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OBJECTIVES: 3.5: Interaction of Malay civilization between other civilization 3.6: Achievement in Science and Technology perspective 3.7: Malaysian government approach

Malay Civilization

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3.5: Interaction of Malay civilization between other civilization

3.6: Achievement in Science and Technology

perspective 3.7: Malaysian government


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Page 6: Malay Civilization


= Jantung

= Tenang

= Teh

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The start of the interaction-3 century BCProve: the India literature mention

1) Malayadvipa = Malaya Peninsula2) Malaya Suvarnabhumi = land of gold

Commercial factor : (involve silk route across Central Asia and the sea through the Straits of Malacca)Country involve: Funan (Mekong River)

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Malay Language and Literature-Sanskrit : syurga, neraka, sembahyang, asmara,

samudera, sukma-story : Seri Rama and the epic Mahabrata

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Religion and Belief(Hindu-Buddhist influence)

- Royal custom : custom installation of the king

-Malay-epic epic: Hikayat Marong Mahawangsa

-Angkor Wat dan Candi Borobudur


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Customs and Entertainment

-Malay customs : pregnancy, birth, marriage ceremony

-Entertainment : dance and music (ronggeng, wayang kulit and mak yong)

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3.6: Achievement in science and technology


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1) Sulalaht al-Salatdin

• The ship of Sultan Mahmud Shah, “Mendam Berahi ” to Majapahit (15 century)

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2) Hikayat Raja Pasai

• Expert in making poison (14 century)

• The people who make poison called “orang seri”

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Malay’s buildings

• Temples • Houses

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Malays expert in making weapon

• “meriam”- Malays of Patani make it in 17 century

• “keris”- Malay’s weapons in the war

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3.7 Malaysian government apprach


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WRONG ideology about ISLAM HADHARI

Page 19: Malay Civilization

ISLAM HADARI"Civilizational Islam"

• Theory of government based on the principles of Islam as derived from the Qur'an

• Bring Muslims to the basic fundamentals contained in the Holy Quran and Hadith

• Promoted by Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

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• Arabic word حضارة ħadāra (from which "Hadhari" is derived) refers :

i. "civilization"ii. "settled life" or "sedentariness“

(i.e. not being nomadic)

• Islam Hadhari implicitly contrasts itself with the Islam of nomads or Bedouin.

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Nomads or Bedouin

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Page 23: Malay Civilization

10 fundamental principles.

• Faith and piety in Allah• Just and trustworthy government• Freedom and independence to the people• Mastery of knowledge• Balanced and comprehensive economic development• Good quality of life for all• Protection of the rights of minority groups and women• Cultural and moral integrity• Protection of the environment• A strong defence policy

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'Peoples First, Performance Now‘('Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan‘)

• Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak • September 16, 2008• Emphasize ethnic harmony, national unity,

and efficient governance• Making extensive use of social media tools

such as Facebook and Twitter

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PEACE no War!

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Live happily in the harmony community

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1Malaysia clinics

• Prime Minister Najib's Budget 2010 includes funding 50 clinics to provide medical services

• For illnesses and injuries • E.g.: fever, cough, colds, wounds and cuts,

diabetes, and hypertension• Price for treatment and medicationi. Malaysia citizens = RM1ii. Non-citizens = RM15

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1 Malaysia Clinic