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  • 1. The Right Stuff
    III. Yeager

2. That poker-hollow West Virginia drawl
It was the drawl of the most righteous of all the possessors of the right stuff: Chuck Yeager.
(page 34-35)
3. Chuck Yeager started out as the equivalent, in the Second World War, of who in the First World War?
Frank Luke of the 27th Aero Squadron
4. Frank Luke
American fighter ace, ranking second among U.S. Army Air Service pilots, credited with 18 aerial victories; He was shot in 1918 by a machine gun while flying, he landed his air craft, collapsed from the wound, drew out his pistol and fired a few rounds at approaching German infantry before dying
5. Where did Yeager grow up?
Hamlin, West Virginia
6. What did Yeagers father and older brother do for a living?
They drilled for natural gas in the coalfields.
7. In 1943, what was Yeagers rank in the Army Air Force?
Flight officer (a non-com who was allowed to fly)
8. How many enemy fighter planes did Yeager shoot down in his first eight missions?
2 German fighters
9. The Right Stuff was a little bit stretched out of shape and Hollywoodized, but I thought the casting was outstanding, and it was fun to watch.
Chuck Yeager
10. By the end of World War II, how many kills did Yeager have?
13.5 kills
11. Although Yeager was shot down over German-occupied French territory on his ninth mission, how did he manage to return to combat during the Allied invasion of France?
He bailed out, was picked up by the French underground and smuggled across the Pyrenees into Spain disguised as a peasant, was jailed briefly in Spain, released, and returned to England
12. Where was Yeager trained as test pilot in 1946 and 1947?
Wright Field in Dayton
13. Mojave Desert
The officers stayed in the shacks marked barracks, and lesser souls stayed in the tents and froze all night and fried all day.
(page 37)
14. Who discovered that the speed of sound varied at different altitudes, temperatures, and wind speeds?
Ernst Mach
15. How did Geoffrey de Havilland die?
Son of the famous British aircraft designer and builder, he tried to take one of his fathers DH 108s to Mach 1. The ship started buffeting and then disintegrated, and he was killed.
16. What was Pancho Barness maiden name?
Florence Leontine Lowe
17. Who was Pancho Barness grandfather?
Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, the designer of the old Mount Lowe cable-car system
18. Thaddeus S.C. Lowe
Fought in First Bull Run under Gen. Irvin McDowell , formed the Union Army Balloon Corps , served in the Army of Potomac under McClellan, participated in the Peninsula Campaign of 1862, made observations over Mechanicsville, VA, the Balloon Corps became the Engineers Corp
Prof. Thaddeus Lowe observing the Battle of Seven Pines or Fair Oaks from his balloon "Intrepid"
19. Where did Pancho Barnes grow up?
San Marino, which adjoined Pasadena and was one of LAs wealthiest suburbs
20. How many times was Pancho Barnes married?
21. How did Pancho Barnes get the nickname Pancho?
In the late 1920s, by boat and plane, she ran guns for Mexican revolutionaries
22. In 1930, whose airspeed record for women did she break?
Amelia Earharts
23. Who was Pancho Barnes first husband?
Rev. C. Rankin Barnes, the pastor of the Pasadena Episcopal Church
24. The Air Force was using which aircraft to break the sound barrier?
The Bell X-1
25. The prime pilot for the X-1 looked like a pilot from out of Hells Angels. What was his name?
Slick Goodlin
26. October 14, 1947
Not being an engineer, Yeager didnt believe the barrier existed.
(page 40)
27. What was the name of Chucks wife?
28. Where did Chuck have the inscription Glamorous Glennis?
On the nose of his P-51 and the X-1
29. Two days before Yeager is scheduled to break the sound barrier, how does he manage to break two ribs?
He and his horse hit a gate during a midnight horse ride, and he flies off and lands on his right side.
30. What was the fuel for the X-1 called?
Lox (alcohol and liquid oxygen)
31. How much fuel can the X-1 hold?
2.5 minutes worth
32. Who was Yeagers flight engineer?
Jack Ridley
Chuck Yeager and Jack Ridley next to the X-1 and its B-29 mother plane
33. Screwy machometer
Yeagers deadpan way of announcing that the X-1s instrument indicated Mach 1.
(page 45)
34. When did the Air Force decide to publicize Chuck Yeagers achievement?
June 1948, almost a year after the occasion
35. Breaking the Sound Barrier was a British movie, released in 1952, inspired by who?
Geoffrey de Havilland
36. How did people, including the Secretary of the Air Force, think Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier?
By reversing the controls
37. Muroc Army Air Base became Edwards Air Force Base in 1947. The base was named after who and how did this man die?
Glen Edwards died testing a ship with no tail called the Flying Wing
38. What does NACA stand for?
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
39. Who raised the speed record to Mach 2?
Scott Crossfield
40. Who raised the speed record to Mach 2.4 in an X-1A?
Chuck Yeager
age 25, 1949
41. NACA and the Air Force built the X-15 to start a new project. What was the goal of this project?
To probe altitudes as high as fifty miles, which was well beyond anything that could be called air
42. Who did Yeager help land the Douglas Skyrocket?
Bill Bridgeman, the prime pilotfor the Douglas Skyrocket
43. What very un-Yeager like thing did Yeager do to help a pilot who was suffering from hypoxia?
He yelled into the microphone to penetrate the mans impacted hypoxic skull.
Jackie Cochran in the cockpit of the Canadair Sabre with Chuck Yeager.
44. What was Yeagers signature?
A F-86 sixtythat slow rolled 60 feet off the deck
45. What happened October 4, 1957?
The Soviet Union launched Sputnik I into orbit around the Earth
46. Where and what was Chuck Yeager on October 4, 1957?
At George Air Force Base, about fifty miles southeast of Edwards, commanding a squadron of F-100s
47. Who was trained to fly the X-15?
Scott Crossfield
48. Who came up for the proposal for the X-15B project?
Harrison Storms
watching the X-15 plane's first powered climb into the sky
49. The Soviet Union developed an atomic bomb in what year?
50. Who said, The Roman Empire controlled the world because it could build roads. Later when it moved to sea the British Empire was dominant because it had ships. In the air age we were powerful because we had airplanes. Now the Communists have established a foothold in outer space.?
Lyndon Johnson
51. Who was head of the House Select Committee of Astronautics?
John McCormack
52. Spam in a can
very popular at Edwards as the nickname for Project Mercury.
(page 60)
53. Who said It cannot be overemphasized that the survival of the free world indeed, all the world is caught up in the stakes. ?
John McCormack
54. Who is the author of We?
Yevgeny Zamyatin
55. Who emerged as the new Stalin in terms of his autocratic rule of the Soviet Union?
Nikita Khrushchev
56. Who came up with the capsule approach?
Brigadier General Don Flickinger
57. What does MISS stand for?
Man in space soonest
58. How tall did a man have to be for Project Mercury?
Five feet eleven
59. What was the age requirement for Project Mercury?
No older than thirty-nine
60. Who were the prime pilots for the X-15 project?
Scott Crossfield, Joe Walker, Iven Kincheloe
61. According to the author, who did the Air Force envision as the new Yeager?
Iven Kincheloe
62. What record did Iven Kincheloe set?
He set the world altitude record of 126,000 feet in the X-2
63. How was Iven Kincheloe killed?
He tried ejecting fromanF-104 but he went out sideways and was killed
64. Who was Iven Kincheloes backup for the X-15 project?
RobertMichael White
in the cockpit of an X-15 rocket plane at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. He became the first pilot to exceed Mach 4, 5 and 6 in the X-15 in 1961. On July 17, 1962, he became the first to fly it in space.
65. Who was Joe Walkers backup for the X-15 project?
Neil Armstrong, a former Navy fighter pilot