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  • 7/27/2019 CMS Bro 8pg US Sitecore


    Sitecore Web Content Management SystemPut Your Website at the Center of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • 7/27/2019 CMS Bro 8pg US Sitecore


    Dynamic Personalization

    and Experience Editing

    From the moment a visitor enters your site they begin tocreate a digital ngerprint. With Sitecore you can harness that

    ngerprint to continually personalize and optimize the visitorexperience in real time. Content authors and editors have fullability to easily create and edit the experience from text, torich media, to social media connections right in the context othe page, and present relevant experiences in real time basedon the visitors behavior.

    In addition to providing easy tools to help editors keep contentfresh and up-to-date, Sitecore goes one step further in theevolution of creating an engaging and targeted site experiencefor your visitors with personalization and experienceoptimizing capabilities within the in-line editor.

    Your marketing team can:

    *Create display rules and content as part of a singleintegrated process

    *Score any content item or page component as being ofparticular interest to a designated persona or visitor type

    *Preview personalized user experiences and contentvariations right on the page

    *Assign detailed proles to guide targetedcontent development

    Todays websites are front and center

    of any digital marketing strategy

    Yet you may have only seconds with a visitor, unless you can

    immediately engage them in a relevant conversation.

    Does your website engage visitors by listening and adapting totheir interests in real time? Does your website proactively movevisitors through to a conversion with relevant content? Does yourwebsite integrate with your other digital marketing channels soyou can continue the conversation across channels? If you haveinvested in attracting the right visitors to your website, youneed to quickly optimize that engagement.

    Sitecores Web Content Management System (CMS) puts thepower of personalization and conversation management rightin the hands of your marketers and business users. Now yourwebsite becomes a critical engagement engine, working with all

    of your digital marketing channels to increase conversions, driverevenue, and meet real business objectives.

    Personalize content, designand features dynamically



    World Leading Website Content Management Software

  • 7/27/2019 CMS Bro 8pg US Sitecore


    Social Media Engagement

    Whether you want to host your owncommunity with Sitecore, integrate witha leading social platform like Telligent,or plug your site into major publicnetwork like Facebook and LinkedIn,with Sitecore you can easilycontinue the conversation

    across social media.Sitecore has multipleoptions for blogs,wikis, forums, polls,surveys, web formsand more. Optionsrange fromsimpler pre-builtcomponentsavailable inthe extensiveSitecore SharedSource Library,to fully denedintegration withbest-of-breedsocial mediaplatforms.

    Todays Optimized

    Mobile Experience

    Make your site

    a truly unique

    experience by

    sensing and

    adaptingto the

    particular needs

    and interests of any


    Designate page

    elements and

    other content to

    appear or change

    based on visitor

    behavior, prole

    patterns, location

    and other criteria.

    With power like this

    in the hands of you

    content editors,

    youll be able to

    serve up the right

    offer at the right

    time, to increase

    conversions and

    maximize customer


    Your Site, on the Go

    Mobile visitors arent just on thego; they have different goals thanvisitors who are on a PC. WithSitecore you arent limited to merelyshrinking and re-displaying contentfor a mobile device: you can optimizethe mobile experience in the contextof that visitors unique goals.

    Sitecore automatically detects andserves content based on whetherthe visitor is using an iPhone, iPad,Blackberry, Android or other mobiledevices. But your business usersalso have the power to serve contentthats specic to a mobile visitor. Forexample, using Geo-IP lookup, youcan serve location-specic offers inthe context of where the visitor islocated. Or offer a simplied versionof your shopping cart, makingpurchase and checkout easier.

  • 7/27/2019 CMS Bro 8pg US Sitecore


    Regionalization and Localization

    * Build your websites, intranets and extranetsin any language and ensure a consistent globalmessage on all international sites

    *Let your content editors work in theirnative language Sitecore supports all

    major languages

    * Easily coordinatethe management ofmultiple language versions of your siteand maintain consistency

    * Control the translation processby givingtranslators authenticated access to your sitefor fast and efcient translation

    Buyers prefer to be engaged in their native language, but mostcompanies struggle with localization and management of multilingualcontent. Sitecore simplies the management of many different language

    versions of your site, as wellas the translation processesas content changes across

    those sites. For organizationsthat outsource their contenttranslation work, Sitecoreoffers integration with ClayTablets Rosetta Gatewayand Lionbridge TechnologysFreeway to automate theprocess, making translationmore efcient and timely.

    E-commerce ServicesMany online retailers struggle with the weakcontent management capabilities of moste-commerce platforms. Not with Sitecoreyou can extend your website with thepower of the CMS foundation inaddition to beneting from standarde-commerce services such ascatalog management. With itsmultilingual and multisitecapability, online retailingbecomes limitless. Andbecause its Sitecore, youcan rest assured that oure-commerce serviceswill scale and extendto meet your onlineretail needs today andtomorrow.

    In addition, for thoseretailers that arelooking for superiorcontent managementbut dont want toleave their currente-commerce provider,

    Sitecore is exibleenough to integrate withany e-commerce platform.

    Your Site BecomesYour Business Hub

  • 7/27/2019 CMS Bro 8pg US Sitecore


    What we love

    about Sitecore is

    that weve been

    able to combine



    and efciency.

    Were managing

    different countrie

    and languages

    with ease, and

    were creating a


    our site visitors.

    Kjetil Aarseth


    Manager, Stokke

    Eliminating Unnecessary

    Complexity for All Users

    Web technology gets more powerfulbut that doesnt mean it should be anyharder to implement. Easy yet powerful,Sitecores next-generation interfacedelivers exactly the right capabilities

    needed by marketing and business usersas well as technical users of the system.

    With its Microsoft Ofce-like UI, yourusers will feel immediately at homeand comfortable navigating thesystem. The Sitecore Media Libraryprovides native asset management fortext, image, video and other le typeswith simple drag and drop upload.

    Casual users get a streamlinedinterface that allows them tonavigate the site naturally and edit

    in-line on the page. More sophisticated userscan use a more robust interface that includesworkow control, metadata management andpage design capabilities.

    This means your content editors can createand modify page layouts without waiting

    The website is the foundation of a

    connected digital marketing strategy.The Sitecore Digital Marketing Systemintegrates your website with allyour digital marketing channels andleverages the powerfully easy ContentManagement System to manage all yourdigital content.

    Highlights of the DigitalMarketing System include:

    Engagement AnalyticsProvide in-depth insight into site andcampaign performance. The Executive

    C-level dashboard shows at a glance howwell your site is generating conversions,driving new and returning trafc and howrelevant visitors are nding your site bymeasuring their level of interaction withyour company.

    Engagement AutomationGo beyond classic marketing automationto allow marketers to design, monitorand supervise cross-channel campaignsto effectively engage in 1:1 conversationswith prospects and customers.

    for busy developers, and incorporate text,images and pre-built interactive featureslike polls and multimedia without coding.

    Business users and marketers wont needto wait for an overbooked IT departmentor development team to make simplesite changes and modications, keepingmarketing in control of the day-to-daymanagement and upkeep of site properties.

    Email Campaign Manager

    Create, manage and optimize your emailmarketing efforts. Design and editemails by leveraging existing contenttemplates and imagery, and test andpersonalize your message for targetedemails that result in higher open/clickrates and conversions.

    Other features in theDigital Marketing System include:

    *Universal Prole Connector

    *Campaign Management

    *Lead Scoring

    *Content Proling and Scoring

    *Social and Emerging Channels

    * Personalization and Testing Tools

    *Adaptive Segmentation

    *And more!

    Digital Marketing Tools for Customer Engagement

    Edit text inline and saygoodbye to HTML hassles.

  • 7/27/2019 CMS Bro 8pg US Sitecore


    Seamless Integration

    Your company has already made an

    investment in other leading software, andyoure looking for a content managementsystem that ts in with your existinginvestments. Sitecore is based on thelatest Microsoft te