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<p>Presentacin de PowerPoint</p> <p>2/4/2012</p> <p>1</p> <p>INTER STEEL LTD International </p> <p>INTER STEEL CHILE LTD.RUT-76.569.780-8Balmaceda N 5211/ La Serene Coquimbo Mail : TEL:OFFI-56-51-296946/CEL:56-9-97842408</p> <p>VP Financia Accounter l Adan SaavedraInternational Financial (USA) Phong Hong Ly ASIA Business ConsultingPHONG HONG LY VP Administration &amp; International Business INTER STEEL CHILE LTD EXCECUTIVE CHART MAIN FUNCTIONS</p> <p>FERNANDO GALLARDO MORGANCEOVP International Sales &amp; Marketing PHONG HONG LYInternational Public RelationElizabeth Caceres Fernandez</p> <p>4</p> <p>2/4/20126</p> <p>2/4/20127</p> <p>JOINT VENTURESProject Administration VS Capital with an estimated +/_10% of the total sale value for Administrative Expenses.To Purchase Business on behalf of Our Investors on a Partner/ Mutual Interest Bases.Access to The Small and Mid-Size Mine Owners already lined up and capable to produce minerals at fair Market Value.</p> <p>2/4/20129</p> <p>2/4/201210</p> <p>INTER STEEL CHILE LTD.RUT-76.569.780-8</p> <p>MITIN G WE INVESMENT AND GOVERMEN OFFICIAL IN THE FOUR REGION OF CHILE ,</p> <p>102/4/201211</p> <p>License Number:721859Extract Date:11/15/2009Business Information:INTER-WEST CONSTRUCTION INC 4909 HALIFAX ROAD TEMPLE CITY, CA 91780 Business Phone Number: (626) 575-3818Entity:CorporationIssue Date:04/24/1996Expire Date: 04/30/2006License Status: This license is expired and not able to contract at this time. Additional Status: The license will need to meet the workers compensation requirements to renew active or reactivate. The license will need a contractors bond to renew active or reactivate. The license will need to resolve an outstanding bond payout. The license will need to replace the qualifying person to renew active or reactivate.Classifications:CLASSDESCRIPTIONBGENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTORBonding:CONTRACTOR'S BOND This license filed Contractor's Bond number 234826 in the amount of $10,000 with the bonding companyAMERICAN CONTRACTORS INDEMNITY COMPANY. Effective Date: 09/20/2004 Cancellation Date: 11/16/2006 Contractor's Bonding History Workers' Compensation: This license has workers compensation insurance with the STATE COMPENSATION INSURANCE FUND Policy Number: 1843192Effective Date: 04/30/2006Cancellation Date: 08/03/2006Workers' Compensation HistoryINTER STEEL CHILE LTD.RUT-76.569.780-8</p> <p>11</p>