Lesson 5 editing techniques

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Editing- Unit 16Developing EditingFilm and TVPower of editing- RecapClass- List reasons why we editTodays Aims: All of you will be able to discuss the reasons for editingMost of you will be able to add techniques to your editSome of you will be able to edit confidentlyPassExcellentOutstandingActivityPlace the images in the order you would edit them and discuss why you chose this order.What does each image tell you?What would you do to enhance the edit?Go to Lesson 3- Open up Adobe Premiere and Create a New project to follow the tutorialOpen Adobe PremiereWatch the tutorialHave a go at creating the techniques yourself.Add techniques to your own editUsing Adobe Premiere ElementsWhat can you remember from last week?TransitionThe word transition means..Crossing over from one image to the next.There are many different ways to do this with editing. FADEA Fade is an editing effect, that when applied slowly sends an image into darkness. Sometimes fades can be applied so that the images appear to evaporate into a white background. DissolveA Dissolve is an editing effect, that merges two shots together so that one fades out as another fades in. As you can see above the two images bleed into each other in the middle this creates a smooth transition. Graphic MatchA Jump Cut is when parts of the action are removed to give the impression of a jump in the movement. A Jump cut can also be from one scene to the next, as it removes unnecessary movement and parts of the story we dont need to see. MontageA Montage is when lots of different shots are put together to transition from one shot to the next repeatedly. How can you create the following transitions in Adobe Premiere Elements?Fade DissolveGraphic MatchMontageTASK: USE ONE OF THESE TECHNIQUESAdd a new technique to your editAt the end of the session you should be able to show how you create the editing technique to the rest of the class.4 Pictures 1 word : Editing TermsThe Aim:Use the pictures as a hint to guess the editing term.Rules:Each person must write down their answer on a sheet of paper in big writing and hold it up with their answer.No one should give away the answer by shouting out. _ _ _T A Z U S J E C I F X Q P D I_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _S T J A V O L N U S U I D O M C E_ _ _ _ _ _ _ S T J A V O L Y U W U I A A M C E_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _S T H A R O L P U W U I C A M C E_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _I C O T T U W N I G N O A T C A H C E T_ _ _ _ _ _ _I C O T T U W N M G N O A T C A H C E S T J A Z O L N U S U W O M C PI C O T T U W N M G N O A T C A H C E S T A Z O L N U S W J E O M C O I