It's what you know and who you know

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    Networking is a great way to find a job in any field. But in the world of chemistry, it's not the only way. If you ask colleagues how they got their current job, the answer will often be the C&EN Classifieds. How do we know? A recent survey of chemistry professionals conducted by an independent research firm revealed that nearly 6 out of every 10 found their current job and/or knew someone who did through the C&EN Classifieds.

    Still not convinced? Well what if we told you that nearly 60,000 chemistry professionals read the C&EN Classifieds each week* (in print and/or online) or that the C&EN Classifieds Online is the most used online chemistry job source* or that over 84% say they would recommend the C&EN Classifieds to colleagues as a top source for finding a new job*.

    Of course, you may still want to network. Let C&EN and the C&EN Classifieds provide you with key information marketplace shifts, salary trends, and the latest technologiesto

    make you more knowledgeable and prepared.

    The key to success when searching for a new job is what you know and who you know. With C&EN and the

    C&EN Classifieds we've got you covered both ways.

    Source: 2001 Classifieds Survey, Areola Research.

    Log on at: Find your new job today! CHEMICAL

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    & Engineering News (. pick up a print edition)


    It's what you know and who you know.