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  • SOHOA-Frame Lyre EaselMade from solid finishedwood with brass fittinghardware, this classiceasel is designed tostand the test of time.






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    NOV 10ENDS

    DEC 24

    SOHOColored Pencil SetsThese vibrant, professionalcolored pencil sets weredesigned with you in mind,and are available at anunbeatable value. Choose fromsets of 36 or 72 for the coloredpencil artist in your life!

    Urban Artist

    Item Set List Sale!V04272 Set of 36 $68.95 $24.99V04273 Set of 72 137.95 54.99

    Item # 87222

    List $136.45


    FIRSTIMPRESSIONSComplete Art Studio

    This 78-piece studio setis the perfect tool forall childrenexploring theircreativity! This setmakes an ideal giftfor artists ages 7and older.

    Item # 86429

    List $39.95


    Hardbound Art JournalsThese durable journals areavailable with Toned Tan, TonedGray, and Recycled Drawing paper.


    Size List Sale!5 x 8 $18.65 $7.998 x 11 26.99 11.9911 x 14 31.15 12.99




    Find similar savingson Mixed Media, andRecycled WatercolorArt Journals!

    Available Only at Your LocalJerrys Artarama Retail Store!

    GOLDEN PANDADouble-Heart ChineseCalligraphy SetThis beautiful 813" double-heart box is adorned

    with red silk and goldembroidery in a traditionalLotus Dragon pattern.Securely close the boxwith two silk loops andfaux bone buttons. With12 pieces, this set is agreat start to calligraphy.

    Item # 75055

    List $69.95



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  • SOHOWatercolor Set of 24These high-quality, vibrantwatercolors are great forbeginners and professionalsalike, and perfect for travel!

    2014 holiday SALE

    Item Size List Sale!86437 4x6 $14.95 $4.9986438 5x7 24.95 6.9986439 8x10 39.95 12.9986440 11x14 69.95 22.99

    Aquarell 1862 Watercolor SetsEnjoy Germanys finest watercolors in these convenient sets!These sets are an ideal introduction to these artist-gradepaints!


    Item Watercolor Set List Sale!V11623 Anniversary Wood Box Set $399.00 $179.9959146 Set of 12 Half Pans 87.50 33.9959148 Set of 24 Half Pans 155.15 59.99

    QUILL LINESVintage Drawing Nibs SetThis set holds six classic nibstyles based on real designs

    from centuriespast, a woodpen holder,and a bottleof black ink.

    Item #86313

    List $22.95


    CRETACOLORAquastic SetsItem Set List Sale!67522 Set of 20 $48.95 $29.9967523 Set of 40 92.95 57.99

    DALER-ROWNEYSimply Sketching SetOne FREE Sharpener and fourFREE pencils are included!

    Item #V06311

    List $11.85


    MUNGYO GALLERYHandmade Pastel Sets

    Experience all the softness, brilliance,and luxury of European-style hand-rolled pastels in these amazingvalue-priced sets from Mungyo!

    Item Pastel Set List Sale!V06093 Portrait Set of 60 $371.89 $99.99V06094 Landscape Set of 60 371.89 99.99V06097 Complete Range of 200 * 1,302.99 379.99

    Item Set List Sale!87272 Set of 4 $80.00 $19.9987273 Set of 8 180.00 34.99

    CRETACOLORUltimo Wood Box SetAvailable in a hinged woodbox, this set comes with 36essential drawing supplies.

    Item # V02415

    List $152.95


    Size List Sale!9x12 $41.10 $19.9911x14 51.95 24.99

    Fabriano StudioWatercolor Pads areavailable in ColdPress & Hot Press.Each pad includes

    50 sheets.

    REFLEXIONSAqua MultimediaArt Journals

    FABRIANOStudio Watercolor Paper, 140 lb

    RHAPSODYKolinsky Sable Artist Brush Deluxe Gift SetEvery watercolorist should own these Kolinsky red sable hair

    watercolor brushes. This set comes in a lovely blackand blue-violet case, with agrey crush velour interior.

    ISOMARTechnoart Technical Pen SetsThe Isomars Technoart Pen Sets includeeverything needed to get you started andto keep you going for all of your technicaldrawing needs! Each set includes waterproofblack ink, a compass attachment, a jointedpen holder, and pen stations.


    Brush Set of 6 Pieces

    The size listedis the truepaper size!Each journalhas 40 sheets.

    Item # 69211

    List $236.84


    Urban Artist

    Item # 86259

    List $99.95


    Item # 76521

    List $262.95



    Item # V1162

    3 Item # 591


    Item # 591


    Item # 67523

    Item # V06097

    Item # 87272

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  • 2014 holiday SALE

    BUDDHA BOARDSBuddha Boards feature a revolutionary surfacethat allows you to paint on it with just water,leaving fluid, dark strokes that fade awayslowly, leaving you with a clean blank slate.

    The Original Buddha Board measures 12x9and also includes a "Japanese style" stand thatsupports the board, serves as a water reservoir,and balances the included bamboo brush.

    Also available as 5x5 Mini Buddha Boards, atsimilar savings. This board comes withdecorative stickers, a paintbrush, and a slimblack envelope case.

    Original Item # V06723

    List $41.50



    GALLERIA ENTERPRISESFashion Umbrellas, Fashion Tote Bags, and More!These beautifully designed items satisfy all tastes and styles. Stunning art and attractivecolors make each item a must have. All items are created with fine attention to detail.Fashion Items are Available in the Following Designs:Degas, Ballet Lesson | Gustav Klimt, The Kiss * | Monet, Water Lilies | Monet, Poppy Field * | Monet, GardenVan Gogh, Starry Night | Van Gogh, Irises | Mona Lisa * | City of Lights * | Stained Glass Poppies ** Select designs are not available for all Fashion Items.


    Gift Idea List Sale!Umbrella* $38.50 $22.00Tote Bag 42.30 30.00

    E-Reader Case 25.50 15.00iPad Sleeve 26.75 16.00

    * Choose stick or folded umbrellas. Select Fashion Items arent pictured.


    MELISSA & DOUGFor 23 years, Melissa and Doug products have been offering something foreveryone with over 1,000 innovative products for children of all ages.

    Gift Idea List Sale!Scratch Art Magic Note Cube $8.49 $6.79Scratch Art Magic Deluxe Kit 14.99 11.99Decorate Your Own Pet Figurines 7.99 6.39Multi-Craft Weaving Loom 29.99 23.99Swirl & Spin Art 9.99 7.99

    Decorate-Your-Own Pet Figurines

    Multi-Craft W

    eaving Loom

    Swirl & Spin Art Scratch Art Magic Note Cube

    Scratch Art Magic Deluxe Kit



    MiniItem # V06725

    List $16.80


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  • NOVEMBER 10 - DECEMBER 24, 2014

    CREATIVITY FOR KIDSSpark your childs creativity and watch them grow through creative playwith this inspirational selection of creative activity products for all ages.

    Gift Idea List Sale!Rubber Band Studio $19.99 $15.99Rubber Band Snap Wraps 17.99 14.39Flower Press & Nature Cards 15.99 12.79E-Z Spray Tie Dye 19.99 15.99Do Art Color Pencil Art 15.00 12.00Do Art Drawing & Sketching 15.00 12.00Do Art Watercolor Pencil Art 15.00 12.00


    KLUTZFounded in 1977, Klutz has been engaging kids for more than 35 yearswith more than 100 million activity products in print. Today, Klutz hashelped kids launch more than 40 million paper airplanes and knot 48million friendship bracelets. Klutz is a division of Scholastic, the worldslargest publisher and distributor of childrens books.

    Item Gift Idea List Sale!100050124 Cats Cradle $9.95 $7.961000990004 Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered 19.95 15.961000077956 LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions 21.95 17.561000077961 Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines 19.95 15.96



    Plus, many other great gift items are available!

    UNEMPLOYED PHILOSOPHERSAt the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, we understand that one persons obscureidea is another persons revelatory epiphany. Let these artists, thinkers, and culturalicons inspire you or someone you revere with a uniquely unique gift.

    Item Gift Idea List Sale!1000067453 Before the Kiss Mints $2.99 $2.391000078653 Retiremints 3.00 2.401000075492 Brief History of Art Mug 12.95 10.361000067464 Frida Sticky Notes 6.50 5.201000078654 Color Wheel Watch 37.95 30.36


    Also Available: After Therapy Mints, Civil Liberties Mug,Global Warming Mug, Great Moustaches Mug, Van Gogh Mug,Dalis Manifesto Sticky Notes, Claude Monet Sticky Notes,Dali Watch, Leonardo Watch, Artists Card Set, and theMasterpieces Card Set

    E-Z Spray Tie Dye Rubber Band Snap Wraps Flower Press Rubber Band Studio

    Cats Cradle

    Rubber Band Flying Machines Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions

    Before the Kiss Mints

    Retiremints Brief History of Art Mug Frida Sticky Notes

    Color Wheel Watch

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  • 2014 holiday SALE

    TRUSSART DESIGNSTruTru Animals Individual 3D Modeling KitsCreate your own 3D animals with these unique kits, made in Europe of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. These kits includeeverything you need to create your TruTru Animal - paint, glue, brushes, and of course, the animal. Simply pop out the precutpaperboard pieces, dry assemble, glue, and decorate.

    3D Modeling Kitsare also availablefor these animals: Dogs Moose Roosters Cows Elephants Lions Giraffes Rhinos

    BIRDCAGE PRESSEXPERT-MADE AND KID-TESTEDBirdcage Press makes up games with the help of world experts, then kids edit them!Brilliant color images, great stories,