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NVD Report , 2016 - SVEEP

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Text of NVD Report , 2016 - SVEEP


    NVD Report , 2016

    The detail of report is as under:-

    1. Brief outline on Campus/School Ambassadors appointments

    and work done by them through the year:-

    Campus Ambassadors were appointed in school/colleges.

    Various meetings with Campus Ambassadors were conducted to make aware

    them about the campaigns of Election Commission of India like National

    Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme and Special

    Summary Revision of electoral rolls w.r.t. 01.01.2016 qualifying date.

    Different kinds of SVEEP material like banners, posters etc. for awareness

    among students regarding registration in electoral rolls, were provided to

    Campus Ambassadors.

    Different types of camps were organized in schools/ colleges by Campus

    Ambassadors to motivate students. During these camps, they motivated that

    the students should get enroll themselves as elector as soon as they get age

    of 18 years.

    Campus Ambassadors educated the students about the electoral process i.e.

    registration, correction of errors, transposition of names, voting process and

    ethical voting. Students were made aware about the importance of their right

    to vote.

    During Special Summary Revision Form No. 6 were collected by Campus

    Ambassadors from the students who attained the age of 18 years and these

    forms were handed over to Principals of respective institutions who sent them

    to ERO office.

    Campus Ambassadors took voter pledge with other students in their



  • 2

    Meeting with Campus Ambassadors in distt. Kapurthala.

    2. Brief outline on appointment of designated officers in

    educational institutions during this period, their training and

    activities, and all the activities undertaken in educational

    institutions during this period.

    Principals of various schools and colleges were appointed as Nodal Officers,

    who organized various activities for voter awareness under SVEEP campaign

    in their respective institutes.

    They were provided training by concerned EROs.

    Various types of competitions were organized by these Nodal Officers in their

    respective institutes to aware youth about registration in electoral rolls like:-

    a) Street Plays

    b) Speech competition

    c) Quiz competition

    d) Chart making competition

    e) Slogan writing competition

    f) Painting competition

    g) Rangoli making competition

    h) Debates

    i) Rallies

    Prizes were distributed to the winners of different competitions.

  • 3

    3. Details of activities undertaken by NSS, NYKS and NCC.

    NSS, NYKS made aware the youth about their right to vote and also

    encouraged them to enroll themselves as electors as soon as they get the

    age of 18 years.

    They organized camps in villages and made aware the people regarding

    importance of vote and right of vote.

    They also played Nataks for voter awareness.

    Voter awareness rallies were also conducted with the aim to motivate people

    to vote.

    4. Details of Young Voter's Festival.

    Young Voter's festivals were organized to aware young voters regarding

    election process.

    Speech competitions, Poster making competitions, Slogan writing

    competitions etc. among students of various educational institutions were


    Posters and pamphlets were distributed.

    Special Camps for collecting Form No. 6,7, 8, 8 A were organized.

    To aware the Youth, One cycle rally was flagged Off in distt. Ferozepur.

    One Motor Cycle rally was flagged Off in distt. Rupnagar for awareness

    among students.

    One Van rally was flagged Off in distt. Faridkot.

    Posters, Stickers and pamphlets were also distributed through the different


  • 4

    Van rally for voter awareness on Baba Farid Mela-2015 in distt. Faridkot .

    5. The work done on SVEEP activities undertaken during

    summary revision programme to get the youth and enrol

    themselves and any other innovative activity taken up during

    the year to for female voters or for differently abled voters or

    for excluded communities etc.

    Marathon, Group discussion, Speech, Debate and Painting competitions were

    organised for young voters.

    Meetings with differently abled voters were held.

    Rallies were conducted by the students of some schools and colleges.

    Press Notes were given in the Newspapers to appeal the eligible voters to

    enroll their names in the Electoral Rolls.

    BLOs and Supervisors were instructed by the concerned EROs to find out

    excluded groups.

    Flex banners, Posters etc. were pasted on the prominent places to motivate

    eligible young voters and female voters to enroll their names in the voter lists

    and to use their right to vote.

  • 5

    Special awareness drives were also taken place in Rural and Urban areas for

    maximum registration of female and differently abled voters.

    For voters' convenience, two special camps were organized on Sundays in

    the whole state during special summary revision of electoral rolls to collect

    form 6, 7, 8 etc.

    A meeting with the third gender was conducted for in distt. Hoshiarpur. Forms

    6 for inclusion of their names in the ER had also been filled. They were made

    aware regarding the importance of their vote.


    Folk art competition was conducted for female voters in distt. Fazilka.

  • 6

    Painting competition for voter awareness in distt. Fazilka.

    Meeting with third gender regarding registration in electoral rolls in


  • 7

    Forms filled for third gender registration in distt. Hoshiarpur.

    6. Detail of the activities undertaken in the run up to NVD

    organized in January 2016, as well as brief outline of the State

    level NVD function held on 25th January 2016, along with the

    awards conferred at State level of NVD.

    Annexure 2 is enclosed.

    7. Detail of SVEEP activities taken up through electronic

    channels i.e. FM channel, All India Radio, Doordarshan etc.

    also through print media i.e. newspapers, magazines etc. and

    through social media etc.

    Different campaigns for registration, correction, transposition of names and

    authentication of electoral rolls started by Election Commission of India were

    advertised through the following medias:-

    A. NERPAP campaign:

    FM/ Radio

    Channel : All India Radio, Big FM, My FM, Radio Mirchi, Radio Mantra,

    Radio Dhamaal, Oye FM etc.

    Doordarshan: Doordarshan Kendra, Zee Punjabi, MH1, Chardikala Time TV,

    TV 24, PTC News, PTC Punjabi.

    Newspapers : Hindustan times, The Times of India, India Express,

    The Tribune, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Dainik Savera,

    Dainik Bhaskar, Ajit, Punjabi Tribune.

  • 8

    B. Special Summary Revision of electoral roll w.r.t. 01.01.2016:

    FM/ Radio

    Channel : All India Radio, Big FM, My FM, Radio Mirchi, Radio Mantra,

    Radio Dhamaal, Oye FM.

    Newspapers : Hindustan times, The Times of India, India Express,

    The Tribune, Punjab Kesari, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala,

    Dainik Bhaskar, Daily Ajit, Jagbani, Punjabi Tribune.

    C. NVD, 2016:

    Newspapers: Hindustan times, The Times of India, The Tribune,

    Punjab Kesari, Amar Ujala, Dainik Savera, Dainik Bhaskar,

    Daily Ajit (Punjabi) , Punjabi Tribune.

    8. Any new partnerships for spreading awareness on elections. Sangeet Sabha Pathankot, Society of Disabled.

    9. Other achievement, SVEEP activities not covered in the above

    points may also be mentioned, for the purpose of


    Whatsapp group of Campus Ambassadors was started in distt Hoshiarpur to

    exchange latest instructions.

    A Vehicle (Qualis ) was hired to advertise the schedule in different areas of

    villages in Bholath AC (distt. Kapurthala) and distributed pamphlets regarding

    instructions, how to get enrolled as a voter.

    Vehicle (Qualis ) used during special summary revision of ER.

  • 9

    Different activities of SVEEP were conducted for voter awareness on Labour

    Day in distt. Fazilka.

    Speech for voter awareness.

  • 10

    Members of Labour Union displaying slogans for voter awareness on Labour

    Day in distt. Fazilka.

    Different activities of SVEEP were conducted for voter awareness on World

    Literacy Day in distt. Fazilka.

    Speech competition.

  • 11

    Different slogans in Slogan-writing competition.

    Painting Competition.

  • 12

    Special camp for service voters in distt. Fazilka.

    Service voters

  • 13

    (Annexure- 2)


    Report on


    Voters' Day,


    Submitted by :

    CEO Punjab

  • 14

    (NVD), 2016 was celebrated at State level, District level, ERO level as well as

    Booth level in the whole state on 25th January, 2016. The brief description of

    celebration of NVD, 2016 is as follows:-

    Advertisement of NVD:

    On the same day, the theme for the 6th NVD 'Inclusive and Qualitative

    Electoral Participation', its logo along with Voters' Pledge were published for

    awareness of the general

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