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  • IliumkidneySkinBrainMuscleetc

  • A new kind of map of the human genome

  • The cell cycle110 RNA samples from ~9 cycles5 independent sychronizationsFourier analysis: ~900 periodically-expressed genesMike WhitfieldGavin SherlockOrly AlterOlga TroyanskayAlok SaldanhaDavid Botstein

  • Molecular portraits of cancer

  • The genome projects secret to success


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  • 'Virus chip' helps yield clue to mystery illness By Paul Elias The Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO It took just a few waves of the computer mouse for Joseph DeRisi to identify the prime suspect behind the sometimes deadly new mystery illness dubbed severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). ERIC RISBERG / AP Joseph DeRisi, a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, holds a slide containing every known viral sequence at his lab last week.

  • Viral genome microarray Novel Coronavirus

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  • www.PLoS.orgI support

  • Online public resources in the life sciences:

    Genbank (repository of all published DNA sequences)PDB (repository of all published protein structures)Stanford Microarray Database (repository of public domain global gene expression data and software with exploration tools)

    Pubmed (database of titles and abstracts of life sciences literature)

    Pubmed central (database of full text and contents of life sciences literature - sparse)