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Olive Oil for Burn

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> 4milllion burn victim

need medical

attention .year

but only 45 000 require


The most widely used local

treatment for partial thickness Silversulfaziadin

SSD vs Olive oil

SSD protectefin wound healing


OLIVE OIHigh percent of in fatty + vitamin E +


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Olive oil better than


Compare olive oil ans


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• Subject : Pig• Method :

A prospective, randomized controlled experiment was conducted to test the study hypothesis. Data analyze with ANOVA-1 and SPSS 11The study was conducted in an accredited animal research laboratory and in accordance with national guidelines and regulation

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Study Protocol• Use Animal (pig ) 51• Partial thickness burns were inflicted on each pig using a 5 × 5-

cm aluminum bar preheated to 400°C ( 20 s )

• The necroticepidermis was removed by enzymatic debridement

• 16 Treatment with SSD (Thermazene; Covidien, Mansfield, Mass)

• Each burn purified olive oil (total of 20 burns), • 15 pigs Control

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Study Protocol

• Assessment of the wound healing was done every 2 days by tracing the margins of the open wound on digital images of the wounds that were scanned into the computer.

• wound area was then later calculated using Scion Image

• outcome was the remaining wounded area that had not

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• INITIAL SIMILAR• AFTER 2 WKS Healed, completely healed, no


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Use of natural products, such as olive oil, to treat burnshas great appeal, especially in underdeveloped countries,

where more sophisticated and expensive therapies are not always avaliable

Nosignificant differences SSD with purified Olive oil

, treatment of the burns with purified olive oil did not speed healing

Need Future Larger Study

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Limitation• Small sample• Applying olive oil maybe suboptimal• Current study only 14 days• In conclusion, though olive oil is statistically

less than SSD in burn wound healing, its ectivenotpredispose to burn wound infeuse ction and it is not any better