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  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans



    t e c h n o p a k

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans




    1. Introduction 03

    2. Checking Procedure 04

    2.1 100% Inspection 04

    2.2 Finishing Quality Audit 0

    2.3 Pre!ship"ent Quality Audit 0#

    2.4 $o to &easure 10

    3. 'e(ect )ating *ones 1+ 3.1 'e(ect Classi(ication 1

    3.1.1 Fa,ric 'e(ects 1

    3.1.2 -e ing 'e(ects 1

    3.2 'e(ect -e/erity *one! ise 1# 4. Folding and Packing Instructions 1

    4.1 ar"ent Folding and Packing 20

    t e c h n o p a k2

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans



    Presentation is e/erything56 or so the old adage goes. A ell!packaged ite" ill

    catch your custo"er7s eye and let hi" kno that you care a,out the 8uality o( your ork. 9hether you7re o((ering single!ite" orders or large 8uantity :o,s6

    attracti/e and (unctional (inishing and packaging can set you apart (ro"

    co"petitors6 "aking your custo"ers ant to return to your ,usiness.

    Assu"ing that all the ,asics o( se ing ha/e ,een addressed and the ite"s

    co"ing o(( your "achine are high 8uality6 hat does it take to (inish and

    package a product;

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans



  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    > It is reco""ended that the gar"ents ,e ironed lightly a 8uick iron5 ,e(ore


  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    2 )echeck the ,undle QualityInspector@

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    In !ecti"n G#i$e ine

    > $e should do and audit o( each checker at least 4 ti"es a day in order to get a

    representati/e checking e((iciency o( the checker.

    > For the ashing@ (inishing audit6 e"phasis should ,e gi/en to areas a((ected

    ,y ashing@(inishing e.g. tri""ing holes6 (raying at the collar due to ashing


    P*"ce$#*e -"* 4#, it ,#$it

    Ste! T, ( Re !"n ibiit


    I Pre!de(ine the no. o( gar"ents to ,e inspected.

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    Categories.III )ecord the de(ects (ound Auditor Quality audit

    (or".I 'iscuss the 8uality issues

    speci(ically ith the QA

    "anager@ Production "anagerho take appropriate actionN"te

    All speci(ications should ,e pro/ided to the auditor.

    Care(ully analyDe those areas (ro" here high de(ects are (ound and take

    action i""ediately.

    It is on the discretion o( the (actory s "anage"ent to take a (iBed a"ount o( pieces to ,e checked. $e@she could also (ollo the AQ? le/el ta,le that is

    appended in the "anual.

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    A(ter entering all the in(or"ation into the Pre!-hip"ent Audit (or"6 the (inal

    inspector should deter"ine i( the lot as accepted or not. Any re:ected lots

    should ,e addressed pro"ptly to "ini"iDe the chance o( ha/ing a late order.

    In !ecti"n G#i$e ine

    > Cartons "arking should ,e clearly "arked

    > Hn!assorted or ,roken pre!pack carton nu",ers packing list "ust sho all the


    > Packed 8uantity

    > Packing siDe ratio in a carton

    > All gar"ents to ,e in indi/idual poly ,ags.

    > o loose pieces packed6 unless speci(ied on P. .


  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    > Adhesi/e siDe strip place"ent

    > Check gar"ents (or ork"anship6 (it and "easure"ent 8uality as per the

    ashing audit.


    $o to "easure charts is the diagra""atic representation as to ho the

    "easure"ent o( the gar"ent is to ,e carried out. As di((erent ,uyers

    ha/e di((erent ays o( "easuring a gar"ent6 it "akes sense to ha/e ho

    to "easure charts as per ,uyer s re8uire"ent so that the chances o(

    going rong ith "easure"ent are reduced considera,ly.

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    B2 Insea"

    &easure (ro" thecrotch sea" to the,otto" o( the he"6(ollo ing the inside legsea"

    B3 ut sea"

    &easure (ro" the,otto" o( the

    aist,and to the,otto" o( the he"6(ollo ing the outsideleg sea".

    B4 Front rise

    &easure (ro" the,otto" o( the

    aist,and to thecrotch sea"6 (ollo ingthe cur/e o( the rise.

    B5 ack rise

    &easure (ro" the

    ,otto" o( theaist,and to the

    crotch sea"6 (ollo ingthe cur/e o( the rise.


  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    B7 $ip idth

    At a speci(ied distance,elo the aist6"easure straightacross the leg (ro" the(ront creaseline to the,ack creaseline

    B8 Jnee idth

    At a speci(ied distance,elo the crotchsea"6 "easurestraight across the leg(ro" the (ront creaseline to the ,ack creaseline.

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    B12 Front@-ide pocketopening

    &easure along the(inished opening

    B13 ack pocket opening

    &easure along the(inished opening

    B14 ack pocket height

    &easure (ro" the(inished opening

    straight do n to the,otto" o( the opening

    B15 -ide pocket ,ag depth

    &easure (ro" the sidesea" to the lo estend o( the pocket

    B16 ack pocket ,ag depth

    &easure (ro" the top

    o( the pocket to the,otto"

    B17 Coin pocket opening

    &easure along the(inished edge

    t e c h n o p a k13







  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    B18 Fly open

    9ith the (ly open6"easure the gar"ent(ro" ,elo the

    aist,and to the endo( the opening

    B19 Fly idth

    &easure (ro" the(inished edge o( the (lystraight across till the(ly sea" appearing onthe right side o( thegar"ent

    B20 Ket piece idth

    &easure the :et piecepresent inside thetrouser attached tothe (ly idth (ro" endto end

    B21 ?oop length

    &easure (ro" the topo( the loop straightdo n to the end

    B22 ?oop idth

    &easure straightacross the loop (ro"side to side

    B23 Pleat to side sea"

    &easure (ro" thepleat sea" straightacross to the outsea"

    t e c h n o p a k14





  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    B24 Pleat depth

    9ith the pleat relaBednot open 6 insert the

    "easure"ent tapestraight into the pleatto "easure depth

    All standard point of measurements have been included, any other measurement point should be included in the specification sheet


    =ach ar"ent ill ha/e de(ect rating Done according to hich the se/erity o( the

    de(ect sho ing on the gar"ent ould ,e de(ined. enerally6 there are threeDones6 na"ely6 A6 and C6 ith A ,eing the "ost critical and C the least.

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    All panels and parts from the inside qualify for Zone !"

    A9 8"ne: 8"ne 'e*e n" $e-ect ,*e ,cce!t,b e.B9 8"ne: 8"ne 'e*e ve* 3in"* $e-ect ,*e ,cce!t,b e.C9 8"ne: 8"ne 'e*e 3in"* $e-ect ,*e ,cce!t,b e.

    De-ect C , i-ic,ti"n

    F,b*ic De-ect

    B,**e 9 ccurs in circular knit. Caused ,y "iBing yarn on (eed into

    "achine. Fa,ric ill appear to ha/e horiDontal streaks.

    t e c h n o p a k16

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    Bi*$ e e ! Caused ,y unintentional tucking (ro" "al(unctioning needle.

    Hsually t o s"all distorted stitches6 side ,y side.

    B*"(en c" "* !,tte*n ! Hsually caused ,y colored yarn out o( place on


    D*"! titc'e ! )esults (ro" "al(unctioning needle or :ack. 9ill appear

    as holes or "issing stitches

    En$ "#t ! ccurs in arp knit. )esults (ro" knitting "achine continuing

    to run ith "issing end.

    H" e ! Caused ,y ,roken needle

    7i in) ,*n ! ccurs in circular knit. Caused ,y one end o( yarn "issing

    (ro" (eed and "achine continuing to run.

    7i;e$ ,*n ! ccurs in arp knit. )esults (ro" rong (i,er yarn or

    rong siDe yarn placed on arp. Fa,ric could appear as thick end or

    di((erent color i( (i,er has di((erent a((inity (or dye.

    Nee$ e ine ! Caused ,y ,ent needle (or"ing distorted stitches. Hsually a

    /ertical line.

    P*e 9"-- ! )esults hen all or so"e o( the needle on circular knitting (ail

    to (unction and (a,ric either (alls o(( the "achine or design is co"pletely

    disrupted or destroyed. &any knitting needle are ,roken and ha/e to

    replace hen ,ad press Eo(( occurs. ad press!o(( usually starts a ne roll

    o( (a,ric.

    R#nne* ! Caused ,y ,roken needle. 9ill appear as /ertical line "ost

    "achine ha/e a stopping de/ice to stop "achine hen needle ,reaks

    S #b ! Hsually caused ,y a hea/y or thick place in yarn6 or ,y lint

    getting onto yarn (eed.

    St*, in) ! Caused hen end o( yarn ,reak and the loose end strays and

    is knit regularly into another area.

    Se in) De-ect

    Uneven Stitc' < -titching is not per(or"ed straight and a part o( stitches

    is se n in disorder.

    t e c h n o p a k17

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    I**e)# ,* Stitc' < Irregular knotting points o( thread occur on upper and

    lo er (aces o( clothes under certain tightness.

    S(i! Stitc' < -titches o( se ing thread partially skip and stitching is not

    per(or"ed co"pletely

    7i Stitc' < -titches are out o( the se ing line

    S i! O#t < 9hen the (orce is applied to stitch6 the constituent thread o(

    the part "o/es and stitch opens or slips

    T'*e,$ B*e,(,)e < 9hen eBcessi/e (orce is applied to the stitch6 the

    se ing threads ,reaks gi/en the appearance o( a ,roken stitch

    Se,3 P#c(e*in) 9 -ea" puckering is the rinkle that occurs near

    stitches ,y shrinking.

    Se,3 S i!!,)e 9

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans



    t e c h n o p a k19

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    F" $in) P*,ctice

    It "ust ,e ensured that the ,uyer recei/es all goods in an accepta,le condition.

    e(ore packing goods it is i"portant that all thread ends6 loose (i,ers6 and ork

    tickets (ro" gar"ents are re"o/ed and the gar"ents are clean and ready (orpacking.

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    G,*3ent F" $in) ,n$ P,c(in)

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    -iDe sticker

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    S e,t 'i*t> S e,te*

    Accessories to ,e used in packing

    t e c h n o p a k23

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    Accessory &aterial@ 'i"ensionsClips$angtagsPricetag

    ?. Knit S'i*t

    Accessories to ,e used in packing

    Accessory &aterial@ 'i"ensionsacker

    Collar ,andutter(ly


    P,c(,)in) In t*#cti"n

    Packaging is al ays considered as an integral part o( the product.

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    All packed goods "ust ,e deli/ered as per ,uyers speci(ied cartons6 unless the

    speci(ication sheet@ uying and &erchandising $ead speci(y other ise.

    All gar"ents are to ,e packed in one color per style.

  • 7/24/2019 Checkers Training Document_Jeans


    All cartons should ,e uni(or"ly "arked see illustration

    = ' A

    1. Purchase rder u",er

    2. -tyle u",er

    3. Colour

    4. -iDes and the pieces ithin each siDe