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<p>About Orissa International</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>Orissa International Helps Companies Break Into New Export Markets</p> <p>Comments From Companies On The Challenges They Face Pursuing ExportsMy sales team cant find relevant contacts of customers or reps in a market. If they do find any, its a limited number There must be a better way to find customers or reps than just participating in a trade show When we send emails to new prospects, we get no response We spent all this money participating in the trade show, and we did not get any qualified leads or contacts. And this is the 2nd time we are doing the show!! My sales people are spending time trying to find prospects when they should be selling or closing deals I dont know if we are even targeting the right market I wish there was someone in-country we can work with to guide us</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>Services That Clients Engage Us For Identifying potential customers in new markets Identifying potential agents, distributors and partners Prequalifying customers &amp; reps Developing an export strategy Selecting suitable target export markets Market scan Export coaching</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>Why Are Clients Hiring Us For Their International Market Expansion? We have 13 years of experience in helping companies enter markets around the world</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>We have a proven track record with of helping almost 1000companies from of business and industrial sectors We have a global network in 6 continents</p> <p>Our Global Network Map United Kingdom Spain Portugal Netherland Belgium Germany Czech Republic Turkey</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p> United States Canada</p> <p> Malaysia Thailand Vietnam Philippines Indonesia India Japan Korea</p> <p> Brazil Argentina Chile South Africa Israel</p> <p> Australia</p> <p>Our network in 24 cities around the world allows us to give our clients: More local market information and intelligence Wider contacts of customers and reps The ability to have someone in-country to make initial contact on their behalf and to guide them when they are there</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>With this: Shorten the sales cycle Close more leads Generate new revenues faster Break into new export markets faster Access a greater number of new markets Save them money</p> <p>Sample Project References U.S. - Identifying of agents on behalf of an Engineering Company. Vietnam - Identifying, prequalifying &amp; arranging of meetings with distributors for a Consumer Electronic Company. Australia - Identifying, prequalifying &amp; arranging of meetings with supermarket buyers &amp; distributors for a Food Company. Brazil Identifying distributors for a Medical Equipment Manufacturer. We have completed and ongoing projects covering the following geographic regions: SE Asia, South Africa, West Africa, UAE and US, among others.</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>How Good Are We? 1. Even Government Agencies Refer Companies To Us For Export Assistance a) IE Singapore b) Spring Singapore c) Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>d) State of California, USAe) State of Indiana, USA f) State of Wisconsin, USA g) State of Utah, USA h) Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg</p> <p>How Good Are We? 2. In 2008, we were identified by a US state government export promotion agency as the best export consultant globally.</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>3.</p> <p>Since 2009, we are appointed by IE (International Enterprise) Singapore to be the export coach for local SMEs seeking to expand overseas.</p> <p>How Good Are We? 4. We Have Numerous Testimonials</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>Thanks for the report. I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did for the companies that came over for the mini-mission in June. We are getting very positive feedback from those companies. Keep up the good work!" Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Just to let you know I have two new customers in Vietnam and am working on a couple more that look promising. Collins Hardwoods I have a meeting with a prospective partner to begin the commercial discussions setting up a distributor arrangement with them. This relationship is a direct result of your efforts in ABECs behalf, so I wanted to convey my thanks. You were very responsive and provided us a very valuable service. ABEC, Inc. We would like to extend our appreciation for your services in making sure our participation at CIOSP was a smooth and fruitful one. Your teams knowledge of the local business environment, their contacts in the market, and their experience in helping foreign companies like ours understand how to do business in Brazil made our trip very productive given the limited time we had to spend there . Sanctuary Health Sdn Bhd Just wanted to extend my thanks to you and all the assistance that you provided to Harry during his trip. He really appreciated all of the diligent searching for potential customers and on-the-ground assistance. He anticipates sales to be around $1-2 million within the next few months. SEDA-Council Of Governments, on behalf of their client</p> <p>Sun Tzus Art Of War Those who do not know the lay of the land cannot maneuver their forces. Those who do not use local guides cannot take advantage of the ground.</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>Contact Us</p> <p>ORISSA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD</p> <p>No. 30, ENG HOON STREET SINGAPORE 169779 Tel: Fax: Email: 65 62258667 65 62216269</p> <p>admin@orissa-international.com</p> <p>Website: www.orissa-international.com</p>