Lesson 1 Sound Editing

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  • 8/10/2019 Lesson 1 Sound Editing


    F.3 CL (2014-2015) P.1/8

    SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

    F.3 Computer Literacy

    Audio Recording, diting and Mi!ing

    Learning lement"#. $ature o% "ound

    &. 'etting to (no) "ound editing "o%t)are

    3. Audio recording, editing and mi!ing

    #. $ature o% "ound

    #.# What i" "ound*

    Vibration of airSound wav

    #.& Ho) to record "ound in a computer*

    Conn!t a "i!ro#$on to t$ %ound !ard of &our !o"#utr

    '!ord t$ %ound u%in %ound ditin %oftwar

    #.3 Ho) "ound i" "tored in computer*

    Stord a% %ound wav*+ ,o wa&

    Sound wav i% !onvrtd into "an& audio %a"#% t$rou$ a #ro!%% !ad %a"#in

    $ audio %a"#% ar u%d to r#rodu! t$ oriina %ound wav (a##roi"ation

    on&) durin #a&ba!

    L%%on 1 - Sound ditin 1

    sound wave audio samples



  • 8/10/2019 Lesson 1 Sound Editing


  • 8/10/2019 Lesson 1 Sound Editing


    F.3 CL (2014-2015) P.3/8

    3 1"ing Audacity

    Acti2ity # Mi!ing and editing t)o "ound trac("

    1. Laun!$ uda!it&. (Start Prora"%uda!it&)

    2. S!t ro4ect +mport Audio Select -ac(ground5mu"ic.mp3and narration.mp3.

    3. 6our %!rn wi oo %i"iar to t$ i"a bow. ,oti! t$at t$r ar two tra!% on t$ ti"in.

    ;n i% ba!round Fade +n.

    8. Ai$i$t t$ a%t 2 %!ond% of t$ %a" tra!.

    S!t %%ect > Fade =ut. (When played back, you will notice that the background track

    fades in and then fades out at the end.)

    L%%on 1 - Sound ditin 3

    select a portion of waveformwaveform name: narration

  • 8/10/2019 Lesson 1 Sound Editing


    F.3 CL (2014-2015) P.4/8

    Shi%t rac(" on imeline

    B. C$oo% t$ i" S$ift oo

    clic( and drag the narration trac( to the right around #.: "econd" (such that the

    narrator may start talking around the 3 seconds from the start)

    rac( ?olume

    10. Lowr t$ vou" of t$ ba!round "u%i! b& "ovin t$ %idr to -12


    Pa& t$ tra!% to % w$t$r t$ narration i% oud nou$. ;t$rwi%

    ad:u%t t$ vou" unti t$ narration i% !ar& $ard.

    Sa2ing and !porting

    11. Ci! Fi*Sav Pro:!t* t$ fina" and %av.

    $ uda!it& #ro:!t wi b %tord wit$ an .@P fi tn%ion. (his file stores information

    about your pro!ect so you can use "udacity to work with it later.)

    12. Ci! Fi*#ort % Dav* t$ fina" and %av.

    uda!it& !an #ort &our #ro:!t to a varit& of for"at% d#ndin on &our audin! and


    $ foowin tab #rovid% an ovrviw of two !o""on for"at%.

    File Format Audio @uality File Sie Compati-le )ith Be"t %or

    uda!it& Pro:!t


    !nt L'E ;n& uda!it& Fi% &ou #an to dit


    .wav !nt L'E >faut un!o"#r%%d

    audio fi for Dindow% or


    udio C>*% Ai$

    Guait& '!ordin%

    ."#3 ood S"a Co"#r%%d for"at !an

    b #a&d wit$ "o%t

    "dia #a&r%

    Db audio #ortab

    "u%i! #a&r%

    L%%on 1 - Sound ditin 4

  • 8/10/2019 Lesson 1 Sound Editing


    F.3 CL (2014-2015) P.5/8

    Acti2ity & Create DKarao(eE 2er"ion %or a "ong

    1. ;#n %on."#3* u%in uda!it&.

    6ou "a& % t$ %on !ontain two tra!%. D !a t$i% %tro tra!. (two audio !$ann%)

    2. Ci! t$ down arrow on t$ ftS!t HS#it Stro ra!I.

    3. C$oo% t$ 2ndtra! b& !i!in %o" %#a! on t$ ft. (S!td tra! wi turn bui%$ r&.)

    n nu bar !$oo% Hff!tI J HnvrtI

    4. Ci! t$ down arrow of t$ fir%t tra! (t$ ft tra!)S!t HonoI.

    5. '#at %t# 4 for t$ ot$r tra!.

    =. Pa& t$ tra! to !$! out t$ ff!t.

    ?. Sav t$ #ro:!t. (f di% %#a! i% nou$ !$oo% #ort a% DV* to %av a nw fi on


    What i" the "ecret -ehind D?ocal remo2alE*

    6ou !an rad t$ arti! fro" $tt#7//wii.auda!it&ta".or/ind.#$#+titKVo!a

  • 8/10/2019 Lesson 1 Sound Editing


    F.3 CL (2014-2015) P.=/8

    Acti2ity 3 Recording "ound u"ing a mic and applying "pecial e%%ect"

    Recording "ound

    1. Conn!t a "i!ro#$on to &our !o"#utr.

    2. Start uda!it& and %!t i!ro#$on* a% t$ audio in#ut %our!. d:u%t t$ r!ordin vou"

    if n!%%ar&.

    3. >oub !i! t$ vou" !ontro button on t$ Dindow% a%bar. S!t i!ro#$on* in

    t$ '!ord Contro* window and ad:u%t t$ vou" if n!%%ar&.

    4. Ci! t$ '!ord* button to %tart r!ordin.

    'ad t$ foowin #a%%a to t$ "i!ro#$on and &our voi! wi b r!ordd in diita

    for"at. Ci! Sto#* button to tr"inat t$ r!ordin.

    #ello$ %y name is &ohn. ' came from %ars. ' have been to arth for a few months already. arth

    is really a beautiful place to visit. ' would live in here for the rest of my life if ' could$

    5. #ort t$ tra! a% r!ordin.wav*.

    Mi!ing )ith "pecial e%%ect"

    =. "#ort t$ audio %tarwar%."#3* and r!ordin.wav*.

    ?. S$ift t$ r!ordin* tra! to t$ ri$t for 5 %!ond%%!t t$ w$o tra! b& !i!in t$

    %#a! on t$ ft.

    8. S!t ff!t*Pit!$* and %t# u# or down 3 %"i-ton%.

    B. S!t ff!t*>a&* and ad:u%t t$ >a& i"* to 0.1 %!ond.

    Pa& t$ tra!% or &ou "a& add %o" "or ff!t% a% &ou i. (6ou "a& tr& to u% EVrb* to

    !rat %o" robot-i %ound.)10. #ort t$ tra!% into on tra! a% "i

  • 8/10/2019 Lesson 1 Sound Editing


    F.3 CL (2014-2015) P.?/8

    3.# ractice

    @% t$ %our!% to !rat an audio tra! i t$ %a"#.

    Pra!ti! 17 Vo!a and C$oru%

    Sour!%7 !$oru%."#3* and vo!a."#3*

    Sa"#7 "i

  • 8/10/2019 Lesson 1 Sound Editing


    F.3 CL (2014-2015) P.8/8

    L%%on 1 - Sound ditin 8