Peer Tutoring Program for Online Students

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Our Peer Tutoring Program Provides Support for Virtual Classes. Learn more about how our peer center works for students.

Text of Peer Tutoring Program for Online Students

  • 1. Georgia Virtual School Peer Center Information Night

2. Welcome to the GAVS Peer Center 3. Purpose and Goals To provide our students with: Quality learning Innovating opportunities Promote: 21st century skills Good digital citizenship Elevate performance and increase student achievement Build a stronger school community 4. The Role of the Peer Tutor 5. Courses We presently offer tutoring in the following courses: Biology Physical Science Physics 9th Grade Literature and Composition 10th Grade Literature and Composition American Literature CCGPS Coordinate Algebra CCGPS Geometry World History World Geography United States History 6. What Do Peer Tutors Do? Provide peer tutoring services in courses/content areas for which mastery has been achieved Maintain an up to date calendar indicating the best times and subjects for you to tutor Contribute actively to the Peer Center community 7. Incentives and Benefits for Tutors Peer Tutor badges to spotlight dedication to the program Bronze: 100 - 174 hours of service work Silver: 175 - 249 hours of service work Gold: 250 hours or more Means of building work experience Valuable addition to resume/application Strengthens communication and problem solving skills Increases academic skills Promotes sense of accomplishment that comes from helping others 8. How Can You Become a Peer Tutor? Requirements: Current or former GAVS student Successful demonstration of mastery in all courses for which tutoring will be offered Exceptional organizational and written/oral communication skills High level of motivation and ability to work independently Ability to work effectively with students from diverse backgroundsApplication: Peer Tutor Application NOTE: you will need to be logged into your GAVS Google account to complete the application. 9. Benefits for Tutees Opportunity to work one on one with a peer through Adobe Connect or email Increased understanding of course content Better overall performance in your course 10. How Can You Request Tutoring? Contact your course instructor Your instructor will request that you be paired with a peer tutor If a tutor is available you will be contacted directly via email and the tutor will set up a time to meet with you 11. Privacy and Security FERPA: tutors do not have access to student grades and do not assist with graded assessments Tutors are not in direct contact with teachers all assistance is general to course content Tutoring sessions are recorded and periodically monitored All tutors have exhibited content mastery, have received teacher recommendations, and have completed a tutor training program. Tutors do not have access to students special accommodations 12. Questions?