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Investigatory Powers Bill Enters Parliament ... In Industry News we take a look at the Turris research project, a service helping to protect users home networks with the help of specialist

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    In the Spotlight p17 IXManchester Steering Committee Chairman, Matthew Hattersley, is the subject of our ‘In the Spotlight’ interview. We ask about what he thinks the future

    holds for regional peering in the North of England.

    Data Centre News p05 Data centres are increasingly being built in some unusual places such as in a decommissioned air force command centre and also a biscuit factory! We look at another potential new site in the north of England based in former 19th century swimming baths.

    HotLINX Iss


    45 Sp

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    01 6

    LINX AGM & Board Elections p06 & p14 The LINX93 member conference in May will see members vote in the latest round of Council elections and on other constitutional issues. HotLINX explains the processes involved and how to put yourself forward to stand for a place on the Board.

    Investigatory Powers Bill Enters Parliament The Investigatory Powers Bill has passed its first reading in the House of Commons and entered committee stage, despite mounting criticism both inside and outside of Parliament. LINX Public Affairs executive, Sam Frances, analyses the current position on page 10 of this issue of HotLINX.

  • LINX Technology p07-08 LINX Technology’s Mike Hellers provides a project update plus the background and methedology to LINX’s PoC testing, planning and monitoring of power usage.

    Public Affairs p09-11 In an expanded regulatory section the LINX Public Affairs team provide detailed analysis on the recently revised and updated Investigatory Powers Bill.

    LINX News p06 Kurtis Lindqvist has joined LINX as Chief Marketing Officer. Kurtis tells HotLINX about his impressive industry background and future plans in his new role.

    Industry Events p15 In Industry Events we preview the upcoming IXManchester and UKNOF conferences as well as the 11th Global Peering Forum in California.


    HotLINX Publisher: Ben Hedges Editor: Jeremy Orbell Co-ordinator: Megan Atkins

    Telephone: +44 1733 207705 Editorial & Content: [email protected] Printing: Sudbury Print Publishing: London Internet Exchange Limited. Trinity Court, Trinity Street, Peterborough, United Kingdom PE1 1DA

    No part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission of the publishers.

    Face Off Inside Stories Welcome to HotLINX45. Here’s a brief summary of the LINX community and industry news articles featured inside this issue.

    As per the last edition HotLINX again features additional LINX News pages with more technical content from the Technology team, partner announcements as well an article on the re-branding of LINX’s regional exchanges.

    In Industry News we take a look at the Turris research project, a service helping to protect users home networks with the help of specialist routers. We also report on Ofcom’s recent report on UK broadband and Level 3 and Google’s settlement-free interconnection agreement.

    Our governance section has information on IXP training and international events run by the Internet Society while our associate member page has articles from the RIPE NCC, the Internet Systems Consortium, DNS Belgium and RouteViews.

    Finally we take our usual look at the latest LINX member and technical statistics on our back page. It’s been a fantatstic quarter for new members with 31 new connections from 13 different territories.

    Internet Industry Tweets Below are just a few of the LINX and member community related updates seen on Twitter recently.

    Chris Russell @kit_chrisr Travel booked for @uknof #uknof34 and @LINX_Network #ixmanchester event ... good work by both programme committees - great content :)

    Hurricane Electric @henet [email protected] is 1st Internet #Backbone to Connect 5,000 #IPv4 #Networks. … #IPv6 #bgp #peering

    SureVoIP ITSP @SureVoIP More info about @LINX_Network (The London Internet Exchange) and #SureVoIP - http://www. surevoip-linx-benefits-connecting- multiple-lans/ …

    Net Support UK @Net_Savvy Are you a member of #IXCardiff? Take a look at some of the #benefits your #business could experience if you peer!

    LINX on Twitter Keep up to date with LINX on Twitter following @LINX_Network

    02 HotLINX © London Internet Exchange 2016

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  • HotLINX Issue 45 | Welcome 03


    Building Relationships as well as a Network By John Souter, LINX Chief Executive Officer


    The ever evolving world of electronic communications By Jeremy Orbell, HotLINX Editor

    Shortly before HotLINX went to press Twitter celebrated its 10th birthday. Is it really only a decade ago that a tweet was only ever associated with birds and not 140 characters on a computer screen?

    The mid-noughties were a watershed for the Internet. Within three years between 2003 and 2006 LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and then Twitter were all launched and it is now difficult to imagine life without them.

    It seems almost ironic that in March it was also announced that Ray Tomlinson, the man credited as the inventor of email, had died at the age of 74. The concept of email is perhaps a little older than you’d think with the idea of sending electronic messages between networks being proposed as far back as 1971. Tomlinson’s invention included the ground-breaking use of the @ symbol in email addresses, which is now standard.

    The ability to share information has never been easier - to the extent it makes you wonder what the next big innovation will be. Whatever it is HotLINX will endeavour to report on it when it happens!

    [email protected]

    We are now already a quarter of the way into the year and so far 2016 has been anything but relaxed. February was particularly hectic - I visited the US West Coast for NANOG66, had and a crucial two day meeting with Juniper, plus a one day workshop on future IXP network architecture.

    While intense, the USA trip was fantastic, with well over 1,100 attending NANOG and lots of high-level attention from Juniper, including from CEO Rami Rahim. We were particularly pleased that Bruno Rijsman, Juniper’s Vice President of Architecture, gave so much of his time for both days of our meeting, and led their approach to presenting and discussing a potential next generation IXP architecture. All very stimulating!

    Our relationship with Juniper is approaching five years now and we recently completed a major upgrade of the London Juniper LAN. When we began working together it was just prior to 2012 Olympics, something which would concentrate the minds of any network operator, and we both passed the test with flying colours. As you might expect LINX and Juniper set very high standards for ourselves so to see this justified in testimonial form recently was very gratifying.

    The downside to the US trip was picking up a horrible flu-like bug which caused me to miss my first ever member community meeting (LINX92). Not only that, I also missed my first LINX Board meeting in fifteen years. I leave that as an indicator of just how bad I felt at that time.

    At the time of writing there are only a few weeks to go before the LINX AGM and Council (Board) elections. It is gratifying that several people have been in contact to say that they are considering standing for election, and Chairman Murray Steele and I have been providing one-to-one briefings and support for this. We hope that there will be a competitive field of strong candidates.

    As you will see on page 6 of HotLINX, our long-standing Board member, Neil McRae, will not be standing this year, having reached his term limit. Neil is our longest ever serving Board member, and we’ll be saying more about his fantastic contribution over the years once he has stood down.

    Charlie Boisseau, Commsworld

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Industry News Submissions

    Have a story you’d like to tell the LINX members? Send your

    ideas to the HotLINX team [email protected]

    04 HotLINX Issue 45 | Industry News

    Project Turris is a service helping to protect its users’ home network with the help of a special router. It is a not-for-profit research project by CZ.NIC, the registry of the Czech national top level domain .CZ.

    Users of the Turris service obtain specialist equipment, which in addition to serving as a traditional home router, also analyse the traffic between the Internet and the home network. It is able to identify suspicious data flows and subsequently alerts Turris HQ of a possible attack. The system’s HQ then compares data from many connected Turris routers to asses the security status of detected traffic. If required, corresponding updates are prepared and distributed to the whole Turris network, thus helping to protect all of its users.

    As this is a research project, the device has been made available for the nominal fee of one Czech crown. In order to participate in the scheme, users are then required to commit to using the Turris router as their main Internet gateway for a specified time period, and not

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