KADUNA BOMB ATTACK: I don't know how I came out alive — BUHARI

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Text of KADUNA BOMB ATTACK: I don't know how I came out alive — BUHARI

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    FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2014**

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    I don't know how Icame out alive BUHARI

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    IBB, Atiku, Tukur, APC, CAN, others condemn attackYero lifts 24-hour curfew on Kaduna townNigeria capable of dealing with Boko Haram Buhari





    Tribute toa titan

    By Soni Daniel, North-ern Region Editor, HenryUmoru, Luka Binniyat &

    Caleb Ayansina

    K A D U N A FORMER Head ofState, GeneralMuhammadu Buhari(rtd), yesterday, said it re-mained a mystery how hesurvived the bomb attackon his convoy in Kadunaon Wednesday.

    This came as formermilitary president, Gen-eral Ibrahim Babangida;former Vice-President,Alhaji Atiku Abubakar,and former national chair-man of the Peoples Demo-

    FOOTPRINTS OF ASTATESMAN:The Leader, The Peacemaker;Social Justice Crusader

    Pages 56&57

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    Enugu House to serve Dep.Gov impeachment notice bysubstituted means

    VICTIMS OF KADUNA BLASTLeft:Governor Ramalan Yero of Kaduna State with a school boy victim of the bombattack at the 44 Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna, yesterday. Right: Other victims of the twin-bomb blast. Photos: NAN.

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    I don't know how I came outalive Buhari

    cratic Party, AlhajiBamanga Tukur, yester-day, joined several otherNigerians and organiza-tions in condemning thesuicide attack on Buhari.

    They described it as adangerous development.Meanwhile, GovernorMukhtar Yero of KadunaState has lifted the 24-hour curfew imposed onthe city following the bombattacks.

    82 persons died in thetwin bomb explosions tar-geted at General Buhariand an Islamic cleric,Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi.They both escaped un-hurt.

    Nigeria can dealwith Boko Haram BUHARI

    Recounting his experi-ence when Governor Yerovisited him at his SultanClose residence inKaduna, Buhari said:When this question ofBoko Haram started, and

    I am sure it is on record,in the first statement Imade about 18 monthsago, I said no religionadvocates what is hap-pening in the North East.So the case of this kind ofkillings is not religion; itis also not ethnic. Whenthey kill children inschools in the North East,they kill teachers, theyburn churches, they burnmosques, they burn mo-tor parks, they burn mar-kets where is religionthere? Where is ethnicitythere? This is terrorismand I hope the govern-ment will come to gripswith it. Nigeria is capableof dealing with this. Someof us died in the civil warfor this country. For 30months we fought and wekept Nigeria one and,God willing, we are goingto keep Nigeria one.

    I commiserate with thefamilies of those that died,because this thing was ig-nited at exactly when mycar was almost side byside with that of the

    bomber. I came out of thecar after the bomb went off.There was blood on mydress. I did not know howit came about because Idid not have a scratchmyself, but there weredead bodies all over theplace. The security tried tomove me to the other sideand we just got one of thevehicles passing and theybrought me home. I hopethe law enforcementagencies and the chiefexecutives of the stateswill succeed in securingthe country. May Godhelp us, he said.

    This bloodlettingmust stop IBB

    Condemning the bombattacks, GeneralBabangida, in a statementyesterday said: The lat-est attack in Kaduna onWednesday by yet un-known persons has onceagain thrown up new di-mensions in the politicallife of our dear country.This, and several other at-tacks have tended to por-tray our dear country as aterrorist nation that isgrappling with insecurity.To state the least, thisbloodletting must stop.This bloodletting has tostop.

    I have sat back in myquiet retirement home inMinna to ponder whatcould be the motivation forthese several attacks, butI am yet to find any ex-planation why Nigerianswould be killing fellowNigerians. For those of uswho fought the civil war,our painful sense of nos-talgia still remains deep,as much as our patrioticattitude towards this greatcountry, Nigeria. Thesewanton killings and need-less bloodletting havecontinued to retard ourgrowth and democraticjourney, forcing the sys-tem to improvise all man-ners of mechanisms to ar-rest this descent to anar-chy. It is callous and in-human for anyone to goadthis country on the path

    of perfidy, a path that islaid with landmines andbombs. This is totally un-acceptable.

    Even as I sympathisewith my colleague formerPresident, GeneralMuhammadu Buhari forescaping the bombersscalpel, I also wish to con-dole with the families ofthose who lost their livesin this attack. It is fright-ening and calls for con-demnation by all wellmeaning people of Ni-geria. We all must riseabove partisanship in ourcondemnation of this stateof insecurity, as we allmust be united in ourclear-cut resolve to findsolutions to this hydra-headed situation we findourselves. We must seethis state of insecurity asa Nigerian problem andnot one that is pigeon-holed in any particularregion, religion or tribe.Nigerians, by virtue oftheir nationality, should befree to live anywhere inthe country without moles-tation, harassment andintimidation.

    "Let me also condolewith Mr. President on thisunfortunate incident andthe recurring decimal ofinsecurity and crimeagainst humanity that isfast polluting public mo-rality. We all must joinhands with Mr. Presidentat this critical time of ournational history anddemocratic journey toproffer solutions to thisanti-development sce-nario that is fast envelop-ing us."

    Halt security chal-lenges, Atiku tellsFG

    Former vice-president,Alhaji Atiku Abubakar inhis reaction called on theFederal Government tourgently take steps to haltthe escalating securitychallenges in the country,which he said has reachedan embarrassing propor-tion.

    He said a situationwhere a former Head ofState and key oppositionfigure could be targetedby terrorists or hatchet kill-ers is a dangerous devel-opment, which should notbe taken lightly by any re-sponsible Nigerian.

    According to Atiku:"The targeting of Buhari,whatever might be themotive or whoever couldbe behind it, has added adangerous dimension to abad security situation inthe country. He addedthat the attack on Buharihas only deepened theanxiety of ordinary citi-zens that nobody is safe ifa former Head of Statecould be so targeted andalmost killed but for provi-dence.

    It's barbaric Tukur

    Also, former NationalChairman of the PeoplesDemocratic Party, PDP,

    Alhaji Bamanga Tukuryesterday described thebomb attacks as most bar-baric and unholy.

    According to Tukur, whois Nigerias Ambassador-at-Large, it was unfortu-nate that innocent Nige-rians going on their legiti-mate duties were killed inthe blasts, adding that forthe perpetrators to commitsuch heinous crimeagainst humanity at thisholy period of theRamadan fasting wasmost unholy and barbaric.

    In a statement by hisspokesperson, PrinceOliver Okpala, Tukur, whonoted that no right think-ing person would like totake the lives of innocentpeople away against thepreaching and doctrines ofChristianity and Islamicinjunctions, howevercalled on those behind thedangerous acts to have are-think and return to thepath of religious and so-cial rectitude.

    CAN condemnsattack

    On its part, the Chris-tian Association of Nigeria(CAN), described the twinexplosions in Kaduna andKano at the peak ofRamadan as a clear indi-cation of disregard to theonly true God by a sect thatclaimed to be fightingGods cause, condemningthe attacks in strong terms.

    Reacting to the blast, thePresident of CAN, PastorAyo Oritsejafor in a state-ment said it was unfortu-nate that people thatcould be used as the moralcompass for society stransformation were nowbeing targeted by terror-ists.

    The attack, coming al-most at the climax of theholy month of Ramadan isa clear indication of theperpetrators inclination toevil and disregard for the

    true God and all that arelinked to him."

    PDP sympathiseswith Buhari,Sheikh Bauchi

    The Peoples DemocraticParty, PDP and the AllProgressives Congressalso condemned the bombattacks on the formerHead of State.

    The PDP in a statementby its National PublicitySecretary, Chief OlisaMetuh described the at-tacks as dastardly and un-fortunate. The party alsosympathised with thecleric, Sheik