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IT420: Database Management and Organization Adina Crăiniceanu [email protected]

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Text of IT420: Database Management and Organization Adina Crăiniceanu [email protected]

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  • IT420: Database Management and Organization Adina Criniceanu [email protected]
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  • Instructor Adina Crainiceanu M.S. and Ph.D. Cornell University Area of Specialization: Databases Research: search in peer-to-peer systems
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  • Database Management and Organization How does Wal-Mart manage its 200 TB data warehouse? What is the database technology behind ebays website? How do you build an Oracle 9i, IBM DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server database?
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  • Course Goals Understand the functionality of modern database systems Understand where database systems fit into an enterprise data management infrastructure Design and build data-driven applications websites Learn several important technologies: SQL, PHP, XML, XQuery, web services
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  • Course Workload Labs + Lectures Grade: 25%: Final Exam 30%: 6-Week and 12-Week Exams 20%: Homeworks, Labs, Quizes 20%: Projects 5%: Class Participation
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  • Evaluation Policies Assignments: No late submissions Exams: comprehensive, closed book/ closed notes Re-grade requests: up to 7 days after grade
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  • Academic Integrity - Honor Honor Concept of the Brigade of Midshipmen Policies Concerning Graded Academic Work USNA CS Collaboration on homeworks is possible, but submitted work should be your own. Cite any assistance, from any sources Collaboration on projects, exams, quizzes is prohibited
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  • Resources Textbook: Database Processing by David Kroenke Database Management Systems by R. Ramakrishnan and J. Gehrke MySQL/PHP Database Applications by B. Bulger Microsoft Access reference book Lecture slides Course website:
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  • Classroom No food permitted in classroom No use of computer equipment for any purpose other than as outlined in the class activity
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  • Course Topics Database design Relational model SQL Normalization Database administration PHP, MySQL XML Three-tier concepts
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  • Database Management Systems (DBMS) Information is one of the most valuable resources in this information age How do we effectively and efficiently manage this information? Relational database management systems Dominant data management paradigm today 6 billion dollars a year industry!
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  • Why not Files?
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  • Classes string JobName class Contractor class Equipment class Date double charge
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  • Query Processing class Rental { public: string job; Contractor Con_data; Equipment Equip_data; Date rent_data; double charge; }; Q: All jobs with Charge > x? A: Rental allRentals[10]; changesGreaterThan(double x){ for(i){ if (allRentals[i].charge > x) cout
  • Relational DB => relate tables Tables are related by keys which uniquely identify a record in a table