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  • KANI KANI PELE The Monthly Newsletter of Kailua United Methodist Church Volume XVIV No. 6 June , 2016

    1110 Kailua Road, Kailua , HI 96734 “Making Disciples of Christ from All Generations”

    The Prayer Plunge: Aug 5-6

    When a doctoral student at

    Princeton asked, “What is

    there le� in the world for

    original disserta�on

    research?” Albert Einstein

    replied, “Find out about

    prayer. Somebody must find

    out about prayer.”

    On August 5-6 we’re hos�ng a prayer revival

    weekend �tled “Led by the Spirit.” The purpose of

    this weekend event is to deepen our rela�onship

    with God through prayer.

    It’s striking to me how universal prayer is. Every

    faith and culture has some form of prayer.

    According to Gallop polls, 90% of Americans pray

    regularly. As Philip Yancey points out, that means

    that more Americans will pray this week than will

    exercise, drive a car, or go to work.

    So prayer is universal, but it’s also universally

    frustra�ng. When you ask folks how they feel about

    their prayer life, o0en you hear that it’s not very

    sa�sfying. Prayer is important to us but o0en makes

    us feel guilty or confused. Bri�sh pastor Martyn

    Lloyd-Jones writes, “Of all the ac�vi�es in which the

    Chris�an engages, and which are part of the

    Chris�an life, there is surely none which causes so

    much perplexity, and raises so many problems, as

    the ac�vity we call prayer.”

    Prayer raises many ques�ons:

    • If God knows everything, what’s the point of prayer?

    • Do miracles s�ll happen today? • How do I hear God’s voice?

    During our prayer revival weekend we’re going to

    explore these ques�ons. And our hope in doing so is

    that we will experience pray more deeply. The only

    way to learn to pray – the only way to understand

    the mystery of prayer more fully – is to pray. You’ve

    got to jump in the pool if you want to learn how to


    Our prayer revival weekend is a way of con�nuing

    and building on what we experienced during

    Unbinding Your Heart. It will provide us with a

    special �me to keep company with God. It will give

    us an opportunity to pray together. What a gi0!

    I struggle with prayer. I see the gap in my own life

    between prayer in theory and prayer in prac�ce. But

    I also know that my heart longs for God; and I’ve

    experienced enough to believe that when we pray,

    it does make a difference – in our lives, in our

    church and in our community.

    So let’s take the prayer plunge together!

    Pastor Tim

  • The Kani Kani Pele (The “Ringing Bell” in Hawaiian) page 2

    FOURTH OF JULY POTLUCK PICNIC Sunday, July 3, 2016

    On the lawn adjoining the

    sanctuary a,er worship

    All Church Celebra/on


    For the en/re family!

    Bring your lawn chairs and mats

    Cold drinks will be provided

    Last names ending in:

    A-H Main Dish

    I-P Pupus

    Q-Z Salad

    Please join us in celebra/ng

    Independence Day!

  • The Kani Kani Pele (The “Ringing Bell” in Hawaiian) page 3

    June Birthdays

    If you are interested in the June birthdays,

    please call the church office at 261-6238



    SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 2016

    As part of our church goal of being a serving Ohana,

    Summer Fest proceeds will benefit Outreach

    programs; primarily Beacon of Hope House

    (www/beaconoIopekumc.org), Girls on the Run

    (www.girlsontherun.org), and India Missions.

    Please join us as we connect with our community to

    create community awareness of our church’s

    ministries and programs and our mission to “make

    disciples of Jesus Christ from all genera�ons”.

    Volunteer opportuni�es. Ques�ons? Please contact

    Deborah Tom at 808-728-9993.


    John and Mabel Sitch were long-�me members here

    at KUMC. John was an electrician.

    They raised four sons, three of

    whom because successful electri-

    cians themselves. Much of our

    ligh�ng we are using today was

    voluntarily placed and hooked up

    by the Sitch boys. KUMC was im-

    portant to the Sitch family. When

    John died, Mabel formed the Sitch

    Trust to con�nue these rou�ne yet important church


    It’s easy to fund an exis�ng trust or start a new

    trust. If you have any ques�ons, please ask Tim Fern

    at �mfern@hawaii.rr.com or Don Raymond at



    Each year KUMC recognizes

    its graduates from high school

    and above. On Sunday, June 5th

    we will celebrate them in

    worship service. Please no�fy

    the church office at

    261-6238 as soon as possible with graduate names and

    where they are gradua�ng from. Mahalo.

  • The Kani Kani Pele (The “Ringing Bell” in Hawaiian) page 4

    It’s �me to Relay! Relay for Life Windward Oahu is on Saturday July 9th from 2-10pm at Kailua High School.

    Please join our church team and come out and support American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event for

    cancer research and educa�on but more importantly, to show support for survivors, caregivers and families. Call

    Deborah if you have ques�ons, 808 728 9993. It’s free and it’s easy to join or donate, see below for details:

    Copy and paste this into your search bar:


    Click on purple: “search for a team” Click on purple: “search for a team”

    Type in: Kailua United Methodist Church OR Type in: Kailua United Methodist Church

    Click: Join Click: Donate

    Create an account

  • The Kani Kani Pele (The “Ringing Bell” in Hawaiian) page 5

    The Children and Family ministry will be hosting a Movie Night on the Lawn on Saturday, June 11 at 5:30 p.m. The whole family is invited to enjoy a movie and popcorn on our great lawn. Come early with a picnic and enjoy the outdoors with us.

    Join us for a weekend of renewal as we connect to God through teaching, worship, prayer and fellowship. We will learn about the Holy Spirit and gain firsthand experience in “listening prayer.” ♦ Friday, Aug. 5 - 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm (an evening session of worship, teaching, and ministry) ♦ Saturday, Aug. 6 - 8:30 am to 2:30 pm (three sessions of worship, teaching and ministry -

    breakfast refreshments and lunch included) Our teaching and ministry times will be led by Rev. Larry Eddings, a retired United Methodist pastor from Seattle and founder of Wind of the Spirit Ministries, and by Jeremy and Joy Ellington, church planters in Kerala, India.

    Kailua United Methodist Church 1110 Kailua Road, Kailua, HI 96734

    Childcare will be provided. Questions? Call us at (808) 261-6238

  • Kailua United Methodist Church

    1110 Kailua Road Kailua HI 96734 (808) 261-6238 (voice), E-mail: Kailua.umc@hawaiiantel.net Website: www.KailuaUMC.org RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

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