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Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in India

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Profit from us Cross Belt Attractive Separator, otherwise called Overband Attractive Separators, range that is produced using the finest materials. Crossbelt Attractive Separators or Overband Attractive Separators are used for evacuating different ferrous contaminants. Cross Belt Attractive Separators give insurance through self-cleaning security from the passed on material. Through eye jolts Cross Belt Attractive Separators can be effectively mounted at the highest point of the casing. The ferrous contaminants are passed on to the side of the transport and are released to a gathering canister by the cleated belts. Crossbelt Attractive Separators or Overband Attractive Separators can be mounted opposite to the material stream or over the head pulley parallel to the material stream. Crossbelt attractive separators comprise of transport lines, flexible take-ups, rough steel channel edge and a pole mounted rate reducer with direct drive engine.

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MAGNETIC SEPARATORSINTRODUCTIONMagnetic separation is a process in which magnetically susceptible material is extracted from a mixture using a magnetic force. This separation technique can be useful in mining iron as it is attracted to a magnet.Magnetic separators are used to separate either valuable minerals from non-magnetic gangue, e.g. magnetite from quartz, or magnetic contaminants

A magnetic separator is a device that uses a magnet to remove impurities and other magnetic materials from metal. Magnetic separators can be used before, during, and after production of a material and can be adjusted to attract different types of magnetic materials at varying levels of intensity . Magnetic separators are used for a wide variety of applications, though their use is almost always industrial in nature. Magnetic separators can be either ferromagnetic or paramagnetic and can range in size from a table top version to a large, heavy drum that is used in recycling and other manufacturing applications.

ProcessMagnetic separation is a filtration process in which ferromagnetic or paramagnetic particles are removed from a process line. The process is achieved by applying an electrical current to a wire mesh or matrix, thereby inducing a magnetic field. When a solution or gas is passed through the mesh, any magnetic particles are attracted to the focus of the magnetic field and are filtered out of the flow. A magnetic separator consists of a powerful magnet that is either laid down or suspended from a ceiling or device. Materials can be passed over a table top magnetic separator while suspended magnetic separators often dangle above a material in order to extract its impurities. Magnetic separators can also be cylinders that objects are passed through. The material that a magnetic separator purifies can be in the form of parts, a finished product, or even liquid metal.

There are five main magnetic separation component types: Magnetic gratesPlate magnetsMagnetic trapsMagnetic drums Magnetic pulleys

Types of Magnetic SeparatorsEdison SeparatorBall Norton SeparatorMagnetic Drum Separator Roller Type Separator Gravity Feed Magnetic Separator Magnetic Coolants Separator Wet Drum Separator

Why Magnetic Separators used in Industries?Magnetic Separators are used to protect vital process equipment downstream from damage while it produces a clean separated final product. This type of equipment includes primary jaw crushers, cone crushers , hammer mills and other tertiary crushers. At the same time it can effectively prevent long sharp metal shards from cutting, ripping or tearing conveyor belts.They are most commonly used to separate tramp iron, also known as unwanted or damaged metal and ferrous impurities, from nonmagnetic materials conveyed in bulk form. These ferrous impurities originate from land fill or excavating machinery used to mine, extract, drill or recover raw material.

ApplicationsMagnetic separators are often used for industrial purposes such as recycling and manufacturing. They are also found in scientific laboratories that often require metallic materials that are free of impurities (often the case in chemistry). In this case, the magnetic separator is usually a cylinder or flask that prevents cross-contamination between two different substances by forcing either all or some of the magnetic materials from one substance into a separate container.For the removal of tramp iron in coarse and intermediate- crushing circuits, as a protection to the crushing machinery.For the concentration of magnetite ores.For the concentration of iron ore other than magnetite, after preliminary conversion of iron minerals to artificial magnetite by suitable Roasting.For the removal of small quantities of iron ore minerals from Ceramic raw materials.

AdvantagesMagnetic separators are often powerful, portable, and can be adjusted to remove varying types of magnetic materials from a liquid or solid. They are most effective when used on a liquid, although the removal of solid impurities is also possible. Magnetic separators are quite versatile and incredibly simple in design.

In fact, a basic magnetic separator can be built at any time, using only a powerful magnet and a clamp to hold the material down.These can be used in removing various types of magnetic materials from a liquid or solid. These are effective when used on a liquid.

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