Ioana Sandru Bucharest, Romania

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Ioana Sandru Bucharest, Romania. ASOCIATIA DIRECT GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership project FAMILY AT RISK - THANKS 1st Project Meeting, Newry, UK 7 th – 10 th November 201 3. Information. Young NGO, From 2009 Location: Bucharest, Romania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Ioana Sandru Bucharest, Romania

Melita Oven

Ioana Sandru

Bucharest, RomaniaASOCIATIA DIRECT

GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership projectFAMILY AT RISK - THANKS

1st Project Meeting, Newry, UK

7th 10th November 2013

InformationYoung NGO, From 2009Location: Bucharest, Romania

AD.RO supports education and training for all age groups, funding programmes such as the LLP

Our primary objective is to investigate which type of support, in terms of subjects, didactics and institutions, people need in order to be able to learn in a sensible way and to expand their competences.The organization actively works on local national level and it is also involved in implementation of international projects. One of AD.RO main aims is to promote and encourage intercultural cooperation among the people from Romania and the other countries from Europe.

Previous projects:Action 1.1 Cycling to Santiago (2010, ASSOCIAO 5 ELEMENTO)Voluntary week 2009, 2010 (national Campaign)Grundtvig Projects: Inclusive Family Learning (2012)European Network for social volunteering, Environmental awareness for social inclusion, Multilateral youth exchange, 2011, Informa Giovani, IT2012, Daphne Project: European Antibullying Network 2012, Daphne Project: Improving engagement with fathers/father figures in families where there are safeguarding concerns2013, Grundtvig Partnership : Think Family: Empowerment of Families at Risk to Practice Active Citizenship THANKS2013, partner in LDV Project: Women meet for tradition, 2013, partners in KA1 Project: FOSTERING NEW PATHWAYS TO PROMOTE LIFELONG LEARNING LEADERS IN ROMA COMUNITY