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  • 7/30/2019 Midshire Business Systems - Lexmark M5100 Series - Monochrome Laster Printer Brochure


    Superior Performance.

    Lexmark M5100 Series Monochrome Laser Printer

    Mono 10.9-cm (4.3-inch)or 17.8-cm (7-inch)

    Touch Screen

    Solutions Security Network DuplexPrinting

    Up to66 ppm



  • 7/30/2019 Midshire Business Systems - Lexmark M5100 Series - Monochrome Laster Printer Brochure


    Lexmark M5100 Series


    Printing responsibly and reducing the impact o printing on the environment is a win oryour business and your budget. Our goal is to design, package and deliver innovativeproducts and solutions that produce high quality output with reliable perormance. Andat the same time, help you minimise the number o cartridges you use over the lie o aprinter and conserve paper and energy.

    The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme provides a variety o methods or reereturns o your empty cartridges to Lexmark or our collection partners. Programme

    availability and details vary by country.

    Environmental protection is a sared responsibility.

    Through work with industry groups, Lexmark helps guide the ormation o standards andguiding principles or environmental sustainability.

    Or membersips incldeAeA EuropeEcma InternationalElectronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)DIGITALEUROPEInormation Technology Industry Council (ITI) Environmental Leadership Council

    Wy Lexmark.

    Founded in 1991 rom an IBM heritage in Lexington, Kentucky, Lexmark is ocused ondelivering tailored solutions to solve the unique challenges businesses ace. Lexmarksbroad portolio o high quality products, solutions, and services help improve productivity,increase eciency and empower employees to perorm at their best.

  • 7/30/2019 Midshire Business Systems - Lexmark M5100 Series - Monochrome Laster Printer Brochure


    Lexmark M5100 Series Overview

    Easy and intitive.The Lexmark M5100 Series is designed or easy operation to allowyou to stay ocused on customer engagements instead o routine maintenance.

    l Easy to navigate 10.9 cm (4.3-inch) or 17.8 cm (7-inch) colour touch screen provides audible

    eedback to make completing tasks intuitive

    l Print preview eatures help you select documents or specic pages within a document

    l Extend your environmental responsibility with energy-ecient settings such as the Hibernate

    Mode which reduces the energy usage to less than one watt

    l Manage your devices with available sotware

    Sperior perormance.The Lexmark M5100 Series can satisy the needs o thebusiest work environments. A choice o conguration options and productivity solutionsgives your business exactly what it needs to get more done. More value, greaterversatility.

    l Process even the most complex jobs utilising the 800MHz dual-core processing power and up

    to 2.56 GB o memory

    l Get work done quickly with print speeds up to 66 ppm and produce your rst page in as little

    as 4 seconds

    l Produce proessional output with a system that delivers consistent image quality on a diverse

    range o materials

    l Instant warm-up user helps reduce energy consumption and improve time to rst page

    Powerl prodctivity.The Lexmark M5100 Series combines exceptionalperormance with time-saving applications designed to drive greater eciency andsimpliy your work processes.

    l With this system, you can print rom desktops as well as mobile devices that can run


    l A maximum input capacity o up to 4,400 sheets and our state-o-the-art paper handling

    keeps jobs moving with reliable perormance

    l Select rom a number o output options and nishing eatures including a our-bin user-assignable mailbox, high capacity output expander, or staple nisher

    *Optional software available. Licensing fees may apply.

  • 7/30/2019 Midshire Business Systems - Lexmark M5100 Series - Monochrome Laster Printer Brochure


    Forms and Favorites

    Eliminate waste and ineciencies associatedwith preprinted orms. Store requently printedorms, marketing materials or other documentsonline, then print them on demand.


    Lets you change up to six dierent devicesettings to enhance environmental savings:Eco-Mode, two-sided printing, time tostandby mode, time to Power Saver mode,screen brightness, and Quiet Mode.

    Customer Support

    This application provides you with an easyway to send inormation about your device toyour authorised dealer or internal help desk.

    The following are examples of pre-loaded solutions

    on M5100 Series printers.

    Manage Address Book

    Manage Address Book allows theAdministrator to import and export e-mailshortcuts and ax shortcuts rom a CSV le.

    Additional Lexmark solutions are available through your

    authorised Lexmark Business Solutions Dealers.

    Navigate to efciency.The Lexmark colour touch screen is a key access pointto your device. The easy to read, customisable, 10.9 cm (4.3-inch) or 17.8 cm (7-inch)interace gives you the ability to preview thumbnails o documents prior to printing, aswell as change print jobs at the device. You can even view, select and print specicpages within a document directly rom the touch screen. Its easy-to-use, intuitivenavigation provides ast access to the unctions and shortcuts.

    Our solutions are designed with your productivity in mind. TheLexmark M5100 Series platorm lets you interact with businessapplications directly on the device or with a server, on premise orhosted in the cloud. Reduce unnecessary printing and simpliywork processes with Lexmark solutions.

    Lexmark M5100 Series Solutions

    Propel your business forward

    10.9 CM (4.3) TOuCh SCrEEN

    17.8 CM (7) TOuCh SCrEEN

  • 7/30/2019 Midshire Business Systems - Lexmark M5100 Series - Monochrome Laster Printer Brochure


  • 7/30/2019 Midshire Business Systems - Lexmark M5100 Series - Monochrome Laster Printer Brochure


    M5163 model with 10.9 cm (4.3-inch) colourtouch screen and additional 550-sheet tray

    Featres tat elp yo optimise yor work

    2) Flexible media andling

    Produce projects like a prowith built-in 2-sided printing,the ability to print on diverse

    materials, plus nish the job withyour choice o multiple nishingoptions.

    3) Lexmark Soltions

    Reduce unnecessary printingand simpliy work processesthrough solutions applicationspreloaded on your device.Choose additional Lexmarksolutions to t your uniqueworkfow needs.

    4) Direct uSB

    The ront USB port allows orconvenient walk-up preview,printing and is compatible withmost printable image le ormats.

    6) Eco-riendly eatres

    Easy-to-access eatures likeEco-Mode to reduce paper andtoner consumption, the SleepButton and Hibernate Modemake it easy to print responsiblyand help you save energy.

    5) Lexmarks unison Toner

    Advanced toner science powerulenough to deliver consistentlyoutstanding image quality, with ashake ree print system.

    1) Intitive color tocscreen

    Operate your device with easethrough smart and intuitive

    navigation. Receive audibleeedback to conrm youractions.

    Lexmark M5100 Series Key Features


    4 1





    4 1




    M5170 model with 17.8 cm (7-inch) colourtouch screen and additional 550-sheet tray

  • 7/30/2019 Midshire Business Systems - Lexmark M5100 Series - Monochrome Laster Printer Brochure


    M5100 Series

    Lexmark M5100 Series Ordering Information

    M5155 or M5163 M5170

    Part # Model3076470 LexmarkM51553076471 LexmarkM51633076472 LexmarkM5170

    Part # Laser Toner/Print Cartridge24B6015 TonerCartridge24B6025 ImagingUnit25A0013 StapleCartridges(3pack)

    Part # Paper Handling40G0804 2100-SheetTray40G0800 250-SheetTray40G0802 550-SheetTray40G0820 250-SheetLockableTray40G0822 550-SheetLockableTray40G0852 4-BinMailbox40G0851 OutputExpander40G0853 HighCapacityOutputExpander40G0850 StapleFinisher40G0854 4.3in.(11cm)Spacer

    Part # Furniture40G0855 CasterBase3073173 SwivelCabinet

    Part # Memory Options57X9016 1024MBx32DDR3-DRAM57X9012 2048MBx32DDR3-DRAM57X9101 256MBFlashMemoryCard27X0200 160+GBHardDisk57X9115 JapaneseFontCard57X9114 KoreanFontCard57X9112 SimplifedChineseFontCard57X9110 TraditionalChineseFontCard

    Part # Application Solutions40G0831 MS810deCardorIPDS(M5155,M5163)*40G0837 MS810deCardorPRESCRIBEEmulation(M5155,M5163)*40G0830 MS810deFormsandBarCodeCard(M5155,M5163)*40G0840 MS812deFormsandBarCodeCard(M5170)*40G0841 MS812deCardorIPDS(M5170)*40G0847 MS812deCardorPRESCRIBEEmulation(M5170)*

    Part # Connectivity1021294 USB(2Meter)Cable27X0225 MarkNetN8350802.11b/g/nWirelessPrintServer14F0000 Parallel1284-BInteraceCard1021231 Parallel(10)Cable14F0100 RS-232CSerialInteraceCard

    Part # User Replaceable Parts40X8421 ReturnProgrammeFuserMaintenancekit,220-240VType01A440X7706 RollerMaintenanceKit40X7744 ReturnProgrammeFuser,220-240VType01A440X8426 FuserMaintenancekit,220-240V,Type06,A440X8017 Fuser,220-240V,Type06,A4
















    17.8-cm (7-Inch) TouchScreen

    100-Sheet MultipurposeFeeder

    550-Sheet Input

    250-Sheet Tray / 550-SheetTray

    250-Sheet Tray / 550-SheetTray

    250-Sheet Tray / 550-SheetTray

    2,100-Sheet Tray (CasterBase required)

    Caster BaseCaster Base

    250-Sheet Tray /550-Sheet Tray

    250-Sheet Tray /550-Sheet Tray