Lesson 8 editing storytelling

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<p>Planning a story for an editGenerating ideas for a short film</p> <p>RecapIn pairs generate ideas for ways that you might use editing to tell a story</p> <p>Write a target on a post it explaining how you will achieve one of the Learning Outcomes below:be able to come up with an idea for a short film that demonstrates editing techniques</p> <p> plan to use editing techniques and transitions to tell the story, and plan to use sound to add impact to the edit.</p> <p>Use plan to use editing in an innovative way</p> <p>MUSTSHOULDCOULD Use adjectives to describe your characters(Aim to fit at least one into your story) </p> <p>English Target</p> <p>You have 45 minutes to prepare a simple and basic story outline individually (without thinking about editing to start off)You must include the following and use the template on Moodle (building a storyline):-Character background-The setting of the film- Beginning, Middle and End- Plot twists</p> <p>Delaying the expositionExposition relates to the revealing of facts in your story.</p> <p>In pairs </p> <p>Discuss how you could tell the audience about your main character</p> <p>Discuss which parts of the character story you are going to leave out entirely or withhold for later in the story.</p> <p>If you are withholding information how will you reveal it later on?</p> <p>Which editing techniques could you use to tell this story?</p> <p>Consider how you are going to tell your story to engage the audience using one of these techniques. Discuss In PairsMotivatedMontage jump-cutting parallel editing </p> <p>TASK: Write up your ideasWrite a plan outlining how you intend to:</p> <p>Withhold or give information in your story</p> <p>Use one or more of the following techniques:MotivatedMontage jump-cutting parallel editing </p>