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  • Institute Name Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering

    India Ranking 2017 ID IR17-ENGG-1-1-2811-256746

    Discipline ENGINEERING

    S. No. Financial


    Name of Faculty

    (Principal Investigator)

    Name of the

    Funding agency

    Name of the project Sanctioned order No.

    Sanctioned date

    Amount Received in 15-16 (Rs.)

    Amount Received in 14-15 (Rs.)

    Amount Received in 13-14 (Rs.)

    Amount received (in


    1 2015-16 Dr.Siluvai mcihael


    Nano catalyst embedded hierarchically porous carbon air cathode for Li/Air rechargeable batteries

    SR/NM/NS- 1310/2014(G)

    27-08-2015 2284896

    Twenty two lakhs eighty four thousand eight hundred ninety six only

    2 2015-16 Dr.V.E.Annam alai


    Reclamation of abrasives from bonded, coated and sanitaryware rejects

    DST/TSG/WM/ 2015/567/G

    30-03-2016 5200000 Fifty two lakhs only

    3 2015-16 Dr.G.Anantha Babu


    Development of lead- free piezoelectric 0.94Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3- 0.06BaTiO3 single crystals for transducer applications

    ARMREB/MA A/2015/168

    13-07-2015 3625000 Thirty six lakhs twenty five thousand only

    4 2015-16 Dr.K.Babu AICTE- RPS

    Study of Mechanical Properties & Surface Features of Steels Quenched in CNT Nanofluids

    8- 212/RIFD/RPS/ Policy-1/201- 15

    03-04-2015 847059

    Eight lakhs forty seven thousand and fifty nine only



  • 5 2015-16 Dr.G.Anandha babu

    DST - SERB

    Growth and Characterization of defect controlled topological insulator Bi2Te2Se and Bi2- xSbxTe3-ySey single crystals

    yss/2014/00012 2

    06.01.2016 1042000 120000 170000 Thirteen lakhs thirty two thousand only

    6 2015-16 Dr.M.S.alphin DST - SERB

    Design and Development of Novel handle shapes to overcome vibration discomfort

    YSS/2014/0007 15

    02-01-2016 1202666

    Twelve lakhs two thousand six hundred sixty six only

    7 2015-16 DR. Anantharaj DST - SERB

    Solvent Screening, Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of potential solvent for Removal of Endocrine Disrupts Chemicals from Water Matrices

    YSS/2015/0015 4

    09-11-2015 1523333

    Fifteen lakhs twenty three thousand three hundred thirty three only

    8 2015-16 Dr.M.Balaji DST - SERB

    Design and Development of Hybrid Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

    SB/FTP/ETA- 0189/2014

    17-07-2015 1980000 Nineteen lakhs eighty thousand only


  • 9 2015-16 Dr. Shomana jacob

    DST - SERB

    Investigation on the effect of Gene and Protein Mutants in the Onset of Neuro- Degenerative Brain Disorders(Alzheimer’ s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease): A Computational study

    YSS/2015/0007 37

    09-11-2015 686666

    Six lakhs eighty six thousand six hundred sixty six only

    10 2015-16 Dr. R. Sujatha DST - WOSA


    SR/WOS- A/PM- 10443/2014

    23-06-2015 497000 Four lakhs ninety siven thousand only

    11 2015-16 Dr. Siluvai michael


    Investigation on thermally stable polyanion electrode for Li-ion batteries

    NRB/4003/PG/ 343

    04-09-2015 1845000 Eiteen lakhs forty five thousand only

    12 2015-16 Dr. Sekhar battacharya

    SSPL Amorphous Silicon Thin Films for Microbolometers.

    1115/CARS- 28/TS/SPL/10

    07-12-2010 97830

    Nineteen siven thousand eight hundred thirty only

    13 2015-16 Dr.T.Nagarajan TVA Speech enabled interactive enquiry system in Tamil

    TVA/Projet/08/ 201-17

    26-02-2016 285600

    Two lakhs eight five thousand six hundred only

    14 2015-16 P.saravanan DST-SERB

    Design and Development of Axial Flux Switched Reluctance Motor based Battery operated Vehicle

    SB/EMEQ- 270/2014



  • 15 2015-16 Dr. Venkata Vara Prasad, Dr. J. Suresh

    nVIDIA – 3 GPU

    Improving the Design and Performance of Smith Waterman Sequence Algorithm on the CUDA-GPU

    letter dated 7.7.2015


    16 2015-16 Dr. R. Anantharaj

    Science and Engineering Research Board - DST

    Solvent Screening, Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of potential solvent for Removal of Endocrine Disrupts Chemicals from Water Matrices

    YSS/2015/0015 46


    17 2015-16 Mr. P. Saravanan

    SSN Trust

    Design and development of Switched Reluctance Motor drive with minimized torque ripples.

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15


    18 2015-16 Mrs. Alagu Dheerajaj

    SSN Institutions

    Isolated active clamp forward DC-DC converters for microprocessor

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15


    19 2015-16

    Mr.S.Ramprabh u Dr.S.Esther Florence

    SSN Institutions

    Design and fabrication of miniaturized FSS for shielding WLAN signals

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 88252

    Eighty eight thousand two hundred finfty two only

    20 2015-16 Dr.K.Muthume enakshi Dr.S.Radha

    SSN Institutions

    Real time performance analysis using RF wireless signals for cognitive radio applications

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15



  • 21 2015-16

    Dr. R. Kanchana Dr. T.T.Mirnalinee Dr.V.S.Felix Enigo

    SSN Institutions

    IoT based smart sewage system

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 12100 Twelve thousand one hundred only

    22 2015-16 Dr.N.Bhalaji SSN

    Customization of IOT protocols for societal applications using QOE

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15


    23 2015-16 Dr.G.Muneesw ari


    Multiagent Process Scheduling for NOC based Multicore Systems

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15


    24 2015-16 Mr.Joe Louis Paul

    SSN Disaster Management System-Next Generation

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15


    25 2015-16 Dr. A. Kavitha SSN Institutions

    Implementation of FEA in bone mechanics for designing suitable implants using MIMICS and 3D printing technology

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 600000 Six lakhs only

    26 2015-16 Dr. K. Subbiah SSN


    Evaluation of microstructure and mechanical properties of tungsten inert gas welding on AA5083 with Sc and Er containing Filers

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15



  • 27 2015-16 Dr. S. Suresh Kumar

    SSN Institutions

    Investigation of the influence of weld residual stress and material defects on ballistic resistance of straight and curved targets

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15


    28 2015-16 Dr. S. Soma Sundaram

    SSN Institutions

    Determination and attenuation of noise generated from sunroof of automobiles

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 187500

    One lakhs eighty seven thousand five hundred only

    29 2015-16 Dr.R. Vijaya lakshmi & Mrs. P. Sangeetha

    SSN Institutions

    Study on the Behaviour of concrete filled Stub columns under compression

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 96144

    Ninety six thousand onle hundred forty four only

    30 2015-16 Dr. Dhanalakshmi

    SSN Institutions

    Potential Applications of Ionic Liquids in reducing Co2 capture process energy demand

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15


    31 2015-16 Dr. M. Senthil pandian

    SSN Institutions

    Preparation of One Dimensional ZnO nanostructures for organic-inorganic perovskite solar cells

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 169460

    One lakhs sixty ninety thousand four hundred sixty only

    32 2015-16 Dr. K. Aravinth SSN Institutions

    Development of lead- free materials for piezoelectric energy harvesting

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 220696

    Two lakhs twenty thousand six hundred nine six only

    33 2015-16 Dr. Sundarakannan

    SSN Institutions

    Equivalence concepts in intersection graphs

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 9850 Nine thousand eight hundred fifty only


  • 34 2015-16 Dr.M.Mahalaks hmi

    SSN Institutions

    Modified TiO2 and perovskite structured SrTiO3 nanocomposite materials for the production of clean energy fuel hydrogen by solar water splitting

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 29729

    Twenty nine thousand seven hundred twenty nine only

    35 2015-16 Dr.Jayaparvath y

    SSN Institutions

    Cardiac risk monitoring system

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15


    36 2015-16 Dr.T.Arunluiz SSN Institutions

    Synthesis, characterization and application of transition metal ion doped ZnO nanoparticles

    113/SSNE/20.1 1.15

    20.11.15 220000 Two lakhs twenty thousand only

    37 2014-15

    Dr. Mohammed Haneefa & Dr. S. Ramanagopal

    SSN Institutions

    The use of Alternative Cementitious Materials for Sustainable concrete – Development of Geo polymer concrete using Fly Ash Slag and Sugarcane Bagasse

    105/SSNE/18.1 1.14

    18.11.14 258426

    Two lakhs fifty eight thousand four hundred twenty six only

    38 2014-15 Dr.B.Mahaling am

    SSN Institutions

    A Study of Self Compact