Mti Catalogul Aplicatiilor Mobile Pentru Turism 2011

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  • 8/6/2019 Mti Catalogul Aplicatiilor Mobile Pentru Turism 2011


    Mobile Travel AppCatalog 1.0

    EditionITB Berlin 2011

    published by mvolution GmbH | |

    Mit Avis bleiben Sie mobil.

    Wann und wo Sie wollen.

    Gesucht, gefunden, gebucht.

    Im Social Web oder auf Ihrem Smartphone.

    Erleben Sie Avis als Networker auf Facebook, Twitter oder Xing.

    Und buchen Sie Ihren Avis Mietwagen wann und wo immer

    Sie wollen mit Ihrem iPhone, Blackberry und PalmPre.

  • 8/6/2019 Mti Catalogul Aplicatiilor Mobile Pentru Turism 2011


    App Catalog 4 App Catalog 5

    Since the arrival of the Smartphone (not only iPhone but also Android, BlackBerryand newer Nokia devices) and the increasing public awareness thereof, end users(including travellers) have been quick to embrace mobile applications (apps). Inthe last 12 months there has been an explosion of companies leveraging apps tocapture the benets of mobile technology. According to BITKOM about 900 millionapps have been downloaded in Germany in 2010 generating an annual growth of112% and revenues of 357 million Euro. Over 25% of the German population ownand more interestingly use their Smartphone to access the mobile internet: this hasbecome a mass market.

    By today the German Apple App Store accounts for about 300.000 apps including18.324 travel apps (category travel). This is rank no. 7 just after category Utilitieswith 19.020 apps. Interestingly paid apps account for 72% and only 28% are freetravel apps. In terms of downloads the most popular free travel app (in GermanyDB Navigator) will reach over 2 million in 2011 and Kayak already has more than 5million downloads in the US.

    Within the App Store category Travel we had a close look at different apps. Weanalysed the most interesting ones and created 16 categories relating to thetravel industry. For each category we took (if available) ve travel apps and tried toextract their differences in terms of functionality, ranking and App Store user reviews.We discovered very interesting features and multiple approaches to creating andmarketing apps.

    EditorialThe Mobile OpportunityMobile Travel App

    Catalog 1.0

    published by mvolution GmbH | |

    copyright 2011

    mvolution GmbHc/o JentowerLeutragraben 107743 Jena 3641 573 [email protected]
  • 8/6/2019 Mti Catalogul Aplicatiilor Mobile Pentru Turism 2011


    App Catalog 6 App Catalog 7

    Mobile Travel AppCatalog 1.0

    Table of Content


    mvolution mobile travel infotainment 07 Methodology Mobile Travel App Catalog 11

    Categorys Airlines 15 Cruises 21 Expenses 27 Global Distribution Systems 33 Hotel Chains 37 Hotel Portals 45 Itinerary Management 51 Meta Search 57 Online Booking Engines 63 Online Travel Agencies 67 Rental Cars 73 Single Hotels 79 Tour Operators 85

    Trains 91 Travel Guides 97 Travel Management Companies 103


    Your Notes 109

    The Search function for example, is important for nding places, hotels, train or rentalcar stations, connections or directions. The analysis showed that there are 10 diffe-rent ways search (from Augmented Reality to Voice) is used by the app providers.Or Social Media features can range from pure Facebook or Twitter links to integratedsharing functionalities with other Social Media apps. It is also notable that for travelcompanies booking and reservation via mobile becomes a real positive return oninvestment business case.

    Some players believe that mobile commerce will be arround 20% of their revenueshare within the next few years. We think too, that this can be true, because Smar t-phone apps can create a user experience that is superior to using the correspondingwebsite with the desktop device, and at the same time add specifc value to certaintravel related use cases. However we also discovered that only a fraction of travelcompanies do a good job with their mobile strategy which is not understandableconsidering the importance of the mobile channel.

    So we are excited about the future developments in this segment and hope to bringyou with this rst edition of the Mobile Travel App Catalog, interesting insights into

    the market. We are also looking forward to getting feedback from you on your mobileexperience.

    Stefan Wagner

    February 2011
  • 8/6/2019 Mti Catalogul Aplicatiilor Mobile Pentru Turism 2011


    App Catalog 8 App Catalog 9

    mvolution mobile travel infotainment


    The Trade Show for the Asian Travel Market


    SAVE 10%Take advantage of the Early-BirdSpecial and secure your space now!Hand in the completed form until25 March 2011.


    Hall 1.1/105AHall 2.1/117Hall 20/106Hall 26/320

    Supported By: Held in: Conference Partner: Partner Hotel:
  • 8/6/2019 Mti Catalogul Aplicatiilor Mobile Pentru Turism 2011


  • 8/6/2019 Mti Catalogul Aplicatiilor Mobile Pentru Turism 2011

    6/56App Catalog 12 App Catalog 13

    Methodology Mobile Travel App Catalog

    At this point a clear mobile s trategy supports decision making. In case you have juststarted to learn about mobile with a budget of only a few thousand Euros there areplenty of freelancers and very small companies happy to develop your app. As soonas you get serious about developing on multiple platforms with server interactionsit is advisable to contract with an experienced agency. An experienced agency has

    nished several projects on more than 5 different platforms, understandsmobile usa-bility, conceptual, interaction and visual design as well as prototyping, integratesbackend development, quality assurance and helps you with mobile marketing.Of those there are only a few that understand both travel processes and mobile plat-forms. However it should be clear too that at least one person in your company needsto have an understanding of mobile technologies and an afnity for the mobile userexperience in order to minimise miscommunication. This person will be the interfacebetween your company and the agency.

    App marketing activities not only start with the upload to an App Store. There areseveral actions to be done prior to launch including PR story, production of end usercommunication or mobile advertising material. The rst few days after initial launchare exciting for everybody involved in the project. Although in the rst days downloadsmay be good it is not yet clear, wether its going to be a success or not in the long run.It depends a lot on your mobile strategy, your expectations, your budget and marketdemand. However mobile app marketing has its own rules among other reasonsbecause thousands of apps are already available. After a jump up there will denitelybe a fall down in the statistics. Mobile advertising agencies will help your company toreach a broader user base. Business models vary from CPM (cost per mille) to CPA(cost per action; e.g. click or download). Some guarantee a top 10 ranking in the AppStore with a xed budget. Marketing also includes learning from the user and integ-rating new features into the app. There is no guarantee but uploading new versions

    several times a year can increase usage of the app.

    This was only a small insight into whats necessary to maintain a successful mobilepresence. For more information visits us: ITB Berlin in Hall 7.1c Booth 107 | +49 3641 573 3399 | [email protected]

    App Marketing

  • 8/6/2019 Mti Catalogul Aplicatii