My Flower Garden - Welcome to Patchwork Designs Inc. garden activity book.pdf3. States and countries have their own national flower. Find out what your state or country flower is

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  • Complete 1 requirement to earn this patch. {For extra you may complete more, especially by using our on line worksheets.}

    Item: FLOWER $1.50

    1. Flowers can grow on trees, plants, and in your front yard. Find out the main

    parts of the flower. For extra draw or color a diagram of a flower.

    2. Observing flowers can be fun and interesting. Observe flowers outside or

    through books. Find at least two different flowers that are different colors or de-

    sign OR decorate a flower pot, OR complete a flower identification sheet, OR take

    or draw pictures of flowers.

    3. States and countries have their own national flower. Find out what your state or country flower is.

    4. Grow a flower from a seed or plant flowers in a pot or garden.

    5. How do bees make honey? Find out how bees make honey. For extra, try something that has

    honey in it.

    6. The transfer of pollen from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of a flower is called pollination. Name one polli-

    nator that moves pollen. Find out how they pollinate the flower.

    7. The largest flower in the world is the Rafflesia arnoldii. What is the approximate size? Find out where this flower

    lives in what country or area. For extra, color a picture of the flower or create a large flower and decorate it.

    8. Visit a park or your backyard and observe flowers. Find three different flowers to observe. What does the petals

    look like? Where is growing? What color is it? For extra, you can draw a picture or take a picture of the flowers.

    9. Visit a nursery or store that sells flowers. You can also view flowers on the internet or books. Find an annual, a

    flower that needs planted every year and a perennial, a flower that comes back every year OR identify the flowers that

    are on the My Flower Garden patch.

    10. Complete a community service project that symbolizes flowers or assists flowers. Examples include: creating

    cards for spring, and donate them to hospitals or elderly homes; make flower shaped treats and donate them; create a

    flower garden; volunteer to landscape or plant flowers, decorate flowerpots and plant seeds for gifts, OR participate in

    any other project.

    11. Have a picnic, garden party, or create food or enjoy food in the shape of flowers, sugar flowers, or anything that

    make your flower celebration festive. Examples include: Flower shaped cake, cupcakes, or cookies, fruits or Jell-O

    cut out with a flower shaped cookie cutter, sandwiches, or other finger food.

    12. Create decorations for special event or create an atmosphere for a spring, flower arrangements, or fun celebration.

    Examples include: tissue flowers, decorating flower pots, pillows with floral material, flower garden mural on paper or

    design your own flower.

    13. Play games or create activities to play representing the flower theme. Examples include: floral tattoos, or face

    painting, pin the bee on the flower, flower tic tac toe, crossword or word search, OR flower matching game.

    14. Create a craft or accessory that represents flowers Examples: flower headband or barrette, coloring pages, kites,

    collage of beautiful flowers, sketch or observation books, picture frames, OR flower pots.

    15. Watch A TV show, movie, or televised production that features flowers. This can be an educational show or fun


    My Flower Garden


  • Covers requirement # 1

    Parts of a Flower

    Learn at least three parts of the flower and color the picture.

    Sticky part of the flower that collects

    pollen from other flowers

    Develops the pollen into

    seeds once it is fertilized.

    Protects the flower bud.

    Produces pollen

  • Flower Word Search

    Covers requirement # 13

    U Y I O A N N U A L Z N Q L P

    W R B E W W W T O W E B B L S

    D X T K X I U X Y D V T U E Y

    J D H D R U P J R L G H T B Q

    W P O L L I N A T I O N T E D

    C A E A H S G D S V D H E U T

    V T T O E R I U A R A X R L U

    M R N E E P N R A I A B F B L

    V E J W R F T Y I W S W L R I

    Y H O Y L I K E S O R Y Y N P

    L L Z O B C N T E A S B N S D

    F L W R A T M G E W L U P E M

    S E S B N V T W C J S L U J Q

    R E S W P M P G X A P H E E Y

    H B M U S G L A I N N E R E P







  • The largest flower in the world is the Rafflesia arnoldii. It is found in the rainforests of Indonesia. It can grow to be 3 feet wide. It is a brownish orange flower with tan col-ored spots on the petals. Draw little spots on the petals and color the flower.

    Covers requirement # 7

    Largest Flower in the World

  • Pollination A pollinator that moves pollen from the anthers to the stigmas of flowers creates

    pollination. Some pollinators are bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, and some

    wasps. Color the picture below.

    Covers requirement # 6

  • Color My Flower Garden Picture

    Identify the flowers on the Flower Garden patch. Find an annual, a flower that needs

    planted every year and a perennial, a flower that comes back every year. Color the

    picture below to match the patch or with your own design.

    Find the following flowers in the picture. {A= Annual flower P= Perennial}

    Tulip [P] Iris [P] Sunflower [A]

    Sweet Pea [A] Violet [A or P] Gerber Daisy [A]

    Bluebell [P] Geranium [A or P] Rose [P]

    Covers requirement # 9

  • Flower Themed Crafts

    Paper Flowers- Make several flowers for a paper bouquet. Construction paper, green and other colors Crayons or markers Scissors Glue Paper hole punch (optional) Cut a circle about 1 inches across out of construction paper. Glue dots from a hole punch or color a design in the center of the flower. Cut out inch by 2 inch strips of construction paper to make pet-als. Glue the ends of the petals together, as shown. Glue the petals onto the back of the circle, as shown. You may need it for a minute while it dries. Cut a stem and some leaves from the green construc-tion paper and glue them to a flower. If you want to make larger flowers, glue another ring of petals be-hind the first set. Use longer strips to make longer petals.

    Flower Barrette or Comb

    Small silk flowers [Optional: butterflies, ribbon, or sequins.] Glitter glue Glue for sequins Scissors and paper plate Paintbrush and Newspaper Barrette or hair combs to decorate Hot glue gun Lay out your newspapers on your work area. Clip or pull the silk flowers from the stem arrange them on the comb or barrette so you visualize your design. Have an adult hot glue the flowers on the item. Squeeze a little bit of glitter glue on the newspaper or a pa-per plate. Work from the center of the flower out when decorating. Therefore, if you are using sequins for the centers or petals glue those on first. Finish with decorating the edges of the flowers with glitter glue by brushing them lightly with a paintbrush. Let the item dry for 24 hours and wear to a special occasion.

    Magic Daisies and Carnations White daisies or carnations Food coloring and glass of water Cut the ends of the white flowers at an angle and place them a glass of water. Place 10-20 drops of food coloring in the glass. Within 24 hours you will see the flower change colors to the color that you placed in the water.

    Glue dots

    from a hole


    Glue petals


  • Flower Themed Crafts (continued)

    Hummingbird Cardboard Paper muffin cup Markers and crayons Hummingbird pattern (located in the back of this kit) Copy the hummingbird pattern on cardstock or trace it on a piece of poster board. Color the body of the hummingbird. Use shades of green and red to color the body. Draw two eyes on body. Cut out the beak and attach it to the body. Fold the muffin cup paper in half and in half again. Cut along the folded lines. Use a marker to create lines on the wings by tracing the fold lines of the muffin cup paper. Tape or glue a wing on each side of the body and one on the end of the body to repre-sent the tail feathers.

    Colorful Baskets Green plastic berry baskets Flowers [fake or paper] Ribbon [1/2 inch] Glue dot or glue stick Scissors Weave the ribbon through the slats of the basket. Usually 1/2 inch ribbon works best. The width may depend on the width of the slots. Attach strips together with a glue dot or glue stick if needed. Place shredded paper or a square of cardstock paper to se-cure the bottom. Glue flowers around the outside of the basket for decoration. Place any items you would like in the basket for storage, gift or display.

    Decorate a Pot and Plant a Seed Clay pot Acrylic paint Brushes Potting soil Seeds Have the participants paint the clay pot in vibrant colors. Let the pots dry. Fill the pot 3/4 full of potting soil and plant the seed. Place the pot near sunlight, water on a regular basis and watch it grow.

    Covers requirement #10 , #12, or #14

  • Flower Themed Recipes

    Marshmallow Flowered Cupcake

    1 box of yellow cake mix Items listed on the back of the cake mix box [water, oil, eggs] 24 large marshmallows 1 container of white frosting Colored sugar or sprinkles and round chocolate candy Preheat the oven to the temperature according to the box. Follow the instructions on the box to cre