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Issue 3 Newsletter Checkers

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  • 8/6/2019 Issue 3 Newsletter Checkers


  • 8/6/2019 Issue 3 Newsletter Checkers



    Brampton BulletinPage 2

    Special people

    Parents or carersTalk about the important people for you when you were a child. You might use a fam-


    photograph, if you have one, to get you started. Write a list of the important people when you were young.Family

    Family friends



    Child - Talk with help about the important people in your life now and in the past. Use a family

    photograph or your photo album, if you have one. Write a list of your important people.


    Family friendsNeighbours


    Old friends

    Most of us know somebody that we haven't seen for ages but would like to see. Can you think of anybody

    like that? It might be a friend who has moved away or it might be an ex neighbour

    or it might be a member of your family.

    Talk about anybody like that together. Can you find a photograph to show each other or draw a picture of

    the person? Can you plan to go and see them or surprise them by phoning them? You might like to invite

    them to see you or write them a letter or an email.Draw a picture of when you next meet them.

    Family quiz time

    How well do the important people in your life really know you? Think of some questions to

    find out. Here are some to get you started.

    What is my favourite meal?

    Who is my best friend?

    How many brothers and sisters do I have? (parents/carers only)

    Who do I sit next to in class? (child only)

    Where was I born? (parents and carers only)

    A Biker Visitor for Reception

    Reception have been looking at

    different modes of transport. After

    looking at Miss Beaments car, RB

    had the opportunity to compare a car

    with a motorcycle. They looked at

    how the bike started, braked and

    what you need to wear, some even tried on a crash helmet and tried the horn!

  • 8/6/2019 Issue 3 Newsletter Checkers


    KUCHThis week sees the start of the next KUCH course for parents. Parents in Year 3 and 4

    have been invited to attend a series of evening sessions looking at how the literacy and

    maths curriculum is taught in school and how best to support it at home.

    Issue 3 Page 3

    Building News

    Next Monday we are looking forward to a special assembly where the building contractor

    will be talking to the children about our new extensions and safety on a building site. The

    reception and infant children have been challenged to guess how windows there will be in

    the new build and book tokens will be presented in assembly to the winners in each year

    group. The teachers are now looking forward to ordering some new furniture for their new

    classrooms which we hope they should be able to move into before the end of term!



    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Meat Cheese, tomato &sweetcorn pizza

    with coleslaw &


    Sausage & Mash Roast Turkey with

    roast potatoes

    Chicken Supreme

    with Rice

    Homemade Lamb

    Burger with home-

    made relish

    &chipped potatoes

    Fish or


    Jacket Potato with

    chilli or tuna

    Cajun Fish with

    new potatoes

    Tomato & Thyme

    Fish with new


    Jerk Pork with


    Vegetarian Pesto Pasta Spring VegetableBake

    Cheese & Red

    Onion Quiche

    with New


    Leek & Potato


    Desserts Peaches & IceCream

    Zesty LemonCake

    Very Berry Spongewith Custard

    Fruit Flapjack &Fruit Wedges

    Iced Sponge

    A choice of salads, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread, fresh fruit platter,

    fruit yoghurt, milk and drinking water are also available daily.

    Peanut Allergies

    Please can we remind everyone that we are a Peanut Free school in our cooked meals and we ask

    parents not to put any nuts or items containing nuts in their childs packed lunches. Thank you

    FOB News

    During the fine weather, Mrs Cane on behalf of FOB will be opening the

    second hand school uniform shop after school under the car park awning.

    Many thanks to her for her extra efforts.

    P.S. Dont forget to return any requests for the Neon Disco asap!

  • 8/6/2019 Issue 3 Newsletter Checkers


    And finally.......Car park

    Please may we remind parents and carers to supervisor

    all children in their care whilst in the car park. We ask

    that no one, adults or children, go between the cars.

    Scooters, bikes, or other toys should not be used in the

    car park and all children should be kept off the blue

    railings at all times. Care should be taken with the cycle

    shelter doors and children/toddlers should not play in

    the shelter. The car park is for staff cars only and

    should not be used either before or after

    school to drop off or pick up children for

    clubs or those who are late for school.

    Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

    Remember if you like what were doing tell

    us and others!

    If you dont, please help us improve!

    School Office; 020 8303 2873 Fax; 020 8298 0286

    Email:[email protected]

    Were on the web!

    RB Tilly Mentz (Bronze)

    3W Victor Obinya (Gold)

    3WH Ben Swannell

    3WHHarry Vickery

    4CLouis Thomas (Platinum)

    4C Taylor Jesney

    4CSydney Tracey (Gold)

    4C Jale Zegioglu

    4CConor Murphy

    4C Ted Langston

    4C Aaliyeah Weise-Forbes

    4C Patsy Callaghan (Diamond)

    4C Sam Whiterod

    4P Harry Abbott x 3 (Bronze)

    4P Alfie Russell

    4P Emily Steer x 2

    4PRuby Allen (Diamond)

    4P Isabelle Taylor

    4P Anousha Vadukul (Platinum)

    4PDaisy Taylor

    4P Laurence Goff (Super Gold)

    4P Kai Barber (Gold)

    4PAmy Collier (Platinum)

    4PCharlene Boadu

    4PAdam Swan

    4PJoe Flood

    Unfortunately there is not

    enough space to mention the

    childrens achievements here

    but if you are interested to see

    your childs mention, please pop

    in and ask to see it.


    Striving to Reach the Best

    Every week we print the names of those children who have

    achieved in either their work, conduct or behaviour around

    school and have been entered in the Gold Book. They have

    been mentioned in Mondays celebratory assembly. After 3

    mentions children receive a bronze certificate, 6 mentions for a

    silver, 9 mentions for a gold, 12 mentions for a Super Gold and

    15 mentions for a Platinum certificate, 18 for Diamond, 21+

    for a Head teachers Award and 24 for a Special Head teacher

    Award and Badge.

    Weekly Attendance

    Week ending 7.5.11

    RB: 98.9%

    RJ: 97.8%

    1B: 96.1%

    1BA: 94.5%

    2H: 98.9%2EW: 97.7%

    3W: 97.3%

    3WH: 98.9%

    4P: 99.4%

    4C: 98.9%

    5S: 100%

    5M: 95.2%

    6B: 96.8%

    6C: 99.5%

    Well done to 5S and the

    other classes above96.1%

    Our School Total was 97.8%!

    Raffle Prize Winners

    Due to missing Monday assemblies

    due to Bank Holidays, SATs etc,there has not been a draw yet for

    this terms treat with Miss Fisher.

    Extra tickets will be drawn to take

    account of this next week.