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    June 2014

    Health Wellness & Beauty

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    Home Decor

    Getting to the Heart of Mens HealthDid you know? Heart disease affects one in three men and is the

    leading cause of death in men. Women outlive men. On average, men die five years before their spouse.

    The statistics seem grim indeed, but are preventable.We look at five ways to reduce the risk of heart diseaseCheck your blood pressure. Hypertension is known as the silent killer and often men are unaware of it because they rarely visit a doctor. Hypertension is a leading factor in cardiovascular disease and strokes.Quit smoking. Enough said. We all know that smoking increases ones risk for just about every disease out there!Lose weight. Again, nothing new here. We all know that an expanding waistline leads to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and many other health problems.

    Manage your stress. Stress is the underlying cause of many of todays illnesses and diseases. The old saying, Hard work never killed anyone is a lie! Stress goes hand in hand with working too much or consistently working long hours and as result can lead to a myriad of health problems.Make small changes to your diet. Oats, almonds, blueberries and even dark chocolate and that glass of red wine all make the heart merry!So dads, if you want to be around long enough to be there for your kids and see your grandchildren, start taking better care of yourself from today!We wish all the wonderful dads out there a happy, healthy Fathers Day!

    Editorial by :Deevra NorlingEmail: deev67@gmail.com

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    Out & About

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    Cheese And Onion BreadFood, Recipes, etc

    500g plain flour10g instant dried yeast15g saltBlack pepper1 large sized onion400g strong cheddar cheese600-650ml water

    Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl and season generously with salt and pepper.Grate the onion and the cheese. Stir the cheese and onion into the other ingredients.Add the water, a little at a time, stirring until you have a firm, sticky mixture. You may need to use slightly more or less water, depending on the particular type of flour you

    use.Leave the dough to rise. This can take several hours and you should wait until the dough has doubled in size.Knead the dough on a floured surface, forming it into a round loaf shape.Place the loaf onto a greased baking tray and leave it to rise again for an hour or so.When it is ready to bake, the dough will have a

    plump appearance and be springy to touch.Bake at 200`C for 30 minutes. Tap the bottom of the loaf to check that it is properly cooked. Fully cooked bread sounds hollow when you knock on it, although the density of moist onion and cheese in this dough does make it sound hollow.

    Recipe supplied by: Bradley Jones

    Encouraging healthy habits in Kids Snacking is a fairly new thing and has fast become a part of our culture. Grazing throughout the day might also not be a bad thing for some, especially where very active kids are concerned. Refuelling regularly is important! Its the choice of snack here that makes all the di erence use the opportunity to cram more nutrients into your kids diet and only keep healthy options in your house. If there is no

    junk available, no junk will be consumed, simple really!Placing all the healthy treats in glass jars where they are visible to your child will encourage them to go for those options. If you do keep chocolates and crisps in your house, store them in opaque containers where they cant be seen immediately.

    Some excellent choices are: Mixed toasted Sunfl ower, Pumpkin & Sesame seeds Snack mix: Raw mixed nuts with Cranberries & Raisins & Banana

    chips (choose dried fruit that is preservative and sugar free) A good wholefood Museli with no added sugar & milk (or dairy

    free option) A sugar free nut butter (Macadamia/almond/peanut) on good

    quality wholemeal bread. You can add sliced bananas on top for extra sweetness

    Home-made Museli bars Natural/Greek yogurt topped with nuts/seeds & a drizzle of

    natural honey. Home-made pan-popped popcorn (stay away from the

    microwave kind) seasoned. Home-made banana bread with raisins, nuts and honey (no need

    to add sugar as bananas naturally sweet)

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    Security & Home Improvements

    Email: dpsmit.zecan@webmail.co.zaTel: 082 962 1395 / 021 906 0976Twitter: dpsmax Websites: www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/denzelpedrosmit

    BACK TO BUSINESS - The value of your businessWhen I was approached to write on this topic / slash question, the first thing that came to mind was: "what's the difference between the value of my business and the worth of my business?" I'm sure it has you thinking as well. Lets look at the worth of my business...This is the question that normally comes up when one considers selling the business. (I wonder what's my business worth, what can I get for it?). That is normally an easier answer to come to as it involves Rands and cents. On the ot