What is the Flower & Garden Festival?

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What Is The Flower & Garden Festival

What Is The Flower & Garden FestivalAnd Why You Should Plan A Trip To EPCOT At This Time

What is the Flower & Garden Festival?

The International Flower & Garden Festival takes place in EPCOT every spring. This festival has over 100 topiaries that will be on display around the park along with many other great features like live music, butterfly gardens, and many more things that appeal to anyone planning a visit to EPCOT during the spring!

What Kind of Things Are at the Festival?At the festival there is a concert series with different artists, multiple outdoor kitchens with an array of foods and beverages, mini gardens around the park with different features, a festival center with demonstrations and more. The festival center has hands-on presentations, food and garden demonstrations, merchandise shops, and experts.

What are the Outdoor Kitchens?Outdoor kitchens are stands set up around the World Showcase in EPCOT. These kitchens have different types of food and beverages that showcase different fruits and vegetables that will make any taste buds go back for more.

Mini Gardens Are More Than Just Flowers

The mini gardens that are scattered around EPCOT are anything from butterfly gardens, Cars themed playground, a backyard sanctuary, and even a pepper garden.

What Is a Topiary?

A topiary is a clipping or trimming of live shrubs or trees into decorative shapes. The topiaries that are scattered around EPCOT are based off of Disney characters. Some of a few characters featured are Anna a d Elsa from the movie Frozen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, and of course Minnie and Mickey Mouse to name a few.

So Why Should You Attend?There are so many reasons why one should attend The International Flower & Garden Festival, but one thing is for sure is that there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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