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Ian Reeves. Assessment  80 per cent project  20 per cent exam

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Text of Ian Reeves. Assessment  80 per cent project  20 per cent exam

  • Ian Reeves

  • Assessment

    80 per cent project20 per cent exam

  • ProjectA piece of journalism that uses digital tools to tell its story in an engaging and compelling wayNo rules on length, style or subject matter but you will need to pitch to me first, and specify your target audienceYou will also do a short 5-minute presentation to the group once your pitch has been approved, setting out your aimsMarks awarded for quality of journalism, audience engagement, effectiveness of storytelling, innovation, and use of the mediumDeadline: Friday 10 April 2015 last day of spring term

  • ExamTwo hour exam in summer term, testing your understanding of the digital tools and techniques being used by journalism organisationsTheir impact on the industryThe considerations for journalists using themAcademic research into some of the techniques being used

  • Areas of investigationLinear and non-linear narrative structuresStatic and dynamic structuresData scrapingData visualisationMappingCrowdsourcingSocial mediaGamesLive journalismReaching mobile audiences tablets and smartphone content

  • Examples and ideasWikileak Iraq death map magazine, kinetic typography cost of Iraq war talking bar chart my window: 360o documentary

  • Examples and ideasNew York Times interactive: you fix the budget Rescue: quick-cut video storytelling pledge tracker

  • Examples and ideasFrance24 iPad documentary Street Journal: Death toll in Afghanistan Googles tax cutting strategy

  • Examples and ideasWashington Post: A Facebook Story Afghans in the City of Asterix!/group.php?gid=106333370577&v=wallTubestrike crowdmap St Journal interactive graph

  • Examples and ideasBBC road deaths interactive feature Trade Center Stories Marlboro Marine LA Times,0,5646500.htmlstory

  • Examples and ideasSymbolia iPad magazine: results on Prezi:

  • Examples and ideasFast Company: Journalism as live performance NSA files decoded

  • Examples and ideasWorld Press Photo interactive winners The Guardian Money makes a T-shirt NPR

  • Examples and ideasSerial podcast serial.podcast.orgCyber athletes online documentary video: how is IS funded?