> <p>30 hours/15 sessions1499(50 per hour)751574</p> <p>20 hours/10 sessions999(50 per hour)751074</p> <p>Per session, 2 hoursEuro 150(75 per hour)-----------------------150</p> <p>Study Camps Apply hereCamp FeesTopClassTutors International Foundationspecializes in support and acceleration programs for studentsattendingtheprimary school, IGCSE,IB, A-level and GED and offers many study and specilized camps throughout the year.The TopClassTutors Study and specialized camps are one to nine-week residential programs forprimary,middle and high-school students and children with learning needs.TopClassTutorsprovides the opportunity for these students to enrich and accelerate their academic pursuits and to meet others who share their interests and abilities.Participants live in supervised housing and are taught byTopClassTutors instructors. Students engage in intensive study or counseling, supplemented with many activities.Study CampsSubject areas include: Mathematics Sciences Creative writing Social sciences Engineering English German Spanish Russian Japanese ChineseAll curricula supported, including: IB, International Baccalaureate EB, European Baccalaureate IGCSE GCSE A-levels US High Schools KS1, KS2 and KS3 MYP PYP GED SAT preparation</p> <p>Specialized camps Creativity Camps Sports Camps Survival Camps Adventure Camps Space Camps Behavioural CampsThe camps provide an opportunity for these students to pursue their intellectual curiosity and meet others who share their interests and abilities.TopClassTutorsCamps will be held on the school &amp; university campusesandTopClassTutorslocations worldwide.Past participants have come from 44 countries, and students leave with a sense of academic accomplishment, new friends, and fond memories of a wonderful time spent at TopClassTutors.Students are housed by gender, rather than subject area, and the courses are designed specifically for motivated students.In addition to their main study or activity, students will participate in sight-seeing excursions that allow them to learn the history and culture of the region.</p> <p>Option 1. Children from 5 till 18 year old, location Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Period: Year-round.Starts: every Monday</p> <p> Rate per week*5 days, Mo-FrRate two weeks*12/10** daysRate three weeks 19/15** daysEvery extra week*7/5** days</p> <p>AccommodationYesNoYesNoYesNoYesNo</p> <p>Low season130075026001500390022501250700</p> <p>High season139590027901800418527001350850</p> <p>**Non-residential option:3 lessons per day, activities from Mo-Fr. 10.00-17.00*Residential option: Lessons, Accommodation, Activities and FB(See this table once at )Option 2. Children from 5 till 18 years old, locations: Malta, Portugal, Germany. Period: year-round.Starts: every Monday.Table at 3. Children from 6 till 18 years old, locations:USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, Shanghai, Hong KongPeriod: year-round. Starts: Mondays.Table at 4. Children from 5 till 18 year old, location: Moscow, Russia.Period: Year-round. Starts: every MondayTable at</p> <p>September 8 October 5, 2014October 6 26, 2014</p> <p>October 27 December 14, 2014December 15, 2014 January 11, 2015</p> <p>January 12 February 8, 2015February 9 March 8, 2015</p> <p>March 9 March 29, 2015March 30 May 10, 2015</p> <p>May 11 May 30, 2015June 1 September 20, 2015</p> <p>School building assistance and how to get affiliation</p> <p> </p> <p>How to get CBSE Affiliation for Schools in India </p> <p>Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE is the oldest yet most preferred board of education that offers the best set of education to the children across the country. The Board is familiarized to grant affiliation to government schools, private schools and public schools across India. An important piece of information is that the schools seeking registration number under CBSE board should first apply for CBSE affiliation. For this, the schools that seek CBSE affiliation have to adhere to the norms and guidelines prescribed by the CBSE Board. As soon as the school gets affiliation from the board, it is allotted a CBSE affiliation code.Since it is not an easy task to get the school seek affiliation with CBSE-Central Board of Secondary Education, listed below is the process to seek affiliation from CBSE:1. Primarily, the school must have at least 2 acres of land with the school building constructed on one part and a playground on the other. The land requirement is specifically in case of opening a school in any of the metropolitan cities having population more than 25 lakhs.2. Further, approach the State Department of Education to get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) within a stipulated time period.3. The land should be owned by the schools or the society which is running the school. If the school is running under a Society/Trust, make sure to get it registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or Indian Trust Act, 188; to ensure the non-profit nature of the organisation.4. The school should have proper facilities such that there should be a minimum floor space of 1 sq. mt. per student in the class room. Classrooms must be built on a minimum area of 500 sq. ft. per classroom.5. Accommodate the area of 14mx8m for a library with at least 1,500 books for reference material.6. School should have suitable furniture in the class rooms and office equipments proportionate with the strength and staff.7. Apart from rooms for extracurricular activities, the school should also have a provision for Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Math &amp; Computer labs, with requisite equipment.8. Besides this, the school should maintain sufficient funds to pay salaries to the staff, incur expenses in to sustain in the long term.9. Every school is supposed to provide proper facilities for physically challenged students. Also, while admissions, no discrimination should be made on the pretext of caste, creed, colour or religion.10. The school must implement the education system based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) up to 8thstandard. Also, provisions must be made for the proper management of internal assessments and maintenance of academic records of the students.Aforesaid is the list of norms and guidelines required to seek CBSE affiliation.</p> <p>Furniture for schoolsWe are leading manufacturers in India of School Furniture, which is extensively used in schools and different educational institutions. Our range of school furniture is manufactured from premium standard wood, metal and other raw materials, which are absolutely proof to termite, corrosion etc and provide our range long life time.</p> <p>Our school furniture includes school tables, chairs, racks, almirahs and other furnishing items. Superior polish and perfect finish provide this furniture an attractive look. We manufacture this range in a medley of polish, sizes and designs in compliance with the customers' demands. This range is available at pocket friendly prices. NEW RANGE DUAL DESK TABLE WITH CHAIRS MODULAR SCHOOL FURNITURE COLLEGE FURNITURE Writing Chairs &amp; Stools Student Chairs Teacher Table Boards &amp; Display Equipments</p> <p>School Furniture</p> <p>Nursery FurnitureSchool &amp; College FurniturePlayground EquipmentsLibrary &amp; Lab Furniture</p> <p> Portfolio Send Query forSchool Furniture</p> <p>Send Enquiry</p> <p>*- Required details</p> <p>Please Describe your requirements*</p> <p>Company Name*:</p> <p>Contact Person*:</p> <p>Email ID*:</p> <p>Phone No*:</p> <p>Fax :</p> <p>Address*:</p> <p>City / State :Pin :</p> <p>Country*:</p> <p>Enter this code below :(Anti-Spam Measure)3080</p> <p>Nursery Furniture</p> <p>Our Range ofNursery Furnitureincludes the following:- Cartoon Desk Theme Based Furniture Detachable Grouping Series Furniture Tables with Chair Chairs Tables Storages Decoration Products Educational Aides Kitchen Role Play Carpets</p> <p>Send Query forNursery Furniture</p> <p>Playground EquipmentsOur Range ofPlayground Equipmentsincludes the following:- Slides Swings Seesaw &amp; Rockers Merry Go Round Climbers Thrillers Multi Playstations Fibre Dustbins Park Benches</p> <p>Send Query forPlayground Equipments</p> <p>Library FurnitureOur Range ofLibrary Furnitureincludes the following:- Library Chairs Library Storages Library Tables Library Counters </p> <p> Send Query forLibrary Furniture</p> <p>Lab FurnitureRocks, Minerals &amp; Fossils Sets</p> <p>Earth Science Equipments</p> <p>Chemistry Lab Equipments</p> <p>Physics Lab Equipments</p> <p>Biology Lab Equipments</p> <p>Molecular Model Sets</p> <p>Educational Models and Charts</p> <p>Microscopes &amp; Magnifiers</p> <p>Plastic Lab Equipments</p> <p>Math Lab Equipments</p> <p>General Lab Products &amp; Tools</p> <p>Science Lab Glassware</p> <p>Anatomy &amp; Human Organ Models</p> <p>Dissection Lab Kits</p> <p>Electronics Lab Trainers</p> <p>Welcome toHighway Travels</p> <p>At Highway Travels, our number one priority is the safety of the students we transport; we work tirelessly to ensure the peace of mind of those who have entrusted their children to us. Safety, above all, is the cornerstone on which we build everything; we are dedicated to ensuring children arrive to school safely and on-time so they can make the most of their school dayevery day.</p> <p>Pioneers in School Transport Business since 1984, a leading provider of student transportation, committed to getting children to school safely, on time and ready to learn. We believe in providing extra comfort to the students through constantly understanding the demand of the customer and providing them with the best possible alternative. For Decades we have been catering to the Needs of Schools and Institutions for their Transportation Services. We have ample fleet of Buses for wide range of Buses. The Buses provided by us are well maintained and as per Government Rules &amp; regulations.</p> <p>SPECIAL FEATURES PROVIDED</p> <p>THE ROUTES WILL BE GEO FENCED IF ROUTE IS CHANGED BY DRIVER THE SCHOOL and TRANSPORT IN-CHARGE WILL GET AN SMS.</p> <p>PANIC SWITCH IN PASSENGER CABINS WHICH WILL IMITATE THE SCHOOL and TRANSPORT IN-CHARGE AND BUS WILL STOP.</p> <p>BUS STOPS WILL BE FIXED AND IF BUSES STOPS ANY EXTRA POINT THE SCHOOL and TRANSPORT IN-CHARGE WILL GET AN SMS.</p> <p>VERY SOON WE WOULD BE COMING WITH VIDEO CAMERAS IN THE PASSENGER CABIN OF THE BUSES, WHICH WOULD GIVE LIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE TO THE SCHOOL AND TRANSPORT INCHARGE.</p> <p>OurServices</p> <p>We live and breathe to accomplish one thing-getting our students to school safe, on time &amp; ready to learn every day. This focus applies to all facets of our service, including :</p> <p>Buses &amp; Tempo Traveller for School / Institute Transportation</p> <p>Service for special-needs students</p> <p>Field-trip service</p> <p>Summer school and camp service</p> <p>Buses for Industrial Visits</p> <p>Buses for Outstation Trips</p> <p>Buses for Outdoor Activities</p> <p>Operation of School Buses Owned by Schools</p> <p>Because we got our start serving special - needs students and have developed extensive expertise in this area, we are uniquely qualified to serve all children with special care.</p> <p>We Provide School Buses (New &amp; Existing) as per the requirement of the customer requirements the buses strictly comply with the relevant standards and requirements required for the service.</p> <p>We develop a procedure covering all operational ends required by the client for the services.</p> <p>Supervisor at school to monitor routes and take all complaints and suggestions of parents.</p> <p>Trained drivers to assist children</p> <p>GPS service for tracking bus during route hours</p> <p>Side grills to for non ac vehicles and fixed glass for ac buses</p> <p>Safety alarm in case of emergency</p> <p>Fire extinguisher</p> <p>Safety seats</p> <p>First aid kit</p> <p>OUR COMMITMENT FOR OUR SERVICE</p> <p>New SCHOOL / INSTITUTE Buses of SCHOOL / INSTITUTE Color and Branding.</p> <p>All Buses fabricated as per SCHOOL / INSTITUTE guidelines laid down by Honable Supreme Court.</p> <p>All buses fitted with speed governors.</p> <p>All staff provided will be well trained to drive and handle SCHOOL / INSTITUTE buses.</p> <p>All drivers &amp; conductors with uniform as advised by SCHOOL / INSTITUTE.</p> <p>All Vehicles fitted with GPS Devices which can be accessed by SCHOOL / INSTITUTE.</p> <p>All Vehicles will be at SCHOOL / INSTITUTES disposal.</p> <p>One Manager/ Supervisor at SCHOOL / INSTITUTE during SCHOOL / INSTITUTE hours to solve all complaints and issues.</p> <p>All vehicles fitted with safety alarm.</p> <p>All buses with NCR Permits to freely and lawfully commute in Noida, Gr. Noida and Delhi.</p> <p>Customer Satisfaction is our primary motto, thus we are open to your suggestions and changes.</p> <p>Fleet</p> <p>AVAILABLE OPTIONS IN A/C NON A/C BUSES</p> <p>16 SEATER22 SEATER35 SEATER42 SEATER</p> <p>47 SEATER</p> <p>12 / 16 SEATER</p> <p>OurServices</p> <p>Regular home-to-school service</p> <p>Service for special-needs students</p> <p>Field-trip service</p> <p>Summer school and camp service</p> <p>OurFeaturesNew School / Institutes Buses of School / Institutes Color and Branding.</p> <p>All staff provided will be well trained to drive &amp; handle School / Institutes buses.</p> <p>All Vehicles will be at School / Institutes disposal</p> <p>All vehicles fitted with safety alarm.</p> <p>Large 'Emergency Exit' at rear</p> <p>Special racks below for the convenience of keeping school bags</p> <p>Features</p> <p>Each School bus is equi...</p>