Laboratory Safety Policy Or, what you don’t know really can hurt you!

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Text of Laboratory Safety Policy Or, what you don’t know really can hurt you!

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  • Laboratory Safety Policy Or, what you dont know really can hurt you!
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  • Laboratory Safety Policy 1. The student will maintain a quiet behavior during the lab period. 2. The student will not rush around the room. Noooo!
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  • Laboratory Safety Policy 3.The student is to be alert at all times. 4. The student is to listen and record all instructions from the instructor. You could be killed!!! Zzzzz
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  • Laboratory Safety Policy 5. The removal of chemicals and equipment from the lab is prohibited. 6. Unauthorized experiments are forbidden. 7. All injuries are to be reported to the instructor immediately!
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  • Laboratory Safety Policy 9. The student is to know the location and operation of the fire extinguisher, body shower and eye wash stations. 8. Goggles and aprons are to be worn when instructed.
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  • Laboratory Safety Policy 11. The student is not to chew gum or eat or drink in the lab. 10. The student is to never taste or inhale any chemical in the lab.
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  • Laboratory Safety Policy 12. The student is to wash his/her hands and lab station after handling chemicals and before leaving the lab. Dude its time for lunch!
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  • Laboratory Safety Policy 13. It is better to wear older clothing during lab periods. Do not wear bulky sweaters or nylon jackets during the lab.
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  • Laboratory Safety Policy 14. Long hair is to be confined in such a way as to not interfere with the vision of the student or come into contact with burner flames.
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  • Read the Safety Contract #1- Read 1-5 #2- Read 6- 11 #3- Read 12-15 #4 Read 16- 21
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  • Give 2 examples of science safety rules