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a booklet that explains everything you need to know about us on just a few pages.

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  • Let's Get Started with Learn Out Live


    So you've found us and down-

    loaded this ebook. Thanks!

    What this book is about

    There are many ways to learn

    a language and just as many

    schools, methods, opinions or


    Some of them promise you to

    learn a language as quickly as


    Others say that people should

    forget about learning struc-

    ture, grammar, irregular con-

    jugations, declinations, etc

    and return to the primordial

    state of an infant who as we

    all know learns a language

    without consciously using his

    brain or thinking, but simply

    by exposure and repetition.

    While we are neither dog-

    matic followers of one of

    those methodologies, nor do

    we believe that there is one

    and only one right way to

    learn that fits for everyone,

    we still have our own ideas

    about the sometimes rickety

    road of learning a language.

    On the following few pages

    you will find out about our

    particular approach to online

    language learning, in short:

    how we do it, why we do it

    and what we offer to our stu-


    Please Note:

    Reading this little booklet

    will not take much of your

    time but you may consider

    printing it out for the full

    reading pleasure if you don't

    feel comfortable with read-

    ing on-screen.

    If you don't have a printer,

    also no problem. The trees

    will thank you.


    There are many ways to learn a language and just

    as many schools, methods and approaches.

    He who does not know foreign languages does not

    know anything about his own. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Let's Get Started with Learn Out Live

    1. Individuality

    What works for some,

    will not work for others

    We've already hinted at the

    problem above:

    There are many different

    ways of learning a language

    and admittedly a lot of hype

    and hot air why method X

    is the best. But, in fact such

    statements are simply false.

    The reason is simple: Every-

    body is different. Any lesson,

    class or course that teaches

    while not paying utmost at-

    tention to this obvious fact,

    will be less effective than it

    could be.

    Styles, Types and Tastes

    So, now that we've estab-

    lished this simple recogni-

    tion, let's look at the ways in

    which learners differ:

    1. Learning Style

    Maybe you've heard it before

    that there are a variety of

    learning styles, the most com-

    monly mentioned being aud-

    itory, visual and kinesthetic.

    In plain English this means

    that each of us takes in and

    processes information in a

    very different way.

    Our solution:

    Since all lessons and courses

    at Learn Out Live are private

    sessions between you and a

    teacher this allows us to pay

    full attention to your learning

    style and adjust our selection

    of material, exercises and

    homework (if desired) to

    what works best for you.

    Instead of you having to ad-

    just to our method of teach-

    ing, we always adjust our-

    selves to your learning style.


    Each of us takes in and processes

    information in a very different way.

    If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I

    don't need to sing at all. ~ Billie Holiday

  • Let's Get Started with Learn Out Live

    2. Goals

    Learning a language can have

    a very open-ended meaning if

    it is not defined according to


    Some people want to pass a

    basic standardized test, oth-

    ers want to apply for a visa,

    gain entry to a foreign univer-

    sity, work in a business or be

    able to read and understand

    classic and contemporary lit-

    erature in its many facets.

    It is only obvious that the

    nature of the goal will define

    the process and planning.

    Wherever you want to go is

    great. We will help you to get

    there and if there's a need we

    are also always glad to pro-

    vide additional information

    about cultural aspects, open-

    ing times of offices and

    everything else that may not

    be directly related to the lan-

    guage, but if it's relevant to

    your goal, it is relevant to us.

    3. Tastes

    The nature of private lessons

    allows a teacher to respond

    and address a student's indi-

    viduality in all its aspects.

    We have already spoken

    about the many different

    learning styles and goals but

    also each and every person

    has different tastes in music,

    food, fashion, architecture,

    historical periods, literature,

    and so on. Obvious, right?

    We always try to provide ma-

    terials that we believe are in-

    teresting and appealing to a

    student's taste.

    In any case, we work together

    with students and have regu-

    lar talks about the way you

    would like to customize your


    As you can see, we do not of-

    fer any pre-fabricated courses

    or blanket solutions, every-

    thing is custom tailored and

    always new, always fresh.


    If it's relevant to your

    goal, it is relevant to us.

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence,

    therefore, is not an act but a habit. ~ Aristoteles

  • Let's Get Started with Learn Out Live

    2. Integration

    Whatever you've done

    before, let's build on it!

    We noticed over time that a

    lot of people who come to us

    in order to learn a language

    mostly already have some

    kind of learning experience,

    either as formal courses, ba-

    sic training in school or de-

    rived from self-studies online.

    We always make sure to pick

    up students where they are.

    So, part of what we do con-

    sists of finding out what you

    already learned and how to

    re-activate or strengthen all

    of that hard work you already

    did so we can do a seamless

    continuation with new things.

    Wherever you Are

    Our tag-line is not just some

    kind of marketing stunt. You

    really can learn with us from

    wherever you are.

    All you need is access to a

    computer that is connected to

    the Internet and runs Skype.

    If you travel a lot because of

    your job, etc. and don't want

    to discontinue your learning

    process, no problem simply

    take your lessons with you.

    If your phone supports Skype

    you could even take lessons

    from the peak of Kilimanjaro

    or from the beaches of

    Hawaii. (Although we do re-

    commend to minimize dis-

    traction, learning is theoretic-

    ally possible from anywhere .)


    In our sessions we integrate

    multiple forms of media: Au-

    dio, Video, Text, etc. You'll

    probably agree that not using

    the huge online resources of

    native speakers and vistas,

    would simply be crazy.


    If you travel a lot, simply

    take your lessons with you!

    Learning occurs in the mind,

    independent of time and place. ~ Plato

  • Let's Get Started with Learn Out Live

    3. Flexibility

    Scheduling has never be-

    fore been so convenient

    At Learn Out Live we have

    the biggest respect for the

    simple fact, that sometimes

    things happen in life. Events

    that you cannot predict, op-

    portunities that want to be

    taken, sudden developments,

    changes etc.

    In other words:

    You don't have to rigidly fol-

    low our schedule. Instead,

    make your own, change and

    adapt whenever necessary.

    Lesson Packs (Credits)

    We don't have any recurring

    payments. That means the

    following: No contracts, can-

    cellation periods or hidden


    If, after the free trial session,

    a student decides to continue,

    he or she can either purchase

    single lessons as she goes

    along or purchase lesson

    packs (which offer some juicy


    Move, cancel, postpone

    Each lesson you book with us

    is like a credit. You can use

    up those credits as you go

    along. Some students sched-

    ule from lesson to lesson.

    Others prefer to have fixed

    times and days during the

    week with their teacher.

    In any case, feel free to move

    your lesson schedule around

    whenever there's a need.

    Also, please note that those

    credits don't expire!

    As long as we're here, alive

    and breathing, you can take

    your lessons.


    No contracts, cancellation

    periods or hidden costs.

    There is no such thing as a little freedom. Either you

    are all free, or you are not free. ~ Walter Cronkite

  • Let's Get Started with Learn Out Live


    We hope that reading this

    little ebook was helpful.

    If there are further questions

    or you would like to submit

    feedback regarding this guide

    please send us an email t