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  • Literature ReviewIt is NOTan annotated bibliography or a series of book reports!

    It is scholarly plan for research!

  • It is used by many fields Political Science, Education, Geography,Psychology, Architecture, History, Gender Studies, Economics, Business,Communications, Sociology, English,Anthropology, Social Work, Archaeology, Law, Medicine, Engineering, AND MANY MORE!

  • Role of a Literature ReviewIt can stand alone

    or be part of a larger research project.

  • FormatLiterature Reviews can be done in MLA, Modern Language Association, (Humanities)

    APA, American Psychological Association, (Social Sciences)

    or many other formats!

    Ask your Professor how to format your review!

  • Why do a Literature Review?DefineKey Phrases and Terminology

  • Why do a Literature Review?Identify Notable Theorists

  • Why do a Literature Review?Explain Major Theories

  • Why do a Literature Review?Show Connections Between Theories

  • Why do a Literature Review?Identify Gaps or Holes in Theory

  • How do I start? Narrow the Topic

    General reading in the field (Your Textbook)

    Choose a topic that interests YOU

    Ask your Professor for topic suggestions

  • How Do I Start?Narrow the Research!

    Narrow dates for research

    Search subject specific databases and indexes

    Develop Precise Search Vocabulary

  • How Do I Start?Think About Outcomes!

    What do you know now?What do you need to know?Where can you get this information?

    (TIP: ASK A Research Librarian!)

  • How Do I Start?Be a Great Researcher!

    Note where, when, and how you found materials

    You may have to go back

    You may need this for your citations

  • How Do I Start?

    Take the tutorial on the library home page to learn how to find sources

  • How Do I Start?SEARCH!

    Schedule your search for hours when a Research Librarian is available (M-R 9-8; F 9-5; Sat 12-4; Sun 3-7)

    Read the Notes/Bibliography of articles for leads on additional resources

    It takes longer than you think it will!

  • Classifying and Reading Research

    Slow down and take notes in your own words

    Read titles, intros, and TOC carefully

    Survey for the big picture or thesis

    Read it again

  • Writing The ReviewA Good Literary Review is



    Objectively Critical.

  • Writing the Review: DODo present the work of others accurately.

    Do format consistently.

    Do cite only the work that directly relates to your work.

    Do not forget to give credit any time you use the ideas of others.

  • Writing the Review: Introduction

    Explain the HistoryProvide Background InformationExplain the Relevance of Your TopicPreview Your Main Points

  • Writing the Review: The Body

    Identify Each Researcher by Full NameDate of Study/ResearchDescribe Methodology Indentify Key ConclusionsArgue for Significance to Topic/Field Explain Usefulness to YOU!

  • Writing the Review: Conclusion

    Summarize Patterns or Trends

    Show a Gap in Existing Knowledge

    Argue for Further Study

  • Writing the Review: RevisingRead your paper out loud

    Look for transitions

    Be sure you can identify clear thesis sentences, and topic sentences.

  • Writing the ReviewBe sure to proofread, edit, spell and grammar check!

  • Visit the Writing CenterThe Writing Center

    Young Library Fifth Floor West Stacks

    M-F 10-2 and M-W 6-9

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