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KAUNAS COMMUNICATION SCHOOL. You’ll find us here. Laisvės al. 33, Kaunas tel.: (37) 20 17 10 , tel/faksas:(37) 22 66 64 e-paštas: krm@krm.lm.lt. Managing staff:. The headmaster Juozapas Dambrauskas tel.: 00 370 37 22 66 64 Deputy headmasters : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • Youll find us hereLaisvs al. 33, Kaunastel.: (37) 20 17 10,tel/faksas:(37) 22 66 64e-patas: krm@krm.lm.lt

  • Managing staff:The headmaster Juozapas Dambrauskastel.: 00 370 37 22 66 64Deputy headmasters:J. Andreiknien is in charge of vocational trainingtel: 00 370 37 201710E. ilovien is in charge of secondary tuitiontel.: 00 370 37 22 01 89A. Garkauskas is responsible for maintenance of the premises.tel.: 00 370 37 201710

  • Teaching staff:

    24 vocational teachers15 general subject teachers

  • Pupils About 500 pupils are trained to be:SecretariesE-business organizers Computer and organizing equipment operators Bank clerks Accountants and cashiers

  • After finishing a secondary school one can acquire these specialities:

  • Why is it worth to study at our school?after finishing the school with honors, youll get recommendation to study at the advanced VET school or a college ;the part of our school leavers study success-fully in higher schools, others work in the field they have chosen;the school is in the centre of the town;interesting extra curricula activities, festivals, processional days are arranged there;You can attend the computer group - the flower arrangement group.

  • Lithuanian education system1. Preschool education. 2. System of schools: primary, basic, secondary and high (high university education and non-university education college). 3. After school studies system (inside of school and outside of school). 4. Studies after school (extra competencies, re-skilling). 5. III age university .

    All education institutions are public and private.

  • Programme

    Preschool programme for childrens from 1 to 5 (or 6-7 years). In the primary, basic, secondary programme schools pupils are studying 12 years: Primary since 7 years or earlier and takes 4 years.

    Basic takes 6 years (11-16 years old).

    Two choises: secondary or secondary-vocational programme.

    Secondary programme takes 2 years and pupils are getting the secondary education. The education until 16 years is obligatory.

    Secondary-vocational programme takes 3 (2+1) years and after finishing of school pupils are getting secondary and vocational educational.

    Vocational programme takes 1-2 years.

  • Evaluation system

    There is no grades in preschools and primary. Evaluation is created by individual system of each school. Basic, secondary and secondary-vocational schools have grades system from 1 to 10.

  • Welcome to Lithuania