Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year. Duy Nguyen ESL II. What is Lunar New Year?. The greatest annual holiday and festival in Vietnam. Lunar calendar: Based on the moon. About one month later than the normal calendar. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

Lunar New YearDuy NguyenESL II

1What is Lunar New Year?The greatest annual holiday and festival in Vietnam.Lunar calendar:Based on the moon.About one month later than the normal calendar.Opportunity for people to reunite with their families and give, as well as receive good wishes.

Who eats Tet?All Vietnamese people: rich people, poor people.And also Chinese and Korean people.

When?In January 1st (lunar calendar)Between late January and early February.The dates change every single year, not necessary one exact date (in normal calendar)Every year has its animal.For example, the next lunar new year, is on February 3rd and its animal is Cat.

4Where?Everywhere in Vietnam: in houses, on streets, in churches and temples.

Why?Traditional holiday of Vietnamese culture.Good opportunity for people to think about and have good time with their relatives. Think about what they did in this year and prepare for the next year.Hope for a better upcoming year.How people eat Tet?Clean and decorate house.Visit midnight market, flower market, spring-flower festival; watch firework.Traditional food.

7Cherry tree, apricot treeXng nh.Give wishes and l x.Go to churches and temples to wish for luck.

ConclusionTt (Lunar New Year) is a traditional holiday that makes everybody be happy and prepared for a new year.It gives people chances to reunite with relatives, have a good relaxed time, and hope for a better year.