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Issue 8 Newsletter Checkers

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  • 8/6/2019 Issue 8 Newsletter Checkers



    Despite the headlines recently in the media, stating that truancy was

    at a five year high, Bexley's attendance for the Autumn term 2010

    was, as published on 25/5/11 on the DfE website;

    State funded primary schoolsOverall Attendance 94.75% 4th out of 19 outer London boroughs

    National 94.4% Persistent Absence 2.5% 4th out of 19 outer London

    boroughs National 3.2%

    State funded secondary schools

    Overall Attendance 94.46% 2nd out of 19 outer London

    boroughs National 93.9%

    Persistent Absence 3.1% 1st out of 19 outer London

    boroughs National 4.2% Brampton 1.6%

    We are pleased to note that our school attendance was above the

    National and Borough figuresat Brampton 95.7%

    AUTUMN TERM 2012Tuesday 4 September Friday 26 OctoberHalf Term Monday 29 October Friday 2 NovemberMonday 5 November Friday 21 DecemberSPRING TERM 2013Monday 7 January Friday 15 FebruaryHalf Term Monday 18 February Friday 22 FebruaryMonday 25 February Thursday 28 March

    SUMMER TERM 2013Monday 15 April Friday 24 May(Spring Holiday will be taken on 6 May)Half Term Monday 27 May Friday 31 MayMonday 3 June Wednesday 24 July

    Start of Autumn Term 2013: Tuesday 3 September

    (Our five Training days are still to be decided)

    B r a m p t o n B u l l e t i n

    Brampton Primary is a restorative school where the initial response to conflict is to

    find a solution where things are put right, the victims needs are met whilst also

    meeting the needs of the wrong doer and meet all the schools responsibilities.

    Week ending: 24.6.11

    Summer Term: Issue 8

    B r a m p t o n P r i m a r y S c h o o l

    S t r i v i n g t o R e a c h t h e B e s t

    Inside this weeks issue:

    Attendance & School


    Forthcoming Dates

    SEAL Home Activities

    Week 3 Menu Governor/FOB News

    Gold Book Entries

    Weekly Attendance

    And finally coats

    Forthcoming Dates:

    Saturday 25th June

    FOB Quiz Night

    Monday 27th JuneSports Week

    Tuesday 28th June

    Y5/6 Sports Day pm

    Wednesday 29th June

    Y5 Boys Will Be Conference

    Thursday 30th June

    CRIBs in Y5/reception

    Friday 1st July

    Family SEAL 3 Session 4Saturday 3rd July

    Staff Charity Walk


    Monday 4th July

    Y2/3 Boys to East Wickham

    SEAL Assembly to Reception

    & Y1 parents

    Tuesday 5th July

    Infants & Y3/4 Sports Day


  • 8/6/2019 Issue 8 Newsletter Checkers



    Brampton BulletinPage 2

    The change quiz

    This is most fun if it is done in pairs. The

    idea is that you should rate how you would

    feel about the change:0 I would hate this to happen

    1 I wouldnt like this to happen

    2 I don't care if this happens

    3 I would like this to happen

    4 I would love this to happen more than


    Read the changes together then rate them.

    Your child might like to fill in the num-


    When I was young

    This activity is great fun to do with an

    older person, maybe a grandparent or eld-


    neighbour. As we get older we can find

    ourselves saying, When I was young

    Talk about what you did and decide

    whether the things are the same or differ-


    You might like to draw the thing that is

    most different.

    Love is the sun, the god and the air,

    Love is the happiness and the time that we spare,

    Love is Jesus, love is the cross,

    Love moved the boulder to show them whos boss.

    Love is the life that is always spoken,

    Love is the knife to make your heart broken.

    Love is good and love is bad.

    Love is happy and love is sad. Clark Russell 6B

    This is an example of some of the work undertaken last week on the CRIBs bus. Many thanks to their staff.

  • 8/6/2019 Issue 8 Newsletter Checkers


    Staff News

    Miss Westbrooke has returned from her maternity leave and until the end of term will becovering Mrs Galbraiths PPA timetable. Many thanks to Mrs Galbraith for yet again

    standing in during a staff absence. On Sunday3rd July a large number of staff are taking

    part in the Race for Life cancer walk at Blackheath. If you would like to sponsor us please

    go to

    Issue Page 3

    Governor NewsTeaching and Learning Committee

    This committee met last week and looked at the curriculum

    report, School Development Plan, Report on SEN, School self-review and evaluation. They also reviewed selected policies,

    proposed visits and school journey.



    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Meat Minced Beef &Vegetable Pie with


    Lamb Curry with

    Lemon Coriander


    Roast Chicken

    with Homemade

    Stuffing & Roast


    Homemade Beef

    Meatballs with


    BBQ Chicken

    with Chips

    Fish or


    Tuna Pasta Bake Vegetable Stir Fry Sweet & Sour

    Pork with Rice

    Salmon Fishcake

    with New


    Vegetarian Tomato & BasilPasta

    Jacket Potato with

    Cheese & Beans

    Sweet Potato Stir Bubble & Squeak Macaroni Cheese

    Desserts Chocolate Sponge

    with Chocolate

    Shortbread &


    Apple & Banana

    Crumble with

    Carrot Cake with


    Jelly & Ice Cream

    A choice of salads, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread, fresh fruit platter,

    fruit yoghurt, milk and drinking water are also available daily.

    Peanut Allergies

    Please can we remind everyone that we are a Peanut Free school in our cooked meals and we ask

    parents not to put any nuts or items containing nuts in their childs packed lunches. Thank you

    FOB News

    FOB would like to ask parents to think about placing orders for new

    uniform for September now. They were very busy at the new entrants

    meeting last week taking orders and it would help them to clear some of

    the demand from the rest of the school before the summer holidays.

    Order forms are available in the entrance hall or see Mrs Cane (3WH)

  • 8/6/2019 Issue 8 Newsletter Checkers


    And finally.......Coats and Data Information

    Although it is meant to be flaming June we

    have had a few showers recently and

    therefore it is important that children havecoats in school for playtimes.

    Please can we remind parents to check and return the

    data sheets about your child and the emergency numbers

    etc as soon as possible so that we can ensure our

    information is correct. Thank you to those who have

    already returned theirs. Remember if you like what weredoing tell us and others! If you dont, please help us im-

    prove! School Office; 020 8303 2873 Fax; 020 8298 0286

    Were on the web!

    1B Daisy Ingram

    1B Lewis Dampier

    1B Ami Brown

    1BJessica McCawley (Silver)

    1B Finlay wicks

    1BSophie Boyns

    1BValentino Flores-Nunes

    1BOliver Box

    1B Ryan Lane

    1B Jakub Kaminski (Silver)

    1BJoshua Bassett

    1BA Jaydn Burt

    1BA Leila Kimber

    1BA- Zara Karim

    1BAAmaan Shahzad (Bronze)

    3W Bani Dhoofer

    3W Victor Obinya

    4C Dilan Shokar

    4CBella Potter

    4C Jamie Puttick

    4C Ted Langston (Super Gold)

    4C Can Tuzun

    4CWill Atmore

    4CAaliyeah Weise-Forbes

    (Super gold)

    Unfortunately there is not

    enough space to mention the

    childrens achievements here

    but if you are interested to see

    your childs mention the book is

    usually kept in the officeso

    please pop in and ask to see it.


    Striving to Reach the Best

    Every week we print the names of those children who have

    achieved in either their work, conduct or behaviour around

    school and have been entered in the Gold Book. They have

    been mentioned in Mondays celebratory assembly. After 3

    mentions children receive a bronze certificate, 6 mentions for a

    silver, 9 mentions for a gold, 12 mentions for a Super Gold and

    15 mentions for a Platinum certificate, 18 for Diamond, 21+

    for a Head teachers Award and 24 for a Special Head teacher

    Award and Badge.

    Weekly Attendance

    Week ending 18.6.11

    RB: 96.3%

    RJ: 95.7%

    1B: 92.7%

    1BA: 95%

    2H: 100%2EW: 98.3%

    3W: 98.3%

    3WH: 94.3%

    4P: 95.3%

    4C: 97.7%

    5S: 93.8%

    5M: 92.9%

    6B: 93.9%

    6C: 97.7%

    Well done to 2H and the

    other classes above96.1%

    Our School Total was 95.8%

    Raffle Prize Winners

    There was no draw this week due

    to the school photographer being inthe hall.

    There will be a double draw next



    Week ending 17.6.111stGreen= 149 2ndBlue = 141

    3rdRed= 128 4thYellow = 118

    Congratulations to Green House members!