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  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



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    PrinciPals review 04

    news 08

    international 16

    research 20

    PeoPle 28

    statistics 34

    MISSIONTo create and transer nowlede, to enable students and sta to ulltheir potential and to enrich all the communities with which we enae.

  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



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    It has been an exhilarating ew

    months or me since I joined

    Heriot-Watt as Principal. One o

    my very rst assignments was to

    attend the ocial opening o the

    Scottish Borders Campus by the

    Princess Royal, the culmination o

    many years work by colleagues

    in the University and at Borders

    College and a tremendously

    important step in the provision

    o tertiary education in the

    Borders. I should emphasise

    that the Campus opening is not

    an end but just the rst step

    in developing the articulation

    which will help students to

    progress seamlessly through their

    education to the highest level

    which their abilities and ambition

    will allow.

    Academic collaboration between

    the College and University hasalready resulted in a new joint

    Borders Business Programme and

    increased recruitment to both

    institutions in the current year,

    with urther collaboration in

    course provision planned.

    The completion o the

    Postgraduate Centre was another

    milestone, key to our strategic

    development and the planned

    growth in postgraduate numbers.

    I have made a point o learning

    about the Schools and Services

    rst hand, by visiting as many as

    I can. Other visits are scheduled

    or the new year. The annual

    graduation schedules also meant

    visits to our Dubai Campus and to

    Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala

    Lumpur or meetings with our

    Academic Learning Partners, and

    the capping o around 500 o our

    overseas students.

    My impression o Heriot-Watt was

    always one o a great creative

    intensity which comes rom a very

    practical and innovative approach

    to the way things are done, and

    this impression has been strongly

    reinorced. This sort o hands-on,

    can-do work comes rom the very

    origins o the institution, with

    its groundbreaking start as the

    rst Mechanics Institute, giving

    ordinary people access to science

    and technology.

    Heriot-Watt has an enviable

    reputation or producing

    graduates ully equipped to

    achieve the highest personal

    and proessional standards. This

    refects very well on our teaching.

    We are working hard to improve

    some aspects o our teaching

    provision in the light o the last

    National Student Survey.

    This year we recorded our

    largest intake o new students in

    the Universitys history with an

    overall rise o 20%. This means

    that, in terms o the overall



    My impression o Heriot-Watt was always oneo a reat creative intensity which comes roma very practical and innovative approach to theway thins are done, and this impression hasbeen stronly reinorced.

    Proessor Steve Chapman


    Principal and Vice-Chancellor






  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    1.75 million or the coming

    year alone, increasing the scope

    or investment towards our

    strategic goals. This allows us

    to plan or the development

    and appointment o 20 new

    top level academic posts in the

    coming year in addition to the

    25 approved under the phase

    one investment planning.

    A new strategic theme, with

    the working title o Creativity,

    Design and Innovation, will

    provide an opportunity or the

    School o Textiles and Design

    and the School o Management

    and Languages to participate in

    the Themes to a much greaterextent. It will also allow the

    School o Mathematics and

    Computing Sciences to introduce

    the topic o the digital

    economy (a recognised priority

    or the research councils) and

    to increase the scope o the

    Innovative Manuacturing

    Research Centre representing

    the Universitys largest current

    EPSRC-unded project.

    Focus on the Future builds on

    key areas o the Universitys

    existing strengths. I am,

    however, determined that we

    will support, maintain and

    develop all o Heriot-Watts

    traditional strengths, academic,

    personal and institutional. I am

    keen to promote key areas, with

    investments under discussion

    potentially including the area

    o ood and drink. We need to

    recognise and build on all oour strengths, and to make sure

    that quality, the quality o our

    people, our research and our

    whole product, is key to all o

    our decisions and developments.

    An exceptional eature o

    Heriot-Watt is its international

    prole, with key successes

    already outlined. Our

    international reach is a

    tremendous asset and there

    is no doubt that Heriot-Watt

    is Scotlands International

    University with a real global


    student population, growth

    includes a 10% rise to over 7,500

    in Scotland and a headcount in

    Dubai now at well over 1,300. In

    our key growth area o taught

    postgraduate students, both

    UK/EU and overseas ee income

    levels have increased by almost

    20%. Undergraduate numbers

    rom non-EU countries have also

    grown. These gures exceed

    this years student recruitment

    and ee income targets and

    are strongly competitive in

    comparison with other Scottish

    and UK universities. This is a

    great achievement and planning

    is already underway to expand

    and improve teaching space tomeet demand.

    In the 2009 Guardian University

    League Table the University

    gained an overall ranking o 22

    out o 117 UK universities, doing

    particularly well in the career

    prospects measure. Modern

    Languages at Heriot-Watt was

    ranked within the top 10 in

    the UK and other high ranking

    subjects were Building and

    Town and Country Planning (top

    in Scotland), Art and Design,

    Physics and Sports Science.

    The University maintained

    its strong position in the

    employment measure in the

    2009 Sunday Times University

    Guide, standing ourteenth

    o all UK universities and

    second in Scotland, based on

    the proportion o students

    in employment within sixmonths o graduation and

    the proportion o these in

    graduate-level jobs. Indeed

    Heriot-Watt continues to

    eature prominently across

    press league tables or graduate

    employment, typically in the UK

    top 20, particularly when the

    quality o such employment is

    taken into account

    Focus on the Future is the

    Universitys long term strategy,

    and I am delighted to note that

    we now have a second tranche

    o investment unding released,


    The Dubai Campus is now main

    ver impressive proress indeed

    and is set to do even better in the

    comin ears. Student numbers are

    up a third rom the previous ear

    with the Campus havin to increase

    in size b 50 per cent to maintainits hih level o resource provision.

    Underraduate derees in Civil

    Enineerin, Fashion Desin and

    Fashion Maretin and Retailin

    have been successull launched

    this ear.

    To cater or these developments the

    Universit has expanded into new

    premises and we are committed

    to developin and rowin the

    rane o courses in Dubai as

    part o our stron international

    networ. Discussions are alread

    underwa with our partners Eion

    International Holdin to build a

    new Campus within the Dubai

    International Academic Cit.

    Our people are our strenth,

    and our students our clients. We

    have just run a sta surve, which

    showed a 57% Total Satisaction

    Indicator. This is positive, but not

    ood enouh and is a number to

    build on. Students are also ased

    to ll in a rane o surves, internal

    and external. We need to ensure

    we tae their responses on board,

    and act on themand we are.

    The Universit has approved the

    settin-up o an initial 1.5M

    und or the improvement o

    student-acin services in the

    current nancial ear. The rst

    approved proposal was to extend

    librar openin hours, with 24

    hour openin o the librar at e

    times. We have also approved

    the development o new learnin

    spaces. Approved in principle is a

    proposal to re-develop part o the

    Huh Nisbet Buildin to create a

    student centre or one-stop shop

    to co-locate student acin services.

    Its important that the Universit

    surroundins refect and support

    its successes and provide a ood

    learnin and worin environment.

    6 | 7

    This year werecorded our

    largest intakeo new students

    in the Universityshistory with an

    overall rise in newstudents o 20%

    2009 saw the largest intake of new students in the universitys history

    Meanwhile 2009 saw the 40th

    anniversar o the Edinburh

    Campus, and I ot to mae m

    mar b plantin a tree,

    a Norweian Maple, alon with the

    Students Association President,

    Simon Eltrinham. Its one o an

    estimated quarter o a million trees

    on the Campus, but it will alwas

    be that little bit special to me.

    Around the Universit I have

    come across hue enthusiasm and

    loalt to Heriot-Watt and man

    positive ideas. An institution

    needs stron leadership, but it

    also needs the support, sill and

    sheer hard wor o ever member

    o the Universit sta and o

    its e staeholders. This is a

    dialoue I am looin orward to,

    in partnership with all o these

    roups, or the Universit in the

    ears ahead.




  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



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    NEWSThe new 31.4M Scottish Borders Campusin galashiels was ofcially opened by thePrincess Royal. The Campus was created as aco-location venture between Borders Collee andHeriot-Watt University.

    Princess royal oPensscottish BorderscamPusThe new 31.4M Scottish

    Borders Campus in galashiels

    was oiciall opened b the

    Princess Roal. The Campus was

    created as a co-location venture

    between Borders Collee and

    Heriot-Watt Universit, a unique

    collaboration between urther

    and hiher education to maximise

    tertiar education opportunities

    or the Borders.

    Durin a tour beore the ocial

    openin the Princess Roal visited

    some o the new acilities and

    worshops and met with students

    and lecturers rom Heriot-Watt

    and Borders Collee. Students and

    lecturers rom the School o Textiles

    and Desin displaed a rane

    o ashion, textiles and interiordesins and she met members

    o the Collee and Universit

    Students Associations, as well

    as a roup o Liesills students

    and sta rom the Access and

    Supported Learnin Department.

    Durin the tour the Princess Roal

    was accompanied b the Principals

    o the Universit and Borders

    Collee and senior manaement

    iures rom both institutions,

    as well as representatives o

    Borders Council and o the

    undin bodies which supported

    the co-location proramme.

    The Princess then perormed the

    ocial openin ceremon, unveilin

    a plaque in the main reception area.

    Masters student Emma Daniels-Arthur

    presented her with a speciall produced

    pashmina in a new tartan which Emma

    hersel created to celebrate Return

    to the Ridins, a major Homecomin

    Scotland 2009 event tain place in

    the Scottish Borders.

    Postgraduatecentre oPensHeriot-Watts 7M Postraduate

    Centre, desined to provide a state o

    the art acilit or postraduates across

    the Universit, opened or business

    in 2009, providin a multidisciplinar

    ocus and networin opportunities

    or the Universits 1,500 stron

    communit o postraduate students

    rom 100 countries.

    The Centre oers hih tech video

    conerencin acilities to allow

    postraduate students to tae

    part in multi-site lectures, tutorials

    and research meetins, as well as

    enhancin communication between

    the Heriot-Watt campuses. The

    Educational Development Unit

    (EDU), involved in the proessional

    development o researchers, students

    and sta, is housed in the Centre

    and is main ull use o the new

    technoloies available.

    Heriot-Watt leads the wa in

    providin a central orum or






  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    40th anniversary of the edinBurgh camPus

    The newInternational Study

    groups recruitmentnumbers have

    also acceleratedrapidly and it is

    liely that over 100internationalstudents willaccess Heriot-Watt degrees

    in 2010



    networin and expandin

    collaborations with industr

    and commercial sectors. This

    approach, with an emphasis on

    entrepreneurship and vision, is e

    to the involvement o Cairn Ener,

    who provided enerous sponsorship

    or the construction o the Centre

    and a Proramme Co-ordinator to

    promote innovation and enterprise

    activities within the student


    The three-stor landmar buildin

    houses the Cairn Auditorium, a

    150-capacit lecture theatre, and

    two additional lecture theatres.

    Each seat is data equipped. Seminar

    rooms, stud and social zones

    provide postraduate tauht and

    research students, proessional and

    academic colleaues across campus

    with video conerencin acilities and

    wi communications. These hih

    tech spaces accommodate tutorials,

    researcher and sta trainin sessions,

    and are ideal or worshops, master-

    classes and as brea-out areas or

    the lecture theatre.

    40th anniversary ofthe edinBurgh camPusIts 40 ears since Heriot-Watt started

    wor to move rom its cit centre sites

    to a new purpose built Campus. The

    anniversar is bein celebrated with a

    series o events and activities throuh

    the ear, startin with the plantin o

    a Norweian Maple b the Principal

    and the President o the Students


    It was in November 1969 that the thenChancellor, Sir Alec Doulas-Home,

    unveiled a plaque to commemorate

    the itin o the Riccarton Estate to

    the Universit b Midlothian Council,

    while cross-countr runners brouht

    the Universit standard rom the

    cit centre throuh a snow storm to

    the site. The Riccarton Estate had,

    in its da, plaed an infuential part

    in Scottish societ, however b the

    1950s the main house had allen

    into disrepair and was demolished in

    1956. The rounds, with their verdant

    woodlands, loch and abundant

    wildlie, remained a testament to their

    prosperous past.

    Since then, the Campus has

    fourished into a unctionin villae

    and learnin and research centre,

    with 8,200 sta and students.

    While the buildins are modern the

    careull nurtured rounds mae a

    hue impact. The wealth o wildlie

    and plant species was alwas

    careull considered as the Universit

    too shape, with the emploment

    o an environmental consultant at

    the construction stae and a site

    conservation committee to deal with

    onoin development, conservation

    and manaement o site landscape.

    Ater 40 ears o use as a universit

    campus the rane o fora and auna

    has actuall rown; records show

    that over 250,000 trees have been

    planted and the number o bird

    species recorded increased rom

    66 in 1972 to 88 in 1996.

    Meanwhile, as part o the

    Universits strateic ambition to

    be at the oreront o research

    and research-led education in the

    Uk and internationall, upcomin

    developments will include new

    residences, at both the Edinburh

    and Scottish Borders Campuses,

    incorporatin more shared fats and

    ewer sinle stud rooms, larer

    dess and improved noise control

    and ventilation. Alread the plans

    have achieved the BREEAM 2 ratin

    o excellence, siniin the are

    bein developed to the hihest

    environmental standards.

    record recruitmentHeriot-Watt recorded the larest

    intae o new students in its historin 2009 with an overall rise in new

    students o 20%.

    This means that in terms o the

    overall student population, rowth

    includes a 10% rise to over 7,500

    in Scotland on a ull-time equivalent

    basis and over 1,000 students in

    Dubai, also on a ull-time equivalent

    basis. The headcount in Dubai will

    be over 1,300. In our e rowth

    area o tauht postraduate

    students, both Uk/EU and overseas,

    have increased b around 20%.

    Underraduate numbers rom non-

    EU countries have also rown.

    Amonst the notable increases

    were a sinicant rise in Chinese,

    Saudi Arabian and Liban students

    studin at Heriot-Watt and rom

    a domestic perspective a sharp

    upturn in students articulatin rom

    Further Education Collees. Plannin

    is alread underwa to expand

    teachin space to meet demand.

    These ures exceed this ears

    student recruitment and ee income

    tarets and are stronl competitive

    in comparison with other Scottish

    and Uk universities. This is a reat

    achievement and mars a ver

    positive beinnin to the 2009/10

    academic ear.

    The new International Stud groups

    recruitment numbers have also

    accelerated rapidl and it is liel that

    over 100 international students will

    access Heriot-Watt derees throuh

    this route in 2010.

    imProving the studentexPerienceThe Universit has approved

    the settin up o a und or the

    improvement o student-acin

    services, to be spent in the current

    nancial ear. 1.5M has initiall

    been set aside or the purpose. The

    rst approved proposals are to extend

    librar openin hours and to improve

    stud space. Approved in principle

    is a proposal to re-develop part o

    the Huh Nisbet Buildin to create a

    student centre or one-stop shop to

    co-locate student acin services.

    Meanwhile Heriot-Watt raned4th in Scotland and 24th in the Uk

    in the Times Hiher Educations

    Student Experience listins, which

    covers academic and non-academic

    areas. Students ave particularl

    hih ratins to the Universits

    connections with industr, campus

    and sports acilities.

    league taBlesIn this ears guardian Universit

    Leaue Table, the Universit ained

    an overall ranin o 22nd out

    o 117 Uk universities, ranin

    particularl hihl in the career

    prospects measure. Modern

    Lanuaes at Heriot-Watt was

    raned within the top 10 in the

    Uk. Other hih ranin Heriot-

    Watt subjects were Buildin and

    Town and Countr Plannin (top in

    Scotland), Art and Desin, Phsics

    and Sports Science.

    Other subjects, includin Art and

    Desin (Textiles), Buildin, Phsics,

    Sports Science and Town and Countr

    Plannin were in the Uk top 20.

    The Universit maintained its stron

    position in the emploment

    measure in the 2009 publication

    o the Sunda Times Universit

    guide, ranin ourteenth o all

    Uk universities and second in

    Scotland. This measure is based

    on the proportion o students in

    emploment within six months o

    raduation and the proportion o

    these in raduate-level jobs. Indeed

    Heriot-Watt continues to eature

    prominentl across press leaue

    tables or raduate emploment,

    tpicall in the Uk top 20,

    particularl when the qualit o such

    emploment is taen into account

    Heriot-Watt also rans in the top 10

    or the proportion o international

    students studin at the Universit.

    This ear, or the rst time the

    Universit also entered the rans o

    the top 400 universities o the world,

    which equates to the top 5%, in the

    infuential THE-QS world Universit

    Ranins. This was a rise rom our

    position in the top 500 in 2008.

    focus on the futureA second tranche o investment

    undin was released or Focus on

    the Future strateic developments.

    The undin, o 1.75 million or

    the comin ear alone, increases the

    scope or investment towards the

    Universits strateic oals, enablin

    the development and appointment

    o 20 new academic posts over a

    ten ear period in addition to the

    25 approved under the phase one

    investment plannin.

    A new strateic theme is to be

    developed, Creativit, Desin

    and Innovation. It will provide

    an opportunit or the School o

    Textiles and Desin and the School

    o Manaement and Lanuaes to

    participate in the Themes to a much

    reater extent. It will also allow

    the School o Mathematics and

    Computin Sciences to introduce

    the topic o the diital econom (a

    reconised priorit or the research

  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    george davies master class



    councils) and to increase the scope

    o the Innovative Manuacturin

    Research Centre (in the School o

    Enineerin and Phsical Sciences

    and the School o Mathematical and

    Computer Sciences), representin the

    Universits larest current EPSRC-

    unded project. The scope o the

    proposed new Theme will be dened

    via externall acilitated worshops.

    working withindustry ProjectA 6.5M project or a step-

    wise increase in business and

    entrepreneurship development has

    been launched at Heriot-Watt to

    support the Universits Focus on the

    Future strate. 3M o the undin

    is rom the European Reional

    Development Fund (ERDF) to oster

    enaement with industr and

    enhance entrepreneurship.

    This pan-Universit, three ear

    project will help to boost the impact

    o major prorammes in research

    and development and in advanced

    enineerin and ener, both areas

    o considerable importance to

    Scotland. Innovative manuacturin

    and quantum inormation research are

    major prorammes within the strate.

    Co-ordinated b Technolo and

    Research Services (TRS) it is an

    innovative move to maximise impact,

    placin new sta and activit worin

    toether in Schools, Technolo

    & Research Services, Corporate

    Communications and Oranisational

    Development. 11 new posts will provide

    business development, new compansupport, entrepreneurship development

    and additional communication

    activities. For maximum eectiveness

    the business development proessionals

    are embedded in academic areas

    (School o Enineerin and Phsical

    Sciences, School o Built Environment,

    Inrastructure and Transport Theme,

    Institute o Petroleum Enineerin,

    Ener Theme).

    iPe sPin-outs2009 saw an increase in the spin-out

    compan activit rom the Institute

    o Petroleum Enineerin. Two new

    companies were ormed, Petroc

    Technoloies and Epistem, and

    existin spin-out Hdraact is movin

    to new premises on the Universits

    Research Par.

    Petroc Technoloies was ounded

    b Dr Mehran Sohrabi to provide

    technical support and commercialise

    the outcome o a Scottish Enterprise

    unded Proo o Concept project

    in the area o carbon capture and

    storae to mitiate carbon dioxide

    in the atmosphere and reduce

    the eects o lobal warmin.

    The unique, patented technolo

    developed to prevent leaae o

    carbon dioxide rom underround

    storae sites is critical or the success

    o this carbon dioxide mitiation

    strate. Lon term storae o

    carbon dioxide underround

    prevents its release into the

    atmosphere and thereore combats

    lobal warmin.

    Epistem ounders Proessor Mie

    Christie, Dan Arnold and Jac

    Talbot will provide world-leadin

    sotware or quantiin uncertaint

    and reducin ris in the oil and

    as industr. Uncertaint leads to

    riss in business decisions costin

    millions or even billions o pounds,

    and so a better understandin o

    the uncertainties can save industr

    sinicant costs.

    financial networkoPens doorsThe launch o the Financial Services

    knowlede Transer Networ

    (kTN) provides Heriot-Watt with acentral point or accessin undin

    possibilities or collaborative research

    between academia and industr.

    The Financial Services kTN is a

    overnment-sponsored initiative

    which brins toether nancial

    services oranisations, top researchers

    rom the Uk science base and

    innovative technolo oranisations.

    B encourain, supportin and

    leadin interaction between these

    staeholders, the kTN will brin

    toether experienced proessionals and

    leadin scientists to explore current

    and uture challenes, to identi

    drus and use a Field Impairment

    Test, asin drivers to perorm tass

    such as estimatin time lapses or

    standin on one le.

    The Heriot-Watt team is worin to

    develop their test sstem into an eas-

    to-use hand held device or roadside

    use. The immediate identication

    o those whose drivin is impaired

    throuh drus will mae a sinicant

    contribution to road saet.

    george daviesmaster classgeore Davies conducted a Master

    Class or students at the geore

    Davies Centre or Retail Excellence

    on the launch o his new gIVe brand,

    to coincide with the launch o the

    new store in glasow in November.

    gIVe b geore Davies oers a

    new retail ormat. The label loos

    at desiner stle with the ocus

    bein on luxurious abrics and

    attention to detail, and the brand

    is also about movin service and

    technolo to the hihest level or

    the hih street customer.

    The visit coincided with geores

    birthda, and students and

    colleaues celebrated with caes

    and rereshments.

    BarBara takesBiBa to the BordersThe leend behind Biba, the icon

    o 1960s ashion, visited the School

    o Textiles and Desin or a special

    preview o the new lm Beond

    Biba. Barbara Hulanici, who is now

    a hihl rearded interior desiner

    and desins collections or Top Shop,

    met students rom across the school

    and was impressed with what she

    saw. The acilities are amazin,

    ou can reall eel the ener in the

    studios, its lie a W illie Wonas

    actor or ashion, she said.

    Followin the screenin o the

    lm, which ocuses on her earl

    challenes and how she became the

    leend that she is toda, students

    and sta were treated to an exclusive

    in conversation with Mar Ele.

    He is one hal o the Ele kishimoto

    desin duo, respected throuhout

    the ashion world or their sinature

    prints and quir collections, and is

    collaboratin on a student project.

    international Prizein actuarial scienceProessor Andrew Cairns has won

    a premier international research

    prize in actuarial science, alon with

    co-awardees Proessor David Blae,

    o the Cass Business School at Cit

    issues that require strateic research

    undin and advise the research

    undin councils, and to liaise with

    technolo rms to help turn research

    results into products and processes.

    As one o ve universities which

    are associate partners, Heriot-

    Watt assists the kTN in terms o

    outreach, runnin o events, and

    providin eedbac rom members

    to FS-Net, the independent, not-or-

    prot oranisation which leads and

    co-ordinates the kTN activities and

    interacts directl with overnment

    aencies and science undin councils.

    scholar BusinessawardThe success o SCHOLAR, an online

    learnin and teachin resource

    or Scottish students created b

    Heriot-Watt Universit, has been

    reconised with a prestiious diital

    business award or its wor in the

    education sector.

    The Herald Diital Business Awards

    reconised SCHOLAR as the best in

    the sector, usin diital platorms

    to enhance learnin. SCHOLAR is

    one o the larest online learnin

    prorammes in the world with

    over 100,000 reistered students,

    oerin a complete portolio o web-

    based interactive learnin materials

    or Scottish pupils at Hiher and

    Advanced Hiher.

    roadside drug testResearchers at Heriot-Watt have

    developed a simple rapid testwhich can identi a wide rane

    o drus in saliva, a potential

    roadside test solution to the

    problem o dru-drivers.

    The Department or Transport

    estimates that one in ive drivers

    or riders illed in road accidents

    ma have an impairin dru,

    leal or illeal, in their sstem

    and the number o such accidents

    increased b 28 per cent between

    2005 and 2007.

    Police currentl have no equivalent

    to an alcohol breathalser to test or




  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    A wide rane oHeriot-Watt stories

    eatured in thepress and media,

    at home andabroad, durin theyear, continuing

    to raise theUniversitys

    prole amona wide rane o




    Universit, and Proessor kevin Dowd

    o the Universit o Nottinham.

    The David garric Halmstad Prize,

    the most prestiious research award

    in actuarial science worldwide, is

    awarded annuall b the Actuarial

    Foundation in North America or the

    best paper in the actuarial literature.

    Proessor Cairns and his co-authors

    won the prize or Pricin Death:

    Framewors or the Valuation and

    Securitization o Mortalit Ris.

    This is onl the third time the

    Halmstad Prize has been won b

    Uk academics. On the last occasion

    it was also awarded to Heriot-

    Watt academics, Proessors Anus

    Macdonald and Howard Waters.

    resnet uPgradeThe Resnet service, which provides

    broadband services, phone, TV

    and data to sta and students on

    the Edinburh and Scottish Borders

    Campuses, is bein upraded to

    brin it into line with other leadin

    Uk academic institutions.

    Essentiall a new manaed service, it

    will instantl triple the current overall

    bandwidth, increase personal base

    allocation, provide loin acilities

    and ive students the choice o

    increasin their individual access

    speed at a reasonable cost.

    hosPitality servicesHospitalit Services at Heriot-Watt

    was launched in 2009, ollowin

    restructurin o the old Caterin andResidences department.

    Current projects include

    redecoratin the Lord Thompson

    Hall, extensive wors in Residences

    1 and 2, openin and upradin

    ca outlets, uprades to the public

    areas o the James Watt Centre and

    supportin the uprade o internet

    and wireless access.

    Plans or the uture include

    improvement in a number o the

    existin caterin outlets, urther

    uprades in residences, the

    introduction o on line booin

    and pament or commercial

    accommodation and the roll out

    o cashless transactions in caterin


    fairtrade universityand downing streetvisitHeriot-Watt was one o three

    universities invited to a Downin

    Street tea part with Sarah Brown

    to celebrate the number o Fairtrade

    universities and collees passin the

    100 mar.

    Heriot-Watt Students Association

    President Simon Eltrinham joined

    representatives rom Aberstwth

    Universit and Merscouh Collee

    to share the honour o passin

    the 100-mar with a tea part at

    Downin Street, hosted b Sarah

    Brown and held to celebrate the

    15th anniversar o the arrival o

    the rst three FAIRTRADE-certied

    products in Uk shops.

    The Fairtrade Universities and

    Collees scheme started in 2003.

    In order to become a Fairtrade

    universit or collee, students and

    sta must mae a commitment to

    supportin Fairtrade. This includes

    ensurin that Fairtrade products are

    available in on-site caes, restaurants

    and shops wherever possible, and

    raisin awareness o Fairtrade and

    the benets it brins to producers in

    developin countries.


    in the newsA wide rane o Heriot-Watt stories

    eatured in the press and media, at

    home and abroad, durin the ear,

    continuin to raise the Universits

    prole amon a wide rane o

    audiences. Stories covered included

    the Bhutan project, Dr Bjarne

    Holmes research into relationships,

    Dr Adrian Norths wor on music

    and personalit, Dr Andrew Cairns

    on the impact o chanes to the

    pension ae, Dr graham Turner on

    British Sin lanuae, Dr Eric Maca

    and his team on carbon capture and

    storae and Dr Terr Lansdowns

    wor on driver distraction. Coverae

    o the Universit also included the

    launch o Worin with Industr,

    the openin o the Scottish Borders

    Campus and developments at the

    Dubai Campus. There were also

    a number o interviews with and

    articles b Principals Proessor

    Muscatelli and Proessor Chapman as

    well as a wide rane o Heriot-Watt

    experts, speain about their own

    wor and commentin on the news

    stories o the da.

    alBa PhotonicsA new spin out compan, Alba

    Photonics, has been ormed rom the

    School o Enineerin and Phsical

    Sciences, ollowin completion

    o a Proo o Concept project,

    unded b Scottish Enterprise,

    into nanostructure materials led

    b Proessor Mohammad Reza


    Proessor Tahizadeh and his team

    are producin micro lenses that

    are fat, stacable and low-cost -

    creatin competitive advantae to

    customers requirin micro-optical

    lenses and main them the choice

    o the telecoms and laser industries.



  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    Collaboration and partnership have

    continued as major themes in the

    Universits international strate and

    activities in 2009. About one third

    o students on campus in Scotland

    are rom overseas and the student

    numbers at the Dubai Campus have

    increased substantiall to 1,300 with

    new prorammes added in areas

    such as Textiles and Civil Enineerin.

    The Heriot-Watt Academic Learnin

    Partner networ has expanded

    to include a new partnership in

    Banladesh and 2009 saw the 1000th

    student raduate rom the Heriot-Watt

    Manaement Proramme. Durin

    the ear the Universit undertoo a

    rane o visits to its partners and to

    assess potential new opportunities in

    countries such as India, Lebanon, Sria,

    Jordan and Nieria.

    recruitmentHeriot-Watt is nown as Scotlands

    international universit and we are

    proud o the rich diversit in our student

    population. In 2009, the overall rise

    in student recruitment at Heriot-Watt

    included a sinicant increase in the

    number o international students

    studin with the Universit in Scotland

    and abroad. Indeed, the number o

    international tauht postraduate

    students has risen b almost 20% andstudent numbers at the Dubai Campus

    reached 1,300.

    The establishment o Heriot-Watts

    oce in Tianjin and the wor o Zhoni

    Wan as the Universits representative

    in China, have made a stron impact,

    increasin the level o awareness and

    demand or prorammes o stud and

    research at Heriot-Watt, with a 55%

    increase in tauht postraduate students

    comin to the Universit rom China.

    The China Oce has also supported a

    rane o partnership and collaborative

    activities, worin with man o the

    Universits Schools and Institutes.



    Approved Learning Partnerships


    weaving in Bhutan

    Focused eorts b the Recruitment

    and Admissions team on marets

    in the Middle East and North Arica

    have also been eective, leadin to a

    250% rise in the number o students

    rom Liba and Saudi Arabia. EU

    recruitment remains stron and the

    Universit welcomed around 300

    new French entrants in 2009.

    The International Stud Centre isbecomin well established and it

    is liel that over 100 international

    students will access Heriot-Watt

    derees throuh this route in 2010.

    duBai camPusdeveloPmentsAt the Universits Dubai Campus

    the proramme portolio was urther

    developed to include underraduate

    derees in Automotive Enineerin,

    Civil Enineerin, Fashion Desin

    and Fashion Maretin and

    Retailin. The successul launch o

    these prorammes contributed to

    the increase in student numbers,

    accommodated b the development

    o new acilities at Dubai

    International Academic Cit. Campus

    accommodation was increased b

    50%, maintainin the hih level

    o resource provision and acilities

    or students. New developments

    in student support in areas such

    as careers, student representation,

    student newsletters and the

    development o clubs and societies

    urther improved the qualit o the

    student experience on Campus.

    Anticipatin uture rowth and

    development, Heriot-Watt Universit

    and its partners in Dubai have been

    in discussion about uture plans or

    the Campus. With increasin student

    numbers it is planned to build Heriot-

    Watts own campus within the Dubai

    International Academic Cit, alon

    with partners Eion International

    Holdin, and discussions are

    underwa on this development.

    Resources and unded through

    the United Nations Development

    Programme. Working with

    local teachers in Thimpu and

    Chumey in central Bhutan, the

    project was ocused on the

    development o standards or

    the assessment o weavers skills,

    curriculum development and the

    establishment o learning resources.

    The next stage in the project will

    be the delivery o a programme o

    Training o Trainers by Cardonald

    College, working with sta rom

    the School o Textiles and Design.


    in BangladeshIn August 2009 the Heriot-WattManagement Programme was

    launched in Bangladesh with a

    new Approved Learning Partner,

    the Bangladesh Institute o

    Management Studies. The School

    o Management and Languages

    Director o External Programmes,

    Marc Quinn, represented the

    University at the launch at the

    British Council in Dhaka. The event

    was attended by over 200 people,

    including the rst cohort o 20

    students who have registered or the

    Bachelor o Business Administration

    degree, and a number o

    distinguished guests including

    internationaldeveloPmentDuring 2009, Heriot-Watt

    undertook a wide ranging

    programme o international

    business development. The

    University has continued to

    develop its Academic Learning

    Partner Network, to extend

    strategic alliances and increase

    opportunities or distance learning

    into new markets. It has worked

    in partnership with Scottish

    Development International, UK

    Trade and Investment and a

    number o Scottish Colleges in

    international initiatives where

    there is a requirement or skills

    and vocational level qualications,as well as Heriot-Watts degree

    programmes. A prime example o

    this was a project in Bhutan which

    provided an ideal opportunity

    to build on the longstanding

    collaboration between the

    School o Textiles and Design and

    Cardonald College in Glasgow.

    weaving in BhutanIn July 2009 the Head o School

    o Textiles and Design, Proessor

    Alison Harley, led a mission to

    Bhutan to carry out a project

    sponsored by the Bhutanese

    Ministry o Labour and Human

    About one thirdo studentson campus inScotland are

    rom overseasand the studentnumbers at theDubai Campushave increasedto 1,300.



  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09


    and the newly qualied surveyors

    will go on to support and develop

    Bahrains ambitious expansion o

    its inrastructure and construction


    masters scholarshiPsin africaEdinburgh Business School has been

    active in Arica or 20 years, with

    over 1,800 active students, and its

    programmes have generated over

    1,000 alumni. In 2009, the University

    launched a major scholarship

    scheme or students acing nancial

    hardship and who demonstrate

    their commitment to contribute

    to society. Up to 50 ull MBAscholarships per year will be made

    available or ve years, believed

    to be the largest ull scholarship

    scheme on oer to the continent by

    any university. The rst scholars will

    be chosen in early 2010.

    mBa launchedin russianThe Edinburgh Business School is

    a pioneer in delivering courses in

    languages other than English, with

    MBAs taught in Chinese, Spanish

    and Arabic. October 2009 saw the

    launch o an MBA programme

    in Russian, in collaboration with

    the Institute o Political Studies,

    a leading research and teaching

    institution in Kiev, Ukraine. The rst

    students are expected to start their

    studies in early 2010.

    collaBorations in chinaHeriot-Watt was one o a number

    o Scottish Universities invited to

    take part in Scottish Government

    Receptions in China, hosted by

    the First Minister in Hong Kong,

    Shanghai, and Beijing. The

    Ministerial visit was designed to

    support educational links and

    to explore new opportunities in

    the elds o renewable energy,

    gol tourism, lie sciences and

    computer gaming. The University

    was represented at these events

    by Vice-Principal Proessor Andy

    Walker, along with Dr Cheng

    Xiang o the School o Engineering

    Proessor Nazrul Islam, Chairman o

    the University Grants Commission

    o Bangladesh, and Dr Wali Tasar

    Uddin, Honorary Consul-General o

    Bangladesh in Scotland and a Heriot-

    Watt Honorary Graduate.

    10 years and 1,000graduatesThe Heriot-Watt Management

    Programme, which is oered

    through a wide range o Academic

    Learning Partners, celebrated its

    1,000th graduate in 2009. Since its

    launch in 1999 over 2,500 students

    have enrolled on the programme

    and it has proved to be a popular

    and fexible option or studentswho wish to study or a Heriot-

    Watt undergraduate degree in

    their own country and at their own

    pace. The 1,000th graduate, Doris

    Osei rom Ghana, received her

    Bachelor o Business Administration

    (BBA) degree at the School o

    Management and Languages

    Graduation in June.

    Bahrain funding fornew surveyorsThrough the Dubai Campus, a

    number o projects have been

    initiated in the Middle East region

    including the award o a contract

    by Tamkeen, a Bahraini unding

    body, to the Bahrain Training

    Institute (BTI) and Heriot-Watt to

    train over 200 civil engineering

    graduates. This project has been set

    up to address a national skills gap

    and Physical Sciences and Mr

    Zhongyi Wang, the Universitys

    representative in China. Guests

    included representatives o Heriot-

    Watts partner institutions in China

    and collaborators in the Science

    Bridges research project. The 1.1M

    UK-China Science Bridges, unded

    by Research Councils UK and led by

    Heriot-Watt, is part o a 12M set

    o collaborations between British

    universities and institutions in

    China, India and the US.

    During 2009 a strategic partnership

    was developed with the Chinese

    Service Center or Scholarly

    Exchange (CSCSE), part o the

    Ministry o Education. The CSCSEplays a pivotal role in advising

    students on study abroad options

    and has a range o Chinese

    University partners, including the

    SQAs centres in China. Through this

    partnership Heriot-Watt will be able

    to develop urther research and

    teaching collaborations with the

    advice and guidance o the CSCSE.

    overseas graduationsHeriot-Watt graduands around

    the world have celebrated their

    academic success. In 2009, the

    University awarded its rst ever

    honorary degree at the Dubai

    Campus to Derek Shepherd, ormer

    managing director o Aggreko

    International. He was awarded

    a Doctorate o Engineering in

    recognition o his outstanding

    contribution to the international

    growth o the temporary power

    industry in the region, and to thedevelopment o the economies o

    both Scotland and the UAE.

    The honorary degree was

    presented during a ceremony

    which celebrated the graduation o

    over 130 students and marked the

    rst graduates in undergraduate

    engineering programmes.

    Graduations were also held in

    Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia

    and Moscow. This event was

    distinguished by a strong industry

    presence and all the graduates

    had been sponsored by industry

    throughout their study.



    dr cheng xiang wang, Professor andy walker, first ministeralex salmond and mr zhongyi wang



  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    Research awards or the same

    period were 27.1M. Proessor Alan

    Miller, Deputy Principal (Research &

    Knowledge Transer), said he was

    delighted with the gures and thatall concerned were working to build

    on these successes.

    A 6.5M project or a step-

    wise increase in business and

    entrepreneurship development has

    also been launched to support the

    Universitys Focus on the Future

    strategy. The pan-University three

    year project will help to boost the

    impact o major programmes in

    research and development in all

    areas o the academic community.

    Co-ordinated by Technology

    and Research Services (TRS)

    the innovative move will

    maximise impact by placing

    new sta in Schools, TRS,

    Corporate Communications and

    Organisational Development.

    PreParing Physicists

    and engineers of thefuturePhD-level research and education

    in Physics has been underpinned

    by two initiatives involving the

    School o Engineering and Physical

    Sciences (EPS).

    Proessor Andy Harvey led the

    successul bid or the Heriot-Watt

    Industrial Doctorate Centre in

    Optics and Photonics Technologies.

    The Centre will provide state-o-

    the-art doctorate-level training

    with a strong industrial emphasis

    or the next generation o optics

    and photonics engineers. On

    oer is the Engineering Doctorate

    (EngD), a unded our-year

    PhD-level doctorate degree with

    an emphasis on research and

    development in a commercialenvironment. The consortium

    o Heriot-Watt, Strathclyde, St

    Andrews and Glasgow universities

    gained Engineering and Physical

    Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

    unding o 4.5M. The participating

    universities will provide additional

    investment o 500,000.

    EPS Physics is also involved in a

    9.4M tri-institutional doctoral

    training centre which was ocially

    opened in St Andrews in October.

    The Scottish Doctoral Training

    Centre in Condensed Matter

    Physics (CM-DTC) is a collaboration

    between Heriot-Watt, St Andrews

    and Edinburgh universities. Up

    to 60 lite graduate students will

    join the our-year CM-DTC PhD

    programme over the next ve

    years. The rst ten graduates

    began their training in September.

    The Heriot-Watt involvement is led

    by Proessor Ian Galbraith.

    ai interactionlaB oPensA new group o post-doctoral

    researchers in the School o

    Mathematical and Computing

    Sciences is investigating some o

    the central problems in computer

    science and articial intelligence by

    developing intelligent interactive

    systems which can collaborate

    eectively and adaptively with

    humans, using a variety o methods

    such as speech, graphics, touch,

    vision and natural language.

    Research spend at Heriot-Wattincreased by almost 30% rom 15.4Mto 19.9M durin the last fnancial year, anexceptional level o rowth, refecting thequality o Heriot-Watt research.

    20 | 21


  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    mathematic modelling the first line of defence from infection




    The 1.1M Uk-China Science

    Brides, unded byResearch Councils

    Uk, is part oa 12M set ocollaborations

    between Britishuniversities and

    institutions inChina, Indiaand the US


    Led b Dr Oliver Lemon, the

    Interaction Lab is unded b rants

    worth over 1 million rom the

    EPSRC, European Commission

    and ESRC/EPSRC TEL. Dr Lemons

    appointment was made under the

    15M Scottish Inormatics and

    Computer Science Alliance (SICSA),

    which is unded b the Scottish

    government and aims to consolidate

    and develop Scotlands position as

    an international research leader in

    inormatics and computer science.

    British sign languageScotland has a sinicant position

    in the academic histor o Sin

    Lanuae Studies in the Uk, with

    Heriot-Watt Universit at the

    oreront in this eld. This ear has

    mared the consolidation o closer

    academic ties across institutions

    and the eneration o co-operative

    ventures with a number o

    international scholars.

    Heriot-Watts British Sin Lanuae

    (BSL) roup is educatin advanced

    sin lanuae teachers and their

    trainers, nurturin proessional

    capacit in sin lanuae interpretin,

    explorin reional and social variation

    in BSL use and innovatin in the

    use o diital techniques and new

    experimental techniques or the

    analsis o sined and interpreter-

    mediated interaction. A Scottish

    Fundin Council SPIRIT project has

    supported a web-based approach to

    dissemination and enaement which

    has alread attracted attention rom

    authorities in the European Union

    looin to carr orward the sinlanuae plannin aenda.

    3.5m carBonstorage ProjectResearchers at Heriot-Watt

    have a e role in an ambitious

    project which could see the Uk

    become the rst countr with

    a comprehensive assessment o

    national CO2

    storae capacit.

    The 3.5M project launched

    b the Ener Technoloies

    Institute will carr out a review o

    potential oshore sites suitable or

    storin CO2. This will enable the

    government, CO2

    emitters, storae

    operators and inrastructure and

    technolo developers to mae more

    inormed choices on the realistic

    extent and roll-out o carbon capture

    and storae in the Uk.

    Heriot-Watt scientists will have a

    e role in calculatin the total

    dnamic CO2

    storae capacit o

    the saline ormations in Uk waters,

    benetin rom the Institute o

    Petroleum Enineerins expertise

    in simulation o fuid fow in

    porous media and the impact o

    eochemical and eomechanical

    eects on fuid miration and

    interactions with the roc.

    science BridgesHeriot-Watt is leadin a Science Brides

    Award, linin Uk universities and

    Chinese universities and institutions.

    The project will wor on new

    developments in hih-speed, secure

    wireless multimedia connections.

    The 1.1M Uk-China Science

    Brides, unded b Research

    Councils Uk, is part o a 12M set

    o collaborations between British

    universities and institutions in China,

    India and the US.

    The aim o this project is to create,

    a Uk-China Joint Research and

    Development Centre or ourth

    eneration (4g) Wireless Mobile

    Communications, supportin

    collaborative research, mutual

    visits, exchane o researchers,

    and rapid technolo transer andcommercialisation.

    cycles to chaos due toclimate changeClimate chane is liel to have

    a much more dramatic eect on

    some animal populations than

    had been expected, accordin

    to research b a consortium led

    b Heriot-Watt. Man animal

    population numbers fuctuate

    accordin to ccles, but the eects

    o climate chane on these ccles,

    combined with invaders movin

    into new areas as conditions

    threshold that trees can tolerate,

    maladaptation and extinctions

    may occur. Model rameworks

    can be used to assess intervention

    strategies (such as planting uture

    adapted seeds) that can help

    prevent extinction o native tree


    Proof of concePtfunding for sensortechnologiesProo o Concept unding will

    allow Heriot-Watts Directly

    Inscribed Optical Sensing (DIOS)

    project to target bre sensing

    applications ranging rom

    aerospace and buildings to bio-sensing and chemicals, where

    the sensors provide critical data

    on stress/strain or on a chemical


    The project will develop a range

    o unique optical interrogators

    using their patent pending

    laser processing techniques. The

    technology will be progressed

    towards either licensing

    opportunities with existing

    optoelectronics companies or look

    to orm a spinout company, selling

    novel sensors to a global bre

    sensing market estimated in excess

    o $15 Billion by 2015.

    virtual faBric swatchesA project using interactive multi-

    modal digital media to allow

    designers to share the look and

    eel o the abrics with which they

    are working is being undertaken

    by Proessor Mike Chantler along

    with colleagues in the Texture Lab

    at the Scottish Borders Campus.

    The appeal o wallcoverings,

    abrics and textiles lies not only

    in their colour pattern but also in

    the visual eect o the underlying

    texture, which can dramatically

    change their overall appearance

    when viewed rom dierent angles

    or under varied lighting. Most

    designers, when planning designschemes, have to work on 2D

    drawings. They can only accurately

    evaluate a new combination o

    colour, pattern and texture by

    abricating a sample swatch.

    The t3D sotware suite rom

    Totallytextures allows ordinary

    scanners and digital cameras to

    be used as 3D surace scanners

    to scan a collection o textures

    to create a digital library o 3D

    suraces which can be accessed to

    create photorealistic renderings o

    textured suraces to be distributed

    via email or presented in on-line


    chane can transorm the ccles

    into chaos, accordin to new

    methods or studin mathematical

    models devised b the roup,

    which includes Microsot Research

    in Cambride and a Dutch National

    Research Institute.

    Their hihl novel methodolo

    builds on theor developed in elds

    as disparate as theoretical phsics

    and computational ecolo, and

    draws on recent developments in

    stabilit theor and computation.

    Team leader Proessor Jonathan

    Sherratt sas that the new

    methodolo allows them to extract

    and wor with inormation rom

    mathematical models which was

    not previousl possible, and could

    be applied to elds as diverse as

    chemical reactions, fuid fow, and

    the spread o epidemics.

    investing in infectionMathematical modelling will also

    be used to examine the ways in

    which host animals evolved a

    wide variety o ways o deending

    themselves rom inection.

    Most organisms are inected by a

    wide variety o inectious agents

    (e.g. bacteria, virus and ungi) and

    have had to evolve a wide variety

    o ways o deending themselves.

    The study will provide key insight

    or the management o disease in

    natural and agricultural systems.

    Mathematical modelling will

    also be used to examine climate

    change induced alterations in the

    distribution o tree species. Trees

    are long lived and thereore slow

    to adapt to change. I the rate o

    environmental change exceeds a

  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09


    masts Project

    The MarineAlliance or Scienceand Technoloy orScotland (MASTS)

    will receive theundin over seven

    years as part o atotal investment

    o 74.7M



    Interactive roomsets can also

    be produced to allow the user

    to try out dierent colour and

    texture combinations on the walls

    o a room, and the technology

    has real potential to transorm

    marketing webpages into

    eective direct sales tools.

    green logisticsLow carbon shipping will be

    investigated under an EPSRC

    unded project being undertaken

    by Proessor Alan McKinnon and

    his team in the Logistics Research

    Centre. The 250,000 project

    expands the Centres portolio

    o Green Logistics research beingundertaken by this internationally

    respected grouping.

    james wattmanufacturinginstituteThe James Watt Institute or

    High Value Manuacturing was

    ormally launched in April.

    Proessor Denis Hall, Director

    o the James Watt Institute,

    believes that the development

    is extremely relevant to the

    economic needs o Scotland and

    the UK. Heriot-Watt is involved

    in a signicant expansion o

    manuacturing-related research

    activity, building on the successes

    o the Innovative Manuacturing

    Research Centre (IMRC), unded

    jointly by the EPSRC and

    industrial partners. A signicant

    number o new relevant

    academic sta with excitingscience-based research agenda

    have been recruited, enhancing

    the capacity to contribute to

    the development o novel

    technologies underpinning

    new manuacturing processes

    and products. The plan is to

    embed the current IMRC within

    a new and larger organisational


    m-theory researchA ve year research programme

    into M-theory, a possible contender

    or the long-sought world

    ormula which would potentially

    provide a unied description o

    all the natural phenomena in our

    universe, is being undertaken by

    a Mathematical Physics Group

    Hosted by Proessor Richard Szabo.

    The 0.5M project, unded by

    EPSRC, asks crucial questions

    about M-theory, where the

    basic building blocks are 2- and

    5-dimensional objects called

    M2- and M5-branes. One o the

    great current mysteries is how

    to describe the dynamics o

    the M2-branes, even i gravity

    was turned o. It is necessary

    to explore possible extensions

    and modications o a recentcandidate theory which turned

    out not to be general enough.

    Mostly, mathematical aesthetics

    will be used as a guideline or

    constructing these extensions by

    identiying broader mathematical

    rameworks into which the

    original theory can be tted,

    with constructions checked

    against physical requirements.

    creating green wavesTechnology designed to analyse

    large numbers o novel marine

    microbes could lead to more

    ecient and greener ways to

    manuacture new drugs or

    conditions such as epilepsy,

    diabetes, fu and other viruses,

    as well as improving the

    manuacture o other products

    such as agrochemicals.

    Research in the School o

    Engineering and Physical

    Sciences is contributing to a

    project, unded by the EPSRC,

    which is directed at developing

    potentially useul enzymes in

    microbes that are ound in

    the sea.

    The approach is to look or

    microbes which can promote

    the chemical reactions required

    or use in manuacturing.

    They are then treated under

    conditions where they produce

    the key enzymes in higher yield,

    which are puriied and undero

    sstematic testin to evaluate their

    activit. Microbes are now bein

    identiied with a tpe o enzme

    which could be e to a cheaper,

    more eicient and sustainable

    process in the snthesis o

    valuable chemicals b both the

    pharmaceutical and arochemical


    mastsThe Scottish Fundin Council (SFC)

    has announced a 17.4M investment

    in a new marine science research

    pool which will brin toether

    researchers rom several universities

    and research institutes includin


    The Marine Alliance or Science and

    Technolo or Scotland (MASTS)

    will receive the undin over seven

    ears as part o a total investment

    o 74.7M. Ten partners, includin

    Heriot-Watt and seven other Scottish

    universities, are to orm the pool

    which will carr out world-class

    research, trainin and nowlede


    Amon its e areas o research

    MASTS will pool existin strenths to

    loo at areas includin biodiversit,

    marine predators, sustainable

    mariculture and sheries.

    The ormation o MASTS will create

    eiht new proessorships and

    13 lectureships/readerships. A

    raduate academ will be at the core

    o MASTS, oerin PhD studentships

    and advanced postraduate traininin marine sciences to attract and retain

    oun scientists o true excellence.

    listen with motherand fatherFollowin research on the lins

    between music and personalit,

    Proessor Adrian North and his team

    undertoo a surve commissioned

    b the mobile phone compan

    Noia into the musical tastes o

    nearl 4,000 twins. This revealed

    that enetic infuences on the music

    people lie varies with enre. Dr

    North said that while previous studies

    have shown that perect pitch abilit

    appears to be partl inherent, with

    as much as 50% o our musical

    taste bein predetermined it appears

    there is a stron arument or the

    existence o music enes.

    random maPs with aclear route in mindA Polish specialist has joined applied

    probabilit researchers at Heriot-

    Watt or a ear-lon interdisciplinar

    collaboration, led b Dr Jennie Hansen.

    The collaboration with Proessor

    Jerz Jaworsi, rom the Adam

    Miciewicz Universit in Poland, lins

    Heriot-Watt with one o the worlds

    top centres or random raph theor

    and discrete mathematics. The

    project, at the interace o probabilit

    theor, raph theor, and computer

    science, ocuses on understandin

    the component structure o random

    raph models or stochastic raph

    structures which arise in areas as

    diverse as epidemiolo, computer

    science, and crptolo.

    The applications o this wor

    to the securit and unction o

    communication networs and

    to the control and prediction o

    epidemic processes are strateic or

    Europe, and the 110,000 undin

    was provided under the European

    Commissions Framewor 7 Research


    Picture PerfectResearchers in the School o

    Enineerin and Phsical Sciences

    (EPS) are developin a sstem

    which will boost sonar detection or

    submarines which could observe

    the ocean foor with 10 times better

    resolution and detect underwater

    mines with improved accurac. The

    Uks Deence Science and Technolo

    Laborator is supportin the wor

    to improve sonar taret detection in

    cluttered underwater environments.

    The EPS team will develop alorithms

    and 3D imae processin techniques

    or intererometric snthetic aperture

    sonar (SAS). These sonar combine a

    number o acoustic pins to orm

    imaes at vastl hiher resolution

    than conventional sonar. To date SAS

    sstems are used almost exclusivel

    or research purposes and have et

    to be deploed in militar platorms.

    The EPS researchers will combine

    the SAS with more conventional

    side-scan sonar to determine i their

    joint deploment can improve the

    detection and classication o tarets

    under water.

  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09







    stalking checklistVictims o stalking now have more

    support, thanks to work by Dr

    Lorraine Sheridan, Senior Research

    Fellow in Psychology.

    She contributed a stalking risk

    checklist as an assessment tool or

    use in suspected cases o domestic

    abuse, stalking, and honour

    killings. It has just been rolled out

    to every police station in England

    and Wales.

    In the past the police have ailed

    some stalking victims because

    many o the behaviours engaged in

    by stalkers can seem to be routine

    and harmless. However, stalkersrequently do build up to violent

    acts and some sexually assault or

    even murder their victims.

    Dr Sheridan has been researching

    the psychology o stalking since

    1996 and has identied some

    indicators o risk in stalking

    cases. The aim o the stalking risk

    checklist is not to assess risk per

    se but to help ensure that non-

    specialist police ocers are asking

    the right questions o victims and

    are collecting the correct evidence

    in an attempt to prevent serious


    synthetic BiologyA microengineering team

    at Heriot-Watt has been

    commissioned by ITI Lie Sciences

    to support international research

    and development programmes

    in synthetic biology. This couldimprove production methods

    in markets such as biouels and

    energy, environmentally riendly

    chemicals, drug development and

    new material abrication. Synthetic

    biology represents one o the

    astest growing segments o the

    lie sciences market, which could

    be worth over $1.5 billion by 2013.

    ITI Lie Sciences, a division o

    ITI Scotland Ltd, has committed

    2.5M to develop technology to

    enable the ecient assembly o

    small DNA segments into larger

    and more complex ragments.

    Current methods or DNA assembly

    are inecient and the prototype

    resulting rom the 18-month

    Genome Segment Assembly

    programme will enable the high-

    throughput assembly o DNA

    segments in an automated and

    reliable way.

    electricity from carexhausts?Chemists at Heriot-Watt are

    investigating the potential use o

    waste heat rom car exhausts as an

    energy source. Around a third o

    the heat that goes into powering

    a typical car engine comes out as

    waste through the exhaust, withmore lost through the engine

    cooling system. Proessor Anthony

    Powell and Dr Paz Vaqueiro are

    investigating the possibility o

    using this as an attractive and

    environmentally clean way to

    generate electrical power.

    Recovery o only 10% o this

    otherwise wasted heat would

    result in a reduction by 12 million

    tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions

    in the UK alone. The team is

    researching new thermoelectric

    materials with the highly unusual

    combination o the ability to

    conduct electricity like a metal and

    to conduct heat like an insulator.

    Thermoelectric materials could

    be used or cooling as well as or

    generating power, and would be

    environmentally riendly since

    they completely eliminate the

    need or harmul coolants inrerigeration.

    virtual Battle againstreal BullyingThe battle against bullying in

    schools across Europe is being

    helped by computer scientist

    Proessor Ruth Aylett, an expert

    in virtual reality and articial

    intelligence. She has been leading

    a nine-partner project, spanning

    the UK, Germany, Portugal and

    Italy, which created 3-D animated

    characters or whom pupils would

    eel empathy.

    Primary school pupils used the

    Fear Not! desktop programme

    on their own. The character,

    who was being bullied, sought

    the pupils help and advice, with

    the next episode infuenced by

    what the pupil decided. AnotherEU-unded project has aimed

    to improve childrens empathy

    towards other cultures through

    virtual role play.

    heads or tailsA computer network which

    undertakes the virtual equivalent

    o a game o heads and tails

    could solve the problems which

    arise when multiple computers

    are working together.

    Proessor Takis Konstantopoulos,

    o the department o Actuarial

    Mathematics and Statistics,

    is an expert in stochastic, or

    random, processes in probability

    theory which includes modelling

    communications networks such as

    the Internet. He is working on the

    Ethernet, computer networking

    technologies or local area

    networks, which involve manycomputers hooked to the same

    channel. Two computers cannot

    transmit packets at the same

    time, and the traditional answer

    has been to dictate a cyclic order.

    But the team has ound the

    best way to increase speed is

    to have each computer toss

    a coin, a system that works

    because o probability. They are

    currently investigating BitTorrent,

    which accounts or around 40 per

    cent o Internet trac and is used

    to download very large les such

    as lms.


  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    Professor Pauljowitt electedPresident of iceProessor Paul Jowitt has

    taken over as President o he

    Institution o Civil Engineers

    (ICE). Proessor Jowitt has

    been heavily involved with

    ICE throughout his career, was

    previously Senior Vice-President

    and has chaired a number

    o panels and policy groups,

    including the ICE Presidential

    Commission, Engineering

    without Frontiers.

    new head ofthe instituteof PetroleumengineeringProessor Simon Stewart has

    been appointed the new Head

    o the Institute o Petroleum


    Proessor Stewart graduated

    in Geology rom Dundee in

    1989 and obtained his PhD in

    Structural Geology rom Imperial

    College in 1992. He worked

    or eight years with Amerada

    beore joining BP in 2000,

    working in Baku, Azerbaijan,

    as Senior Geophysicist and

    most recently as New Well

    Delivery Team Leader. He has

    experience in 4D seismic data

    interpretation, geomechanics,

    well planning and exploration

    and is an Honorary Proessor at

    Durham University.

    new PeoPle andorganisationaldeveloPment directorShirley Campbell has joined

    Heriot-Watt University in the

    newly developed role o Director

    o People and Organisational

    Development. Her remit includes

    prioritising the Universitys Focus

    on the Future strategy rom an

    HR and Development perspective.

    further develoPmentsThe Educational Development Unit

    (EDU), led by Proessor Rob Pooley,

    has transerred to the People

    and Organisational Development

    (POD) team and been re-named

    the Academic Enhancement Team.

    They retain responsibility or

    the Postgraduate Certicate in

    Academic Practice plus an expanded

    role in support o the Academic

    Enhancement Framework Project.

    The Organisational Development

    Team led by Julie Dickson, also

    part o the POD team, will take

    up responsibility or Researcher


    The two development teams

    will work closely together to

    provide an integrated mix

    o development activities

    and proessional career

    development or everyone

    across the University all located

    within the Postgraduate Centre,

    and with an expanding role in

    the Dubai Campus.


    People are the ey to the success o anyinstitution. Around Heriot-Watt I have oundthat sta and students are hugelyinnovative, inventive, enthusiastic andloyal. This is a tremendous resource and onewhich we will build on. Professor Steve Chapman, Principal








  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    maria zedda, ready to start entrePreneur awards Professor geoff Palmer (seePage32)


    03 11














    30 | 31

    joint winners for thelearning and teachingawardTwo groups were jointly awarded

    the Heriot-Watt Learning and

    Teaching Award 2009 with a

    Certicate o Achievement and aprize o 500.

    Jayne Smith, Theresa Wilkinson

    and Hazel Sharp rom the School

    o Textiles and Design received the

    Award or their collaboration in

    the development o learning aids

    or blended learning to assist in the

    integration o previously separate

    subject materials. The Award

    also went to Dr Sandy Louchart

    and Dr Judy Robertson rom

    the School o Mathematical and

    Computer Sciences or their work to

    increase student engagement and

    scholarship skills and to enhance

    the rst year experience within

    Computer Sciences.

    Plaid PerformancesThere was a tartan theme to

    awards won by Textile and

    Design students.

    Maxine MacIver and Katherine

    Butler took top honours in

    Bringing Home the Tartan, a

    competition to create a design

    on the theme o Homecoming

    2009, inspired by tartans in the

    new Scottish Register o Tartans.

    Meanwhile Teri Scott won a

    competition to design the rst

    ocial Scottish Parliament tartan

    to mark the 10th anniversary o


    entrePreneur awardMaria Zedda, a dea

    entrepreneur and Heriot-Watt

    graduate, was the overall

    winner in the Ready to Start

    Entrepreneur Awards.

    Maria, Managing Director

    o Wideaware Training,

    graduated rom Heriot-Watts

    Post-Graduate Certicate in

    Environmental Access and

    Design, designed to give disabled

    people the opportunity to

    capitalise on their knowledge

    o environmental barriers to

    become access auditors.

    honorary graduates:01 Mary Portas, Creative Director

    o Yellow Door, was awarded

    a Doctorate o Letters in

    recognition o her distinguished

    career and her outstanding and

    creative contribution to the

    advancement o marketing and

    brand communications within the

    retail sector.

    02 His Excellency Proessor Anbal

    Cavaco Silva, President o the

    Republic o Portugal, was awarded

    a Doctorate o Letters in recognition

    o his distinction in the discipline o

    Economics and in public service in

    the Republic o Portugal.

    03 Mr Steve King, Musician

    and Musician-in-Residence

    at Heriot-Watt University,

    received a Doctorate o Letters

    in recognition o his distinction

    in the eld o music and his

    outstanding contribution,

    through music, to the cultural

    and educational lie o Heriot-

    Watt University and the wider

    Scottish community.

    04 Mr Ian Marchant, Chie

    Executive o Scottish and

    Southern Energy, was awarded

    a Doctorate o Engineering in

    recognition o his distinguished

    career and outstanding

    contribution to sustainable

    development o the Scottish

    energy industry.

    05 Mr Robert Graham, Chairman

    o Grahams Dairy, received a

    Doctorate o the University inrecognition o his outstanding

    contribution to Scotlands dairy

    industry and or his demonstrated

    leadership in the context o small

    and amily owned businesses.

    06 Mr Gavin Gemmell, ex-Chair

    o Heriot-Watt University Court

    and Chair o Archangel Inormal

    Investments Ltd., was awarded

    a Doctorate o the University in

    recognition o his contribution

    to the governance and progress

    o Heriot-Watt University and

    o his outstanding career and

    leadership in the nancial sector.

    07 Ms Carol Ann Duy, Poet

    Laureate, was awarded

    a Doctorate o Letters in

    recognition o her artistic

    achievements as poet,

    playwright and promoter o

    creative writing.

    08 Dr Ben Goldacre, writer,

    broadcaster and medical doctor,

    received a Doctorate o Science

    in recognition o his outstanding

    contribution to scientic

    journalism and in the promotion

    o public engagement with

    and greater understanding o



    Mr Paul Walsh, CEO oDiageo and Chairman o the

    Scotch Whisky Association,

    was awarded a Doctorate

    o Letters in recognition o

    his distinguished career and,

    through his leadership, an

    outstanding contribution to

    sustained development and

    economic success within the

    global drinks industry.

    10 Mr Alan Shaw, Chartered

    Engineer, received a Doctorate

    o Engineering in recognition

    o his services to the energy

    generation industry and o

    his many years o support

    and advocacy o Heriot-Watt


    11 Peter Ingram-Monk, specialist

    and campaigner on the needs o

    disabled people in accessing the

    built environment, was awarded

    a Doctorate o Engineering inrecognition o his outstanding

    contribution to disability

    equality and access and to the

    development o proessional

    training in support o these aims.

    12 Ian Wall, ormer chie

    Executive Ocer o the EDI

    group, was awarded a Doctorate

    o Science in recognition o his

    outstanding entrepreneurial

    contribution to the development

    o social, cultural, educational

    and commercial opportunities

    to the benet o the people o

    Edinburgh and o Scotland.

    13 Michel Contie, Senior VP,

    Total, Northern Europe, received

    a Doctorate o Engineering in

    recognition o his distinguished

    career and leadership in the oil

    industry and or his support and

    promotion o university research

    in this eld.

    14 Stean Kay OBE, was awarded

    a Doctorate o the University

    in recognition o his signicant

    contribution to the Heriot-

    Watt University community

    over many years in governance,

    management and change

    leadership roles, and o his

    outstanding career in the paper


    15 Heriot-Watt University

    awarded an honorary degree

    or the rst time at its Dubai

    graduation. The honorary Doctor

    o Engineering degree was

    awarded to Derek Shepherd,

    ormer managing director

    o Aggreko International, in

    recognition o his outstanding

    contribution to the international

    growth o the temporary power

    industry in the region, and to the

    development o the economies

    o both Scotland and the United

    Arab Emirates.

  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09



    Fernando Cardenas-Lizana was

    also awarded the MacFarlane

    Prize, but deerred his graduation

    until 2010.

    PhD stuDent awarDeD

    J.M. LesseLs schoLarshiP

    froM the royaL society

    of eDinburgh

    Mr. Yian Liu, a frst year

    Mechanical Engineering PhD

    student, has been awarded the

    Royal Society o Edinburghs J.M.

    Lessels Scholarship.

    Arising rom a bequest rom

    the late Proessor John Moyes

    Lessells, an eminent mechanical

    engineer who emigrated to

    America in 1920, the Scholarships

    are or Honours Graduates in

    all orms o Engineering rom

    Scottish Universities, and support

    some aspect o their proession

    outwith the UK. Yian will be

    traveling to Duke University in

    North Carolina to work on a

    collaborative research project.

    seLeX innovation


    The Directors o SELEX Galileo

    have awarded a Bronze Innovation

    Award 2009 to Dr Jason Hong,

    Reader in the department

    o Electrical, Electronic and

    Computer Engineering, School o

    Engineering and Physical Science.

    coMPuter society

    awarDDr Judy Robertson has been

    selected to receive the IEEE

    (Institute o Electrical and

    Electronics Engineers) Computer

    Societys 2009 Computer

    Science and Engineering

    Undergraduate Teaching Award

    or Outstanding contributions

    to undergraduate education

    through teaching and innovative

    use o pioneering technologies

    in teaching.

    chevron schoLars

    Eleven students studying

    Mechanical, Chemical and

    Petroleum Engineering are the

    frst group o Chevron Scholars

    under the Chevron University

    Partnership Programme.

    Heriot-Watt is one o only 20

    universities around the world to

    be involved in the scheme which

    has provided 150,000 in 2009

    or scholarships and support to

    the selected students, including

    support and assistance or specifc

    degree courses and research.

    The Scholars will also have the

    opportunity to apply or work

    experience and internships, with

    Chevron looking to employ top-

    class graduates on completion

    o their university studies. The

    programme builds on Chevrons

    30-plus year relationship with

    Heriot-Watt, and identifes

    mutually benefcial partnership

    opportunities through Chevron

    Upstream Europe.

    Professor PaLMer

    awarDeD honorary


    Emeritus Proessor Geo Palmer

    has been awarded an Honorary

    Doctorate in Science by the

    University o Abertay. He will

    also be awarded an Honorary

    Doctorate in Arts and Science by

    the Open University in 2010.

    MacfarLane Prize

    awarDeD to DrchahaM aL-aLouch

    Dr Chaham Al-Alouch, School o

    the Built Environment, has been

    awarded the MacFarlane Prize.

    He graduated with the Degree

    o Doctor o Philosophy in June

    2009, and is an architect.

    Dr Al-Alouchs thesis described an

    unusually challenging programme

    o research that combined

    environmental psychology with

    architecture, ocusing on the

    attitudes o patients to privacy

    within hospital wards.

    Heriot-Watt isone of only 20universities

    around the worldto be involved in

    the scheme whichhas provided

    150,000 in 2009for scholarships

    and support to theselected students







    PHD stuDent

    aWarDeD J.M.

    LesseLs scHoLarsHiP

    PrinciPaL cHaPMan

    WitH cHevron


    GreGor coLviLLe anD

    MD rick coHaGan

    MacFarLane Prize


  • 7/29/2019 HWU Annual Review 09


    income and exPenditure 2008/9

    income m %

    Funding body grants 42.6m 31.7%

    Tuition ees and education contracts 48.1m 35.7%

    Research grants and contracts 19.9m 14.8%

    Other income 22.7m 16.9%

    Endowment and investment income 1.2m 0.9%

    t 134.5 100.0%

    exPenditure m %

    Sta costs 73.4m 54.8%

    Other operating costs 51.2m 38.2%

    Depreciation 7.5m 5.6%

    Interest and other nance costs 1.8m 1.4%t 133.9 100.0%

    Postgraduate Postgraduate undergraduate camPus total

    schools research taught

    Engineering and Physical Sciences 216 408 1,573 2,377

    Mathematical and Computer Sciences 61 249 844 1154

    Built Environment 71 608 845 1,524

    Lie Sciences 38 79 684 801Management and Languages 32 434 1,901 2,367

    Textiles and Design 16 22 548 586

    t 434 1,800 6,395 7,809

    Postgraduate institutes

    Institute o Petroleum Engineering 59 240 299

    Edinburgh Business School 61 61

    t 493 2,101 6,395 8,169

    The University also has more than 9,000 students studying on international programmes.

    In addition there are ~150 exchange and visiting students.

    Scotland Other UKOther EU Overseas





















    06 06 0605

    0403 03







    Editor:c dpProduction:cp cDesign:...

    Photography:d mB, a mc l w

    camPus students (scotland) 2009/10

    international students 2009/10

    toP ten By PoPulation size: on-camPus, scotland

    camPus students 2009/10 (scotland and duBai)

    34 | 35

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