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  • Making a difference...One child at a time

    March 2009

    Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth.

    Psalm 121:1-2by Sheila De Jong

    Upon returning from the Christian Alliance for Orphan Summit, I have been contemplating what God spoke there and is continu-ing to speak to us. It was amazing to be in the midst of other believers who are passionate about orphans and collectively ask-ing, what can we do?, who will help?, and how do we tackle this huge problem? I am filled with both great excitementfor what He has done, is actively doing in church bodies across the country and throughout the world, and filled with evengreater burden of what His opponent is doing as well. God is bringing new awareness and help to the children who are waiting,and families are sensing His call and moving forward with opening their homes or their hearts for support. He is showeringchurches with new passions in their leadership for the least of these, He is using these united efforts to cause the secular worldto examine what we are doing, and why we care, and ultimately He is transforming lives through His people.

    I was struck by what Pastor Sergey Demidovich shared at the conference. He said, Only God can use the body of Christ tochange the destiny of a child. Wow, that is powerful. It is a visual reference and testimony to where His word tells us that,through Him all things are possible (Matthew 19:26), and He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine(Ephesians 6:20). That is both exhilarating and comforting to think about. There is so much for all of us to do as we tackle thebig statistical number of the orphan and yet remembering that like the shepherd He is to us, we know His deep love and con-cern for each one. Then how do we make an impact? How do build His kingdom and glorify Him? How do we love and helpthese precious kids after they are home? The building of the Christian Alliance for Orphans has been an amazing thing to be apart of and witness, just as it is with more and more churches taking His calling in caring for the orphan more seriously and ex-amining what that looks like for their church bodies.

    Even with this unity, it is clear that our dependence on Him is critical. We cannot solve this problem or others without Him. Sim-ply said, we are not able, He is. This point is convicting to me that in 3 places He shares that to man it is impossible but withHim all things are possible (Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27, and in 1 Corinthians it talks about in our weakness He makes thingspossible). It is so refreshing to be in a body of believers that we can grow with as we try find better ways to serve families, tohelp children heal, and to continue to bring more awareness to those around us. My heart has been heavy for families, as theyare working through the healing process and transitions with their children, wondering and crying out to Him, as they struggleand wait on Him. God promises that He will never leave or forsake us. We are not alone, He is constantly with us and againour dependence is clearly on Him.

    I am so thankful that there is more godly counsel and support available now than in previous years. There are many wonder-ful resources for families and much support can be found within the adoption community. This is invaluable, to have others thatcan genuinely walk with you, support and love you, and most importantly pray for you. It is exciting to me to see the mask ofself sufficiency and pride come off and hearts letting go of the resistance to try and cover up the need of support. We pray thatwe (Katelyns Fund ministry teams) will share genuine love and support to those around us. We know the financial grants thatwe give to families are a big part for them and a visual part for many, but we have said from the conception of the ministry,

    June 2010

    Katelyns Fund1327 Third Ave SE

    Sioux Center, IA 51250www.katelynsfund.orgJoin us at our support


    Sioux Center Support Meetingmeets the 2nd Thursday of the month

    (Sept - May) 7:00pmat First Reformed Church

    Fireside Room, 160 Tenth Street SESioux Center, Iowa

    Sioux Falls Support Meeting meets the 3rd Thursday of the month

    (Sept - May) 7:00pm at Prairie Hills Covenant Church

    2500 South Powder House RoadSioux Falls, SD

    Anyone is welcome to attend!

    Katelyns Fund Board Members:Kelly and Sheila De Jong Monique SchieboutMatt SchuitemanJean Vander PlaatsMark VermeerWayne VermeerTammy Zevenbergen

    Katelyns Fund Support Team Members:Sherri LangtonJulie PostJill SchutHeather Van Es

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  • "Learn to do what is right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the ca2

    The Rasmussens

    Eric, RachelAnna (8), Samuel (2)

    Calvary Free Lutheran ChurchFergus Falls, MN

    New Addition: Micah (3 months)

    Eric and I have been married almost 12 years. Eight years ago God blessed us with the birth of our biological daughter,

    Grant Recipients

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    The Roberts

    Jeffrey, JenniferEllie (11), Morgan (10), Rebekah (8), Zechariah (6), Caleb (5)

    Hope in Christ ChurchBellingham, WA

    New Additions: Faith (3 1/2) and Grace (2)

    When you have a large family and God decides to make it larger, everything is a grand adventure. And I mean GRAND!We were a family with 5 children, now we have 7. We used to have extra space in our suburban, now we don't. Weused to think that our family was big, but now that it is bigger, we know of families that are larger than ours. We seeourselves as kind of a medium size family now. See what I mean?

    A few years ago we started our journey and due to employment considerations needed to wait, then 17 months ago westarted again. This time stuff began moving. We knew we were right in the center of what God wanted us to do but westill didn't know how we were going to cover the adoption costs. Like many families we knew that once the kids werehome, everything would work out fine on a monthly basis, but coming up with the adoption fees is a real stretch. I am apastor, my wife stays at home with the kids. That gives us a lot of flexibility, but not always a lot of money.

    Then came the referral. Two young sisters, but neither one of them was in the waiting child program we had hoped toadopt from. (The waiting child program has stipends and grants associated with it.) As we prayed, we felt God leadingus to accept these two girls, seeing how they would fit perfectly into our family, but I couldn't quite figure out the fi-nances for it.

    God is gracious and was and is completely in control. He sent us a grant from Katelyn's Fund and our local churchhelped out as well. The timing was perfect, within days of needing to write out all the checks, everything arrived and offwe headed to Ethiopia to meet our girls, Grace and Faith.

    We have been home for 6 weeks now and things are wonderful. I continue to be amazed at how easily the girls have fitinto our home and our family. I continue to thank God for the girls and the things I am learning about God's love forus, as I love them. I try to remember a day without the girls and I can't, they seem like they have always been part ofour family. It has been a blessing, thanks for helping us get there.

    Ellie, Morgan, Rebekah, Zechariah, Caleb,Faith, and Grace Roberts

    Anna, Samuel,and Micah Rasmussen

  • 3e cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow and the orphan." Isaiah 1:17

    Grant Recipients

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    Anna. We assumed that we would be able to have more biological children, but after several years we realized that Godwas leading us in a different direction.

    We feel privileged and blessed that God has allowed us to adopt not once but twice! Our boys are such a joy and bless-ing to our family. The process of adoption can sometimes be a difficult rollercoaster of ups and downs, but God has con-tinually proved faithful. He has strengthened our faith, marriage and family throughout the process and has shown usthat He is always in control and has the best plan for us.

    Our second son Micah was born on March 20th, 2010 and it was such a beautiful moment when his birth mom placedMicah in our arms. We are so thankful that she chose life for her baby and had the courage and love to place him in ourfamily.

    Through adoption we understand a little better the deep love God has for us and the great sacrifice He made when Hesent His Son to earth to redeem us so that we can be adopted into His family.

    The financial cost of adopting can be so overwhelming, but we watched in amazement the different ways God has sup-plied the funds we needed. We are so grateful to Katelyns Fund for the grant we received to help with our adoptioncosts. We also appreciated the time of prayer we had with the interview committee and knew that they would continue touphold our family in prayer during our adoption process.

    The Timmermans

    Jim, DeAnnDaniel (15 months)

    First Christian Reformed ChurchHull , IA

    New Addition: Benjamin (6 months)

    We are the Timmermans family from Hull , IA. Jim is a teacher at Hull Christian School and DeAnn is the owner/opera-tor of Lil Friends Daycare in our home. We have been married for almost 7 years and hoped to have a whole housefulof kids. We had talked about adopting before we were even married, we really felt led to add to our family by adop-tion. After several heartaches and miscarriages, we felt that God was leading us to start the adoption process. Like mostfamilies, we wondered how we would afford it, but we knew that if it was Gods plan, everything would fall into place.Our adoption journey is a little different than most, but it definit