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Text of Orange County Chinese Association, New York Lunar New Year ... for OCCA Lunar New Year...

  • Orange County Chinese Association, New York

    Lunar New Year Celebration

    紐 約 橙 郡 華 人 協 會

    二 零 一 八 年 迎 春 晚 會

    Monroe-Woodbury Middle School

    Saturday, February 10, 2018 @ 2:00PM

  • Assemblyman James Skoufis

    Secures A $5000 Grant for

    OCCA Community Events.

  • OCCA Members 10% off with OCCA 2018 Membership ID

    OCCA members 10% off with

    OCCA 2018 Membership ID

  • OCCA Members 10% off with OCCA 2018 Membership ID

  • OCCA Members 10% off with OCCA 2018 Membership ID

  • From the Community to the Community, For a Better Community

    Pfizer Volunteers: Chenghua Deng, Wei Chen, Linda Xu, Jim Jiang and Kangjian Wu

    Mr. Ping Lu and Ms. Chengxun Yun Mr. Xiuquan Shi and Ms. Wei Ne

    Mr. Xiaodong Peng and Ms. Connie Wang Mr. Hai Luo and Ms. Qian He

    Mr. Yang Yang and Ms. Lan Jiang

    Mr. Kangjian Wu and Ms. Jingfang Li Mr. Ken Chan and Mrs. Elaine Chan Mr. Pin Shi and Ms. Guiying Zhang

    Mr. Bin Yi and Ms. Yiman Han Mr. Chenghua Deng and Ms. Hongyan Ding

    Mr Jim Jiang and Ms. Wei Chen Mr. Gary Zhang and Mrs. Zhang

    Mr. Kent Leung and Ms. Chiring Leung


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    Snapshots of OCCA Community Events in 2017

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  • 节目单 PROGRAM

    主持人 Program M/C: Ms. Eva Baj, Ms. Annie Li, Mr. Kevin Huang, and Mr. Ken Chan


    Preclude: Lion Dance

    (Happy Lunar New Year)

    编导 Director: Qian He, Xiaodong Peng, Jimmy Cheung, and et al.

    表演者: 橙郡华人协会舞狮队 & 橙郡中文学校 Performers: OCCA Lion Dance Group and

    OCCS students: Hannah Song, Audrey Mosquer, Benjamin, Huang, Delong Song, Nicole Xia

    Liang, Vivian Corey and et al in Mrs. Lucy Brown and Dr. Lan Jiang’s classes

    1. 舞蹈《杯花迎春》

    Dance - Flower Welcomes Spring

    编导 Director: Ms. Nina Zhong

    表演者: 新泽西希望歌舞团 (友情联合演出)

    Performers: New Jersey Hope Song and Dance Ensemble

    2. 钢琴小提琴协奏 钢琴独奏

    Piano-Violin Duet; Piano Solo:

    表演者 Performers: Miss Emily Wang and Miss Stephanie Peng

    A Singer’s Applause; Schuman, Abegg, Variation, Op.1

    3. 舞蹈《花韵》

    Dance - Flower Charm

    编导 史颖 Director: Ying Shi

    表演者 华夏李文斯顿舞蹈队 Performers: New Jersey Hua-Xia Livingston Dance Group

    4. 《广播体操》

    Radio Gymnastic Exercises

    指导老师 李晶芳 Director: Jingfang Li

    表演者 Performers:Chole Li, Carson Li, Evan Chan, Evan Wang, Steven Yang, Dominic

    Florio, Jenna Lu, JoLeen Kong, Chun Kong, Claire Zhang, and Fawn Strauch

    5. 舞蹈《你是我的小苹果》

    Dance - Little Apple

    指导老师 Director: Mrs. Lucy Brown

    演唱者 Performers: Audrey Mosquer, Benjamin Huang, Carson Lok, Delong Song, Eric

    Zheng, Isaac Liang, Nicole Xia Huang, Oscar Liu, and Ryan Zheng

    6. 朗诵表演《九九歌》

    Recitation Show - The Song of Winter

    指导老师 Director: Ms. Annie Li, Dr. Lan Jiang and Dr. Yang Yang

    表演者 Performers:Alisha Zhang, Benson Lu, Chelsea Liang, Fiona Zheng, Hannah Song,

    Jason Guo, Jeff Dong, John Chen, Michelle Zhang, Yukihisa Katayanagi, and Ryan Lu

    7. 女生合唱《莫斯科郊外的晚上》

    Choir: Moscow’s Nights.


    Dance - Again North Wind Blows

    指导 张小鹃

    Director: Xiaojuan Zhang

    表演者 橙郡华人协会舞蹈队

    Performers: OCCA Dance Group

    8. 钢琴协奏《一条大河》

    Piano Duet - A Big River

    指导老师 陈伟 Director: Wei Chen and Lisa Han

    表演者 Performers: Allen Yi, and Jennifer Song

    9. 合唱《讚美之泉》

    Choir - Stream of Praise

    表演者 橙郡华人基督教会青少年團契

    Performers: OCCCC Youth Group

    10. 古诗朗诵《静夜思》

    Poetry Recitation


    Dance - Happy New Year

    指导老师 李娜

    Director: Na Li

    表演者 Performers: Darren Zhang, Andrew Wu, Kevin Huang, Dawson Lin, Kai-Li Kuo,

    Yuki Dong, Joanna Lin, Tina Zhang, Anny Zhang, Wenxin Shi, and Eva Baj

    11. 合唱《让我们荡起双桨》

    Choir - Let’s Row the Boat

    指导老师 Director: Linda Xu

    Performers: Omar Kelly, Sharife Kelly, Tarik McLean, and Meritxell Torres

    12. 三句半《庆新春》

    Cross-Talk: Celebrate Spring Festival

    指导老师 何谦 Director: Qian He

    表演者 李宗远, 邱聿萱, 施珊妮, 王恩迪

    Performers: Derek Li Angela Qiu Sunny Shi and Andy Wang

    13. 合唱《橙郡华人协会会歌》

    Chorus - OCCA Anthem

    作词(Author): Peter Shi, Lan Jiang, Ke Pei.

    作曲(Music): Ke Pei. 英文翻译 (Translation): Roger Chao

    编导(Director): Ms. Na Li

    表演者 橙郡华人协会合唱团 Performer: OCCA Chorus. OCCA Board of Directors and

    OCCS faculty members & Students

    14. 旗袍秀《水乡风情》

    Cheongsam Presentation: Style of Water Town

    编导(Director): Ms. Nina Zhong

    表演者 新泽西希望歌舞团 (友情联合演出)

    Performers: New Jersey Hope Song and Dance Ensemble

    15. 男女聲二重唱 Voice Duet:

    《一朵鮮花鮮又鮮》A Fresh Flower

    表演者 美华艺术团

    Performers: Meihua Performing Art Troupe Weihua Ou(歐偉華), Weizhong Liao(廖偉忠)

    16. 舞蹈 Dance: Conquest of Paradise 表演者 (Performer): Little Feet Dance Company, Orange County School of Dance

    17. 钢琴独奏《黄河》

    Piano Solo: Yellow River

    表演者 (Performer): Dr. Ruthanne Schempf

    18. 独唱 Solo:《曲蔓地》Rose 表演者 Performer:朱海鸥 Haiou Zhu

    19. 舞蹈《年乐》

    Dance: Melody of Festival

    编导 史庆平等集体改编 Directors: Qingping Shi, Rebecca Shen and et al.

    表演者 华夏李文斯顿舞蹈队 Performers: New Jersey Hua-Xia Livingston Dance Group.

    20. 独唱《在那东山顶上》

    Solo - On the Top of Eastern Mountain

    表演者 张小鹃 Performer: Xiaojuan Zhang

    伴舞 橙郡华人协会舞蹈队 Dance Accompany: OCCA Dance Group

    谢幕合唱《难忘今宵》 Chorus: An Unforgettable Night

    表演者 橙郡华人协会合唱团 Performer: OCCA Chorus, All Performers and Guests

    抽奖 梁北生, 杜金林 Raffle Drawing: Mr. Pak Leung, Mr. Jinlin Du

    舞台表演 Performance including raffle, open to public: 2:00 – 5:30 pm

    晚宴 Chinese New Year Dinner (by ticket): 6:00 – 7:30pm

    娛樂活動 Entertainments including Karaoke, Dancing, Poker Games, etc. - open to public: 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

    Program Director:

    Mr. Ken Chan, Mr. Chenghua Deng and Mr. Kangjian Wu

    Fund Raising: Mr. Jim Jiang, Ms. Na Li, Mr. Peter Shi, Mr. Jinlin Du, and Mr. Kangjian Wu

    Photographer: Mr. Ross Leung Cafeteria & Hallway Design: Ms. Na Li

    Stage Design / Coordination:

    Program Editor:

    Mr. Kent Leung, Jimmy Cheung, et al. Media Coordination: Mr. Jim Jiang

    Ms. Wei Yang