IT Matters: Mobile Devices

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IT Matters: Mobile Devices. An introduction to mobile devices and how they can be used to increase office productivity at the University. What will we cover? Types of mobile devices & their uses in the workplace Phone & Data plans International Data & ways to save $$$ WiFi Tips and Tricks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


IT Matters: Mobile Devices

IT Matters: Mobile DevicesAn introduction to mobile devices and how they can be used to increase office productivity at the UniversityLife Impact | The University of AdelaideLife Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #WelcomeIntrosExplain what is the IT Matters presentationsFurther sessions will be booked via web link

0What will we cover?

Types of mobile devices & their uses in the workplacePhone & Data plansInternational Data & ways to save $$$WiFiTips and TricksiPads: Useful appsQ&A and DemonstrationLife Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #These are the topics that we will cover. For those that have attended working away from your desk might hear a bit of a double up of information, but it is necessary to cover this within this presentation1Types of Mobile Devices

Mobile Phones

Pros:Small and LightTough and durableSuperior battery lifeCheapDo not require large data plans

Cons:Limited functionalityMost do not have built-in wirelessSmaller storage capacity

Life Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #3 mobile phones that are available from the telecommunications website.I think everyone would have had a mobile phone at some time in their lives. I remember my first mobile was an old brick of a Motorola. It was about this big and had a solid aerial popping out of the top. But it did everything that a phone SHOULD do. It made calls, sent messages and played snake. Of course these days they have more functionality, but not to the extent of a smart phone. So behind me you will see a list of pros and cons which are all fairly self-explanatory.Second presenter: Explain the Telstra blue tick being phones with especially for Waite/Roseworthy/remote sites. Check webpage for different handsets available as it is regularly updated2Types of Mobile Devices

Smart PhonesPros:Able to connect to wirelessAbility to install appsFull PDA functionalityTouchscreenTake high resolution Photo/VideoCreate Wireless Hotspot

Cons:Lower battery lifeLarger and heavierMore expensiveRequire data plan

Life Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S2, and the HTC One XL.More functionality than the mobile phones listed on the previous slide. With the main advantage to these devices being the ability to install applications or apps. As Apple have mentioned in their ad campaigns There is an app for that!Anyone who has ever owned one of these smart phones would agree with me in saying that the major downside to these devices is their battery life! Running certain apps, features, or even watching movies can all further contribute to this con. Weve got some handy tips towards the end of this presentation on how to increase the life of your battery so stay tuned for that.Again, the website is regularly updated. Things like an unusual rise in Warranties on a particular model of phone, will more than likely result in us removing it from sale/site3Types of Mobile Devices

Tablet (Slate) Devices

Pros:Able to connect to wirelessAbility to install appsIncreased functionalityTouchscreenTake high resolution Photo/VideoDisplay on TV, monitor, projectorGood battery lifeLighter than laptop

Cons:Larger and heavierMost expensive


Life Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #Pictured are the two most popular tablets - the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. These have all the features of a smartphone without being a phone. Pros are very similar to that of the smart phones, but the battery life tends to be a lot better. They are able to be displayed on a monitor or projector as Ill demonstrate a little later on. The thing that we do stress to people is that this is not designed to replace your laptop. You can install a number of apps that can help you to be productive when youre not in front of a computer, but there is only so much that these devices can do.4Phone and Data Plans

A University Staff Mobile Plan from T-Life includes the following benefits:

Monthly Access starting at $13.64Monthly Free Calls - $13.64Calls between mobiles on The University of Adelaide account - FREECall rate per 30 Seconds - 6.36c (charged per second)SMS - 12.73cPremium SMS - EnabledMMS - 45.45cFlag Fall (call connection fee) - FREEMessageBank deposit and retrieval - FREEInternational Roaming Enabled by defaultInternational Dialling EnabledLife Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #Here we have the standard staff mobile plan from T-Life. I wont bore you too much with this slide, but the main things to take from it is thatCalls between uni phones free. The call rate per 30 seconds is significantly less than on personal mobile plans.Important to know that International Data roaming is enabled on all devices by default well touch on international data shortly5Phone and Data Plans

Plan / Level

Casual Data per MonthCasual Data Plan CostsCasual Excess Usage Rates per MBMember Data per MonthMember Data Plan Costs

Member Excess Usage Rates per MBStandard*1 GB$13.6425c1GB$22.68

25cSuper3 GB$27.2710c4GB$31.77

10cMega8 GB$54.5510c8GB$40.8610cJumboN/AN/AN/A15 GB$86.325cEMB+NANANAUnlimited$63.63Telstra fair use policy applies* The Standard data plan is the most commonly used plan for mobile and PDA users at the University. This plan is suitable for general email and calendar use as well as internet browsingLife Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #And here is the University data plans. By default people are put on the Standard plan that gives you 1Gb of data per month. Im on that plan myself and I find it to be more than enough, especially due to the fact that I am connected to wireless at work and at home.University monitors data on a data plan & will send a SMS @ 80% and at 100%. Service Desk sends a reminder email at 100% (for data cards). We do go into much deeper detail on phone and data plans including international plans in the working away from your desk presentation so if you are interested in this please be sure to book into one of these.

6International Data

The PAYG International Data Roaming cost per MB is $15.36!!

Life Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #Accessing data overseas be it emails, facebook, or whatever is VERY expensive as you can see over $15 per megabyte! This is not Telstra that dictates this cost, but rather the overseas carrier in the country you are in. We have a couple of different ways that your department can save money on both frequent and infrequent overseas travellers. 7EMB+ (AKA iPass)

EMB+ (Enterprise Mobile Broadband) provides a data plan option for the frequent domestic and international traveller.

EMB+ provides:Access to the iPass network as an alternative to NextGFixed price connectivity for Domestic & Global Access to the iPass wireless network.Unlimited data usage both here and aboard through iPass wireless network.Easy usage iPass application that allows access in 120+ countries to around 780,000 wireless hotspots.Flat rate Domestic NextG usage.

Life Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #Presenter 2: Explain what EMB+ is and its advantages. Reiterate that this is for the FREQUENT traveller as you need to sign up for 24 months8International Data Roaming Data Packs

Ideal for infrequent travellers, these are a great way to send email and access enterprise applications whilst roaming.

The International Data Roaming Data Pack is a once off charge that has a 30 day expiryChargeIncluded allowance for International Roaming Data in eligible countriesPer MB (excluding Session Fees)$160$900$2.73$350$2,250$2.39$550$3,750$2.25$1,050$7,500$2.15Eligible Countries:

New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, China, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Spain, Italy, FijiLife Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #Weve recently had an overhaul of what international data packs are supplied to us from Telstra and behind me you will see the most recent costs. These packs are perfect for the INFREQUENT overseas traveller. They are 30 day packs that expire automatically after this period. Of course you can top this up if you are staying for longer than 30 days, as you can do if you are approaching your download limit - just top it up with an additional pack. As we mentioned in a previous slide, the cost per MB is around $15 so if you can keep this cost down, your department and our telecommunications manager will be very happy!As youll notice, there are a number of countries that these data packs will work in9UofA Wireless

There are two wireless networks available for you to access all internal services and the internet: UofA, and eduroam

The UofA wireless network Convenient way for staff, students and visitorsto connect personal and University-ownedwireless enabled devices to theUniversity network. This service allowsusers to access University IT services such as the Intranet/Internet, email, Online Education.Life Impact | The University of AdelaideSlide #Two main wireless networks available UofA and Eduroam. I should mention that these wireless networks are only available when you are within range of a wireless access point ie: on campus. There have been quite a few people around the place that have asked why they cannot connect at home You can see a map of North Tce campus here and youll notice that the majority of the buildings are orange indicating that they have wireless connectivity. Youll also find areas outside for the most part have decent wireless coverage, with a few black spots as you would expect. UofA is the recommended network to join, and in fact our laptop Standard Operating Environment defaults to Uof