Nobel Prize Winners by Country, Appendix in "Cosmology, Physics & Philosophy" By Benjamin Ga-Or

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Text of Nobel Prize Winners by Country, Appendix in "Cosmology, Physics & Philosophy" By Benjamin Ga-Or

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    The Worldwide Acclaimed

    Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy

    Benjamin Gal-Or, Vol. 4, Scribd, July 2008

    Free, Core Curriculum Course (CCC), 207 pages

    What Did van Gogh Imagine When He Painted This Picture?Apparently he did not think that the field of gravitation has generated all.

    Yet, his painting convey the reality that all living and non-living systems are embedded in a 'field of brush strokes, which, by themselves, in their very shape, direction and rhythm,

    convey the presence of flux, structure, cosmos and universal field of force, which penetrates all things

    and is at one with land, life, sky and the stars.

    The telescope at one end of his beat,And at the other end the microscope,

    Two instruments of equal hope Robert Frost

    If you can look into the seeds of time,And say which grain will grow and which will not,

    Speak then to me William Shakespeare

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    Evokes a person heart! Has generated a large number of responses from around the world, some declaring that it has turned them into Gal-

    Orians. Since the thought presented by this book is so rich, translators of our country should recommend this book with all their intellectual

    power. Chinese Academy of Sciences

    A Master Piece. Any good library must have a copy of thisClassical work. The well-known author bases his philosophyon a very sound knowledge of present-day scientific theories.

    Indian Journal of Physics

    This is one of the most beautiful books that I have read.Outstanding Books List

    Recommended by Encyclopedia Britannica, Nature, Philosophy of

    This is a great book, and an exciting book; readable,worth reading and enlightening. Sir Karl Popper

    We are all Gal-Orians. Foundations of Physics (Editor)

    Tour de force. A magnificent and sustained piece of work !Sir A. Cottrell, Cambridge University Chancellor

    Appeals to scientists of all disciplines who are prepared to open their minds. Shines a welcome light in some dark corners of science.

    Sir Karl Popper, in a Foreword, correctly describes it a great book.New Scientist

    Gal-Ors beauty has always been the object of science, which, he lyrically observes as a most fundamental aesthetic frame of mind, a

    longing for the run-away horizons of truth and symmetry that we always try to reach. M. Wickman, Order Amidst Chaos:

    Enlightenment Aesthetics after Post-Modernity

    I do not know a better modern expression of science, philosophyand classical humanism than that of Gal-Ors book. Hah-Arretz Daily

    The works of scientists like Gal-Or, Bohm, and (Noble Prize-Winner) Prigogine provide important resources. Prigogine's formalisms do not

    really tell us how irreversible change emerges from reversible [mathematics]. (in this Gal-Or is superior). Gal-Or assigns priority

    instead to general relativity and to gravity which drives the emergence of chemistry, life, and intelligence. Philosophy of Science,

    Foundations of Social Progress

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    One must always look beyond earth5.3, the solar system5.1; 5.3, our galaxy5.4 and our local group of galaxies5.5, while comprehending about the dark-cold,expanding-voids-Space-14.4 that wraps all superclusters of galaxies4.13 (Diagram below) and assessing its everlasting control on everyday life, and its origin (p.20; p.89).

    The Kingdom of Darkness [voids in Figs. 1.1 & 1.2, p.4] illuminates some dark corners of science, and is more important, and interesting, as demonstrated by this book, than all the shining sources combined.

    Our universe contains billions of gravity-structured galaxies (e.g., upper picture), each (e.g., right), containing billions of gravity-structured stars. Only Space-1 expands(Diagram & Figs. 1.1; 1.2, p.4). Without its expansion no process in the cosmos, including life, is possible (p.9-13, 89). Gravity and Space-1-Expansion generate all chemistry4.1, plant and animal behavior (Chapter 6), black holes4.3, time, biological time, brain-mind perceptions (p.12), orientation, written languages, socio-biological concepts [Chapters 5 & 6], gravity-natural-selection and key concepts in the exact & life sciences and the humanities (Chapters 1 to 8).

    DIAGRAM: Space-1-Expansion is the UNSATURABLE SINK for all energy pouring into it from all shining sources (p.4). It is composed of adiabatic envelopes4.15 (a), (b), (c) that wrap all clusters and superclusters of galaxies4.13; 5.5 [Fig. 1.2 below]. Gravity and Space-1-Expansion generate all structures4.12, chemistry4.1;4.2, time-asymmetries3.4, written languages and brain-mind perceptions (Parts A to D). This worldwide acclaimed

    Space 1

    Non-expanding Space 3 wraps our galaxy 3

    Space 2wrapsclusters

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    outlook (p.2) opens new intellectual horizons by crossing frozen disciplines and re-assessing afresh key concepts in the exact & life sciences and the humanities.

    Fig. 1.1: Space-1 Genesis. Expansion of the previously opaque universe (Chapter 1, p.40) forms the shown expanding, cold voids [SPACE-1, (Blue)] and hotter matter emitters of radiation in Spaces 3 & 2 (p.3). Space-1 was formed below 3000K (starting at around 300,000 years post Genesis). Photons, neutrinos and anti-neutrinos3.2 then escaped from the newly-formed aggregations of nuclei, and were irreversibly absorbed in the newly-formed, unsaturable sink: SPACE-1 [Fig. 1.2 below]. About 2 billion years post Genesis, these gravity-induced, proto-massive-entities, were already condensed and heated for nuclear fusion4.2 to start. This NASA picture shows that, on a large scale, the early universe was isotropic and homogeneous in terms of distribution of cold voids, hot matter-structures-emitters and their maximum temperatures4.1. There had been no net energy flow across adiabatic envelopes 4.15 in Space-1. [Cf. Fig. 1.2 below]

    Fig. 1.2: The largest portrait of the universe [NASA]. The voids that compose Space-1 (dark-cold spaces observed in between shining filaments or clouds of superclusters), have increased in size (Cf. Fig. 1.1) These voids are interconnected in Space-1.Uniform maximum temperatures, isotropic & homogenous distribution of voids & galaxies are preserved (CF. Fig. 1.1). No net flow of energy from one adiabatic envelope 4.15 to another exists. These envelopes wrap all superclusters. Studying one is similar to the difficult study of the whole universe. As a student, in 1958, I discovered the origin of irreversibility & time-asymmetries3.4 by examining just one such envelope (Appendix IV, p. 163). Above 1028K, at black-holes4.3 gravitational-energy

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    density, all fields-forces-interactions in nature3.1-3.3 are unified with gravitation3.3 --the sole origin of all structures since Genesis. [p.6; Table I & Assertion 1.1, p. 47]

    SYNOPSIS I________________________________________

    More than ever before the recent discoveries in astronomy and space research have forced us to re-assess many of our fundamental concepts in most branches of science and philosophy. Nevertheless, the Einsteinian relativistic gravity3.3 and quantum physics3.2 remain two different physico-philosophical world outlooks that are in constant conflict with each other3.5.

    The fundamental dispute splits physics into at least two unbridgeable systems of thought, each involving far-reaching implications in general science, philosophy and education.

    The disputed differences are between Einsteinian gravity physics3.3, 3.5

    and quantum physics3.2; 3.5. These may be referred to as Type I Disputes.

    Type II disputes is mainly amongst proponents of string theories4.6 to 4.11, the cosmological constant2.1 to 2.5; 4.5; 4.16, dark matter2.1 to 2.5; 4.17,

    Faust: 'Tis writ: 'in the beginning was the Word!'I pause, to wonder what is here inferred?

    The Word I cannot set supremely high,A new translation I will try.

    I read, if by the spirit I am taught,This sense: 'In the beginning was the Thought'.

    This opening I need to weigh again,Or sense may suffer from a hasty pen.

    Does Thought create, and work, and rule the hour?'Twere best: 'In the beginning was the Power!'

    Yet, while the pen is urged with willing fingers,A sense of doubt and hesitancy lingers.The spirit come to guide me in my need,I write, 'In the beginning was the Deed!'

    Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFaust I. Transl. Philip Wayne (Penguin Classics, London)

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    pre-creation physics, pre-creation universes and the origin of irreversibility and time asymmetries in nature3.4; 3.5.

    The Central Theme

    The Central Theme of both this course and world outlook include two Branches: In the Exact & Life Sciences & in the Humanities.

    The Exact & Life Sciences Branch focuses first on failures to unify the fundamental forces-fields-interactions in nature3.1-3.5, while claiming that the key reasons for these failures are:

    (i) Attempts to unify fields-forces-interactions by false mixing of symmetric with asymmetric mathematics [Assertion S.1], instead of first unifying time asymmetries around verified general relativistic cosmology and Space-1-Expansion.3.4, 3.5, 4.15

    (ii) Above 1028K, at