Tom Panos' AREC 2013: It's not who you know it's who knows you

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  • 1. AREC 2013 Presented by Tom Panos General Manager, Sales Real Estate

2. Biggest Selling Hamburger in the WorldBig Mac, McDonalds 3. Ranked Best Tasting Hamburger in the WorldKobe Beef Burger, Park Hyatt Japan 4. REPUTATIONBrand = Reputation + ReachYOUR BRANDREACH 5. The Agent Value PropositionPremium Price = High Impact Advertising + High Impact Negotiation + Buyer Emotional Connection + Buyer Competition Bidders 6. Dialogue for Marketing Refuse to mis-market One extra buyer may bring 50k John West we reject 95% of buyers Print media is very powerful at uncovering passive buyers instead of the buyer finding the property, the newspaper goes and findsthe buyer Investment not cost Only 3 out of every 10 people go past page 1 7. It is unwise to pay too much but it is worse to pay too little When you pay too much you lose a little money and thats all But when you pay too little sometimes you lose everything Because the thing you bought is not capable of doing the thing you needed it to do 8. List with me I am only 1% commission 9. SCRIPTS & DIALOGUEART 10. Have I done enough today to earn your business? Are you researching buying or selling today? (At Open House) When selecting an agent will you be making a decision based on things they can control or cant control? It is the process not the promise of a price that will get your home sold for and incredible figure My service is free of charge until I sell it for a figure youre happy with 11. Thank you for that offer but that price level has already beentested and unlikely to be accepted. If the owner was to say no, what would your next offer be? At the moment you are ON the market not IN the market Its not about how long youve been ON the market itsabout how long the buyer has been IN the market (Great for early offers) Would you prefer I tell you what you need to hear or what you want to hear? 12. Extracting Offers Is there a price to excite you to purchase this property?Bottle of wine or box of chocolates competition 13. Listing Presentation Are you in love with it or are your vendors in love with it? Vendor Presentation vs Agent Presentation You vs Them Question based vs Statement based When there is trust in the relationship the terms become negotiable If 3 presentations are equal, fee becomes the differentiator Forget the words but remember the feeling 14. Delayed Gratification The Marshmallow EffectHARD WORK pays off in the FUTURELAZINESS pays off NOW (Prospecting to get contacts, not to get listings) 15. The only thing stopping you from getting your goals in business and in life is the bullshit story you tell yourself. Change your story and you change your life 16. In 23 years of Real Estate, I have come to the conclusion that training and coaching is EMPTY without ACTION and COURAGE. Temporary incompetence is a critical behaviour in growth 17. 18. In a world that is constantly trying to change you, authenticity is so attractive7 billion people but only 1 you let go of who you think you should be and start being who you really are