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  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Heriot-Watt University, asdetailed on their website


    This information brochure isdesigned to provide an intro-duction to the Heriot-WattUniversity under-graduate management degreeprogrammes (the Heriot-Watt Management Pro-gramme/HWMP) at B&BUniversity College Ltd(B&B).

    B&B acts as an ApprovedLearning Partner providingtuition support for theHWMP in the form ofrevision seminars andtutorial sessions.

    Information in this brochuremay be superseded by theofficial pronouncements of

    An Introduction To the HWU Undergraduate Degree Options At B&B

    HWU At A Glance

    Heriot-Watt University is the

    e ighth o ldest h igher

    education institution in the

    UK. The name

    commemorates George

    Heriot - the 16th century

    financier to King James, and

    James Watt - the great 18th

    century inventor andengineer.

    The University originated as

    the School of Arts of

    Edinburgh in 1821, and in

    1966, Heriot-Watt became a

    University by Royal Charter.

    HWU is one of the UK's

    leading research institutions

    having been rated at the

    highest level by the national

    review body, the RAE. The

    University aims to deliver

    research of international

    s t a n d i n g , p r o v i d i n g

    innovative and problem-solving capacity for business,

    industry and society, and

    exploiting novel multi-

    disciplinary approaches.

    Partnership and pooling are

    key to development in

    research at HWU and the

    University is constantly

    working to build new

    university partnerships.

    Heriot-Watt has around

    7,000 on-campus students in

    Scotland, more than a

    quarter of whom are from

    outside the UK. This

    international focus creates a

    very cosmop ol it an

    environment - approximately

    10,000 students from 150

    countries world-wide are

    currently studying on inter-

    national programmes.

    March 2011

    Heriot-Watt University

    Management Degree Programmes

    At B&B University College LtdWhy You Should

    Choose A HWU

    Degree Option At B&B


    Recognition and


    Convenience and


    Personalised support

    Multiple exit-routes

    Guided discussions

    B&Bs experience in

    delivering tertiary

    education courses

    Classes structured to

    enhance learning



    About B&B 2

    HWU Features 3

    Degree Options 4

    Class Schedule 7

    Module Contents 8

    Entry Reqremnts 10

    Fees 12

    Information Prospectus




  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Located near New Kingston

    in the heart of Jamaicas

    commercial centre, B&B

    University College Ltd is a

    pr iva te , t e r t i a ry- leve l

    institution offering a range

    of training courses and

    seminars in management


    In its 22 years of existence,

    B&B has carved a niche as a

    pioneer in the introduction

    of professional-level courses

    to Jamaica, and has devel-oped a track-record which

    encourages the continued

    success, growth and

    development of all who pass

    through its doors.

    B&B is registered as an

    approved tertiary education

    provider by The University

    Council of Jamaica, and is a

    member of The JointCommittee for Tertiary

    Education. B&B has been

    evaluated and met the

    standards of several

    institutions, including:

    The University of the

    West Indies; The Association of

    Accounting Techni-


    The Association of

    Business Executives

    Heriot-Watt Univer-


    The Society for Hu-

    man Resources Man-

    agementProgrammes mainly take the

    form of review sessions

    preparing candidates for

    qualifications offered by

    other institutions.

    About B&B University College LtdQuality...


    University is

    rated as the #3

    University in

    Scotland. Its

    graduates are


    throughout the

    world and have

    established track-

    records in several


    including bio-



    technology and


    Page 2 Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programmes At B&B

    learning the material.

    87.5% of exam candi-dates indicated that

    the course material

    provided by the Insti-

    tution was useful in

    their preparation for

    the exam.

    ALL students re-

    sponded that they

    were very satisfied

    with the customer

    service received.

    Despite these encouraging

    results, we are not sitting on

    our laurels, but constantly

    seeking to improve our of-

    fering. Innovative changes

    have been made to enhance

    the learning experience.

    These include weekly tests,

    t rack ing of s tudent

    performance on these tests,

    as well as the incorporation

    of presentations from

    qualified guest lecturers.

    Students can also look

    toward improved tuition

    delivery from B&B Insti-

    tute. Not only will our newstudents be under the

    tutelage of our highly quali-

    fied teaching staff; they will

    also be exposed to more

    comprehensive material as

    well as in-depth, focused

    class discussion sessions.

    Our student satisfaction

    survey was administered to

    persons who sat the 2005

    Certified Information

    S y s t e m s A u d i t o r

    Examina t ion Rev i ew

    Programme. The results

    were as follows:

    75% of candidates

    indicated that Exami-

    nation Review Course

    was useful in helping

    them prepare for the


    62.5% of exam candi-

    dates indicated that

    the manner in which

    the Course was deliv-

    ered was effective in

    B&B Student Satisfaction Survey Results Are In!

  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Adam Crozier, a 1984 BABusiness Organisation

    graduate, was the youngestboard director at Saatchi &Saatchi Advertising at theage of 26. He is well-known in the UK as formerChief Executive of theFootball Association. Hebrought to the venerableinstitution a sense of

    direction and purpose suchas it had never had before,

    introducing a businessculture with internal auditsand performance targets. InDecember 2002 he becameChief Executive of theRoyal Mail Group andspearheads the modernisa-tion of the business.

    Reminiscing about Heriot-Watt Adam said, " I had a

    fantastic time, it was hardwork but good fun. Thecharacteristics that theyvalued have been veryhelpful throughout myworking life. It's my honourto be nominated for'Brightest Watt'."

    community action on AIDS

    in developing countries.

    Alliance India gives assis-tance to strengthen the ca-

    pacity of local institutions,

    not just to implement HIV

    programs, but also to pro-

    vide loca l leadersh ip ,

    technical support and

    Balwant Singh, a 1992 MBA

    graduate, describes his work

    "as his life". After severaldistinguished posts with

    n o n - g o v e r n m e n t

    organisations, Balwant now

    heads up Alliance India, a

    branch of the international

    HIV/AIDS A l l i ance ,

    specialising in supporting

    funding and partnership

    facilitation services. Balwant

    affirms that "the emphasisof my work is on

    community preparedness

    and ownership of the issues

    as well as offering care and

    support so that the task of

    prevention is made easier.

    A Distinguished HWU Graduate - Adam Crozier

    A Distinguished HWU Graduate - Dr. Balwant Singh

    Study Shows E-Learning Tool Developed by Heriot-Watt

    University Improves Student Performance

    performance in science ex-ams by up to 92%. Thes t u d y s h o w e d t h a tSCHOLAR allowed themthe flexibility of learning intheir own time, at their ownpace, and in their ownenvironment. Userscommented that the keybenefits of SCHOLARincluded the flexibility,

    assessments, and immediatefeedback on offer. PeterHarrison, head teacher atOllapool High School, haspraised SCHOLAR as anessential learning tool that

    c o m p l e m e n t s t h ecurriculum on offer.

    Professor Phillip John,Chair of the Heriot-WattSCHOLAR ManagementBoard, explains that theprogramme grew out ofteaching and learningstrategies developed for theUniversity's undergraduates.A s h e s a y s , T heimprovement in examresults as well as positivefeedback from pupils andstaff have been gratifying!

    Heriot-Watt is more than aplace to learn. As a first-class university, it pridesitself on always introducinginnovations that positivelyimpact on society. Onesu c h i n n o v a t i o n i sSCHOLAR, an e-learningtool developed especially forsecondary students sittingscience subjects.

    An independent study,funded by the ScottishExecutive, has concludedthat pupils who usedSCHOLAR improved their

    Page 3Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programme At B&B




    Selection of

    HWU your

    educationalpartner enables

    you to become a

    member of a



    Over 10,000

    students on every

    continent have

    completed theHeriot-Watt



    graduated since


  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Page 4 Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programmes At B&B

    T h e H e r i o t - W a t t

    Management Programme is

    a s u p p o r t e d o p e n

    l e a r n i n g p r o g r a m m e

    offering undergraduate

    degrees from HWU. Four

    HWMP Degrees are offered

    at B&B. These are the BA

    in Business Administration,

    Accountancy & Finance,

    Business & Finance and

    Management & Psychology.

    Each degree option is struc-tured in three progressive

    stages, with each stage com-

    prising four common

    streams called module sets.

    Module sets are comprised

    of either a) two linked sub-

    jects covering a particular

    topic that is worth a total of30 credits, or b) Two stand

    -alone subjects that are

    worth 15 credits each. Stu-

    dents are required to com-

    plete two of these stand-

    alone subjects to gain the

    30 credits required for the

    completion of a module set.

    Students who have achieved

    360 credits over the periodof study are awarded the

    degree. For all degree op-

    tions, students may choose

    any combination of mod-

    ules in a stage and between

    stages, providing that the

    pre-requisites for that par-

    ticular module are met

    (there are no pre-requisites

    for Stage I). As such, it is

    possible to do as little as

    one and as much as four

    (the maximum allowable)

    modules in any one year.

    Exemptions can be offered

    for modules based on the

    submissions to HWU of thetertiary-level qualifications

    held and an assessment by

    that body. However, the

    total number of exemptions

    granted is limited to a maxi-

    Structure of Heriot-Watt Management Programme at B&BConvenience

    and flexibility.

    Schedule yourcourse around

    your life - not the

    other way


    Register only for

    as many or as

    little courses that

    you can handle

    at any one timeas your budget

    and/or time-

    demands dictate.


    exemptions may

    be granted at the

    discretion of

    HWU. This

    also reduces thetime and cost of

    completing a


    HWU Degree Option: Bachelor of Business Administration

    TheBachelor of Business Administration is designed to give youknowledge of a wide range of business, management, finance, ac-counting and economics topics. In order to attain this qualificationyou must study 4 Stage I modules and 8 modules from Stage 2 andStage 3. The eight modules can either be eight 30-credit modules orseven 30-credit modules and two 15-credit modules.


    Eithereight of these 30-credit modules orseven of the 30-credit modules... ...and Two 15-Credit Modules

    Quantitative Methods

    Human Resource Mng

    Securities Market


    Finance Theory

    Corporate Finance

    Compulsory Modules

    Optional Modules

    Economics Finance

    Commercial Law

    Operations Management

    Strategic Management

    Management A/C Techniques

    Project Management

    Financial & Mng A/C

    Employment LawAuditing & Fin A/C

    International Financial Markets







  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Page 5Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programme At B&B

    HWU Degree Option: BA in Accountancy and Finance

    HWU Degree Option: BA in Business and Finance

    Finance StreamBusiness Stream

    Human Resource Mng

    Quantitative Methods

    Project Management

    Corporate Finance

    Finance Theory

    Compulsory Subjects

    Economics FinanceManagementAccounts

    Optional Subjects (choose one)


    Commercial Law

    Operations Management

    Strategic Management

    Stage II and III

    Stage I (All Compulsory)

    TheBA Accountancy and Finance provides you with a balance of education in accoun-tancy and finance related topics with supporting subjects such as statistics, marketing andcommercial law. In order to attain this qualification, ten compulsory and two optionalmodules must be completed.

    TheBA Business and Finance lets you study a spe-cialist range of business and accounting modules andcombine elective modules in management, finance,and economics. In order to attain this qualificationyou will study four module sets from each stage. Allmodules in Stages 1 & 2 are compulsory but you willhave one optional module set in Stage 3.

    Accounts StreamFinance Stream

    Project Management

    Finance Theory

    Corporate Finance Auditing & Financl A/C

    Financial & Mng A/C Quantitative Methods

    Compulsory Subjects

    Economics FinanceManagementAccounts

    Business Stream

    Optional Subjects (choose one)

    Human Resource Mng


    Mng A/C Techniques

    Commercial Law

    Strategic Management

    Stage II and III

    Stage I (All Compulsory)

    Internat Financial Mrkts

  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Page 6 Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programmes At B&B

    Heriot-Watt University Student Testimonials

    Natalie Jones,


    I chose the Heriot Watt

    University programme based on

    three criteria: flexibility, popularity

    and range of programmes available. I

    liked that this programme did not

    require me to submit periodic as-

    signments, only self-study and ex-

    aminations as frequently as my work

    schedule would permit. Good pro-

    gramme, great flexibility, with online

    and electronic study resources to

    help me along the way.

    Alfred Okot Okidi,


    I have found the Heriot

    Watt programme to be unique, prac-

    tical, relevant and so enriching.The programme was quite taxing, as

    I had to blend my reading with a

    demanding work schedule. The

    beauty of the programme to me was

    in the flexibility of the course and

    concise course materials presented in

    stimulating language. I treasure the

    programme more than all my earlier

    qualifications and courses.

    Jason Julien,

    Trinidad & Tobago

    The HWU experience far exceeded

    my expectations. The quality of

    the teaching materials was first-class, as they were well written and

    effectively communicated the com-

    plex concepts. In addition to pre-

    senting theory and practice, the au-

    thors fostered critical thinking with

    their narrative. I highly recommend

    HWU for anyone seeking to equip

    themselves for the challenges of

    todays competitive world.

    Completing this Programme has truly made me proud of myself. For all my accomplishments so far I think this is the one that tops

    them all. I always dreamed of obtaining a tertiary education and Im happy I did it when I did. It has certainly made a positive change in

    my life and I m excited to take my career to the next level. GraduateBA in Accountancy and Finance - T&T

    HWU Degree Option: BA in Management and Psychology


    Psychology Modules (Eight 15-credit modules) Management Modules

    Social Psychology

    Human Development

    Lifespan Attachment

    Stage I Compulsory Modules

    Stage II and Stage III

    Intro to Psychology Finance

    Cognitive Psychology I


    Health Psychology

    Human Resource Management


    Operations ManagementCognition & Personality

    Strategic Management

    Psychology studies and analyses human functions and behaviour so as to predict and shape actions. A large part of manage-ment science is about guiding and shaping our people assets to produce the desired behaviours. The marriage of the two

    areas in theBA in Management and Psychology is then a perfect complement that gives you knowledge of a wide rangeof the issues that affect a business environment and how you can develop and implement the right action plans for success

    within that environment. Graduates will be well-prepared for careers in business management, teaching, counselling, nurs-ing, social work, probation work and market research, as well as careers within the psychology profession itself.

    Cognitive Psychology II

  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Page 7Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programme At B&B

    Class Structure and Schedule

    Lectures in the available degree options will be held on weekdays during the daytime be-tween the hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and in the evenings between the hours of 5:30 pm to8:30 pm. Lectures will also be held on Sundays (depending on the number of registrations)

    between 9:00 am-4:00 pm. The lectures will focus on the review, discussion and practicalapplication of key concepts and material. This learning style is designed to deepen the

    knowledge of an area by encouraging a critical-thinking approach revolving around an un-derstandingof the material, rather than a detailed rote-learning regurgitation of the sylla-bus. The lectures would be followed by a tutorial at the start of each month (weekly for the

    day programme). This will be focused on solving problems relatedto the issues covered in the lectures for the preceding month. Abreakdown of the allocated times is shown below:

    Time Format of Classes

    5:30 pm

    7:15 pm

    Discussion of Core Concepts: Introduction to area

    via discussion and tutorial sessions; Explanation and

    assignment of homework covering material introduced

    7:157:30 COFFEE BREAK

    7:30 pm -

    8:30 pm

    Practice Analysis: Review and discussion of multiple

    choice questions, past exam questions, assigned essays and

    case studies covering material learned in previous week Personalised


    B&B puts an

    emphasis on


    personal care

    and attention.

    Registration for

    the HWMP

    gives you access

    through the web

    portal to



    resources and a

    global network of


    academics and

    fellow students...

    The evening and Sunday programmes have tuition start-dates of January and July each year(registration deadline November 30 and May 31respectively) while the day programme runsfrom October to May (registration deadline August 15). Evening classes are geared to-wards preparing candidates for the June and December examination diet while the day pro-gramme is focused on the June sitting. Students are encouraged to sit four modules for the

    year (two at each sitting for the evening programme). Barring exemptions and re-sits, thetotal delivery period is then a minimum of 3 years. The relevant class schedule follows. Per-sons would choose the appropriate modules as required by their choice of degree:

    Stage I Stage II Stage III

    Day January July January July January July

    Mon Quantitative




    Marketing Operations




    Hlth Psych



    Tues Economics

    Intro toPsychology

    Finance Financial

    TheoryHum Dvlp

    Psychobiology Corporate

    FinanceScl Cognt

    Wed Hum Re-

    source Man-





    ment Law

    Internat Fin


    Thur Accounts Manage-


    Financial &

    Mng A/C



    Social Psy-


    Auditing &

    Fin A/C



    Mng A/C





  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Page 8 Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programmes At B&B

    Composition of 30-credit Module Sets

    Module Subject Component Topics

    Stage I

    Accounting Introduction toAccounting I

    Introduction to

    Accounting II

    The Need for Accounting, Keeping the Books & Stating the Facts, The Key Statements, Fixed Assets, FinalAdjustments, Introduction, Elements of Cost, Classification of Cost, Budgeting, Marginal Costing, Standard

    Costing, Capital Budgeting, New Developments. Published Financial Statements, Auditing, Long-Term Li-

    abilities & Provisions, Ownership Interest, Producing Published A/C.

    Economics Introduction to

    Economics I

    Introduction to

    Economics II

    The Global Econ, International Trade Theories, Balance of Payments, Foreign Exchange Rates, Exchange

    Rates & Econ Policy, International Econ Integration, Macro Econ, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply &

    Demand, Income Determination, Money, Macroeconomics Policies, Econ Issues, Concepts & Tools, Market

    Demand & Supply, Production and Costs, Market Structures, Market Failure, The Factor Markets & Income


    Management Introduction to

    Management I

    Introduction to

    Management II

    The Seven Relationships of Management , The Nature of Management, Environmental Scanning, Organisa-

    tional Goals and Goal Setting, Building the Team, Leadership and Motivation, Organisational Structure, Pre-

    Twentieth Century Ideas, Theories of Participation, The Nature of Enterprise, Where Do Business Ideas

    Come From, Building the Team, Just Who Are the Entrepreneurs?, Stages in Growing the Business, Drawingup the Business Plan, Marketing Plans , Project Management, Effective Communication

    Finance Introduction to


    Principles of Bank-

    ing and Financial


    Basic Financial Concepts, Sources of Business Finance, The Value of Money Over Time, Valuing Fixed

    Interest Securities, Valuation of Shares, Stock Market & Investment Indicators Development of Money

    Systems, Financial Wealth & Intermediation , UK Retail Banks, Financial Services, Other Deposit-Takers,

    Central Banking, Financial Markets, Bank Customers, Account Operations, Cheques, Securities for Ad-

    vances, Investment Services, International Services of Banks, Marketing & Delivery of Bank Services

    Stage II

    Financial The-

    ory and Mar-


    Finance Theory

    and Markets I

    Finance Theory

    and Markets II

    Measurement Return and Risk , Utility Theory: Understanding Investors Preferences, Portfolio Risk and

    Return, Portfolio Theory and the Capital Asset Pricing Model, Measuring Investment Performance, Invest-

    ment Analysis, The Efficient Markets Hypothesis, A Framework for Business Financial Decisions, Appraising

    Capital Projects, Portfolio Risk & Return , Portfolio Theory & the Capital Asset Pricing Model, Measuring

    Investment Performance, Investment Analysis, The Efficient Markets Hypothesis



    Quantitative Tech-

    niques I

    Quantitative Tech-

    niques II

    What is Statistics / What are Statistics? , Variables and Data, Organising and Presenting Data, Summarising

    the Main Features of a Set of Data, Probability, Probability Distributions, Models for Count Data, Models for

    Measurements, Index Numbers, Research Methodology, Hypothesis Testing, Association & Goodness of Fit,

    Regression Analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Linear Programming

    Human Re-

    source Manage-




    Human Resource


    Introduction to Organisational Behaviour, Individual Differences, Learning & Reinforcement;, Power, Poli-

    tics & Influence, Leadership as an Influence Process, Group & Conflict Management, Organisational Cul-

    ture, Stress at Work, The Origins and Nature of Human Resource Management, Strategic Human Resource

    Management , Planning and Resourcing

    Selection, Performance Appraisal and Training, Careers and Career management,

    Financial Ac-




    Financial Account-




    Budgeting and Budgetary Control, Standard Costing, Stock Control, Overheads, Process Costing, Service

    Costing, Joint and By-Products Business Combinations, Consolidated Balance Sheet, Consolidated Income

    Statements, Associated Companies and Joint Ventures, Framework of Financial Reporting, Intangible Fixed

    Assets, Liabilities, Leasing, Matching Concept, Revenue Recognition

    Marketing Marketing I

    Marketing II

    Consumer Buying Behaviour, Marketing Research, Segmentation , Pricing, Consumer Society, Exchange,

    Needs and Value, Consuming Body, Brand Identity, Marketing: Development and Scope, Business to Busi-

    ness buying behaviour; Marketing Research, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Pricing for Marketing

    Decisions; Channels of Distribution

  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Page 9Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programme At B&B

    Composition of 30-Credit Module Sets

    Module Subject Component Topics

    Stage III

    Commercial Law CommercialLaw I


    Law I I

    The Legal System, Introduction to Legal Obligations, Essentials of a Contract, Breach of Contract and Reme-dies, Introduction to the Law of Delict, Causation, Remoteness, Vicarious Liability, Defences and Remedies,

    Some Specific Forms of Liability, Introduction to the Law of Agency, The Agency Relationship, The Law of

    Partnership, Partnership Relationships, Company Law




    Finance I


    Finance II

    Cash Flow Definition Tax and Financing Costs, Identifying Relevant Cash Flows, Required Returns, NPV

    Techniques, International Investment, Risk Analysis, Asset Life; Asset Choice; Replacement; New Technol-

    ogy; Lease Analysis , Contemporary Issues in Corporate Finance, Alternative Views of the Objective of the

    Firm A Critique of Capital Project Appraisal Techniques, Measuring Company Performance



    Strategic Man-



    Strategic Man-


    Mission and Objectives, Analysing the macro environment, Market Environment, Resources and Strategic

    Capability, Culture, Strategic Options a d Strategic Choice Industry and Market Definition, Management of

    Innovation, Industry Evolution, Competitive Advantage, Survival in the Decline Stage Firms and Interna-tional Business, Global Regulatory Institutions, Political Risk, Protectionism, International Firms, Socio-

    cultural co text

    Auditing and


    Issues in Finan-

    cial Accounting



    Issues in Finan-

    cial Accounting

    The Nature and Purpose of an Audit, Fundamental Concepts in Auditing, The Regulatory Framework of

    Auditing, Auditors Liability, The Audit Process, Audit Reporting, Developments in Auditing, The Interna-

    tional Accounting Standard Committee, The International Accounting Standards, Economic Substance: Off

    Balance Sheet Finance, Liabilities and Obligations: Capital Instruments and Financial Instruments, Consoli-

    dated Financial Statements




    Management 1

    OperationsManagement II

    Introduction to Operations Management, Operating Systems, Performance Objectives & Operations Strat-

    egy, Product and Service Design, Facilities Location, Demand Forecasting and Capacity Management, Proc-

    ess Types, Facilities Layout and Flow, Process Design and Process Technology, Performance Improvement

    Job Design and Work Organisations, Planning and Control, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Manage-

    ment, Materials Requirement Planning/Manufacturing Resource Planning, Just-in-Time Management, Pro-

    ject Planning, Failure Prevention, Maintenance and Safety, Quality

    Composition of 15-Credit Module Sets

    Module Component Topics

    Employment Law The Contract of Employment, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Termination of the Con-

    tract , Wrongful Dismissal

    International Financial markets Eurocurrency Market, Eurobanks, International Financial Centres, Syndicated Eurocredit Mar-

    ket , Securitisation and Globalisation, International Bond Market, International Financial Institu-


    Mngt A/C Techniques & Deci-


    Decision-Making, Basic Decision-Making, Decision-Making Techniques, Contribution Analysism,

    Divisional Performance, Pricing, Transfer Pricing

    Project Management Projects and Project Management, Project Initiation and Definition, Project Quality, Risk Manage-

    ment and Contingency Planning, Introducing Breakdown Structures

  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Page 10Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programmes At B&B

    Experience in



    For over 20 years,

    B&B has been

    seen as the

    established leader

    in the teaching of




    such as theCertified Public

    Accountant, the



    Secretary and the

    Professional in



    The norma l ent r yrequirements are two

    CAPE/English A-levelsubjects at grades D orabove. Persons who pos-sess a recognised Di-ploma, Associate Degreeor professional qualifica-tion from a recognisedinstitution are welcome.You may obtain up to sixexemptions depending onthe type of qualificationsyou possess.

    Mature applicants who donot have the minimum

    qualifications but withhave appropriate workexperience or other non-standard qualificationsmay also be acceptedon merit. These personswould not receive anyexemptions.

    Applicants must submit areference on their suit-ability for the degree.

    Choosing a subject to studyat the tertiary level is one of

    the most important deci-sions you will make in yourlife. It sets a foundation forthe rest of your professionallife and to quite an extentyour personal life too. It isimportant to choose acourse of study that suitsyour requirements andneeds. Thinking about yourstudies in advance is crucialto making the right deci-sion. Before com-

    mitting to a course of study,we suggest that you askyourself the following ques-tions:

    Why you have chosen a

    particular course of

    study? Am I really do-

    ing this for me?;

    Will this Degree improve

    my chances of follow-

    ing my chosen career?

    What are the Course

    options within the sub-

    ject? Do they interest


    Will my Degree be

    recognised locally and


    The time spent answering

    these questions will be wellspent!

    The most important factorin your choice is that youfind a subject that youenjoy. Everything else issecondary!

    Entry Requirements

    Assessment Methods

    and comprise essay and

    short-answer questions.

    The pass-mark is 40%.

    All examinations

    are subject to rigorous

    scrutiny by both Heriot-

    Watt University

    examiners and by exter-

    nal examiners from

    other leading UK uni-


    Each module set is as-

    sessed by a three hour

    final examination in June

    or December. The exam

    paper is divided into four

    sections, with Section A

    comprising 20 multiple-

    choice questions worth

    40% of total marks. Sec-

    tions B-D are each worth

    20% of the final grade

    Choosing A Course

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    Page 11 Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programme At B&B

    Multiple exit-


    Certificates anddiplomas are

    awarded for the

    completion of



    Students may

    thus obtain a


    without havingto complete the

    entire BA degree

    before their

    achievements are


    Specially designed interac-tive and text based course

    materials have been devel-oped for the HWMP.These are provided tostudents as part of thecourse cost. The textbookcourse materials provideinformation on:

    Expected learning out-


    Subjects to be studied;

    Self-test questions, prac-

    tice and tutorial ques-

    tions with solutions.

    The course texts contain allof the required content to-gether with self-assessmentexercises. The course textshave been designed to pro-vide a progressive learningexperience through sequen-tial modules which buildupon the information andknowledge learnt in previ-ous modules of the course.

    The materials assume a zero-base knowledge of the sub-

    ject. There is no formal re-quirement for additionalreading; however, some ofthe courses do contain areading list, which may beuseful to students wishingto deepen their understand-ing of the subject. Thecourse texts form the coreresource for students andthe teaching programme isbuilt around the course con-tent as provided in the texts

    Students have access to theHWMP website providingonline learning resourcesdeveloped by HWU. These

    include past examinationpapers and solutions, examtips, student guides, discus-sion forums, interactivequestions and email ex-changes

    Student Support: Course Materials

    Student Support: HWMP Website

    Classroom tuition is alsoavailable through B&B, anapproved Approved Learn-ing Partner (LLP) of HWU.Whilst students on theHWMP are matriculatedstudents of Heriot-WattUniversity, they are also

    registered with an LLPwhich provides local con-text and tutorial support.These academic centres andtheir tutors are proved by

    HWU to offer the awardand the University ensuresthat quality and standardsare comparable to those oncampus within the UK.

    Student Support: Guided Tuition

  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Page 12Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programmes At B&B




    concerned about

    their discipline

    in maintaining a

    study schedule

    will benefit from

    the structure of

    regular class

    sessions and

    assignments to

    keep them on

    track, as well as

    peer interactions

    that deepen their

    understanding of

    a topic by seeing

    how key issues

    are treated in

    other work


    As at September 15, 2011,the cost per module is$75,000.00 for the eveningprogramme and $65,000 permodule for the day pro-gramme. The total amountpaid per year would varyaccording to the number of

    modules taken. There isalso a one-time registrationcharge of 50.00 for newentrants.

    The module cost is subject

    to change and covers:

    Attendance at tuitionclasses and relevant

    class material from


    Course material, access to

    the HWMP website and

    other student services

    provided by HWMP

    HWU Examination fees

    This fee is payable in threeinstalments, one for$40,000.00:evening and$35,000:day within twoweeks before the start of acourse , another for

    $20,000.00:evening and$15,000.00 day within 4

    weeks of the start of thecourse and the final$15,000.00 is due 8 weeksafter the start of the course.All drafts should be madepayable to B&B Institute.

    Students should note thatthey will not receive thecourse material or be en-tered as examination candi-dates if they fail to pay therequired fees by the stipu-

    lated deadlines. Exam re-sits attract a charge of 65.

    Financing support for theHWMP is available fromthe Students Loan Bureau.


    Timetable of Important Dates

    Second week in January:Classes begin for new term


    March 15: Deadline for finalinstallment of fees

    March 30: Deadline forreceipt of new registrations


    April 25: Deadline for receiptof exam deferral forms


    September 15: Deadline forfinal fee installment

    Sep 30: Deadline for receipt ofnew registrations


    First full week in Decmbr:ExaminationsDec 15: Deadline for 1st install-ment of fees


    Aug 15: Deadline for 2nd install-ment of fees

    Aug 27: Deadline for receipt ofapplications for Dec exams


    Second week in July: Classesbegin for new term


    October 25: Deadline for re-ceipt of exam deferrals forms atB&B



    Feb 15: Deadline for 2nd install-ment of fees

    Feb 27: Deadline for receipt ofJune exam applications form (for

    June exams) at B&B


    First full week in June: Exami-nationsDec 15: Deadline for 1st install-ment of fees




  • 7/31/2019 HWU Management Degree Programmes 2012


    Heriot-Watt University Management Degree Programme At B&B

    15 Carlton Crescent (10)

    920-5198 . 929-7662


    [email protected]

    MSc EnergyMSc EnergyMSc EnergyMSc Energy

    MSc ComputingMSc ComputingMSc ComputingMSc Computing

    MBA in Finance, Strategic Planning,MBA in Finance, Strategic Planning,MBA in Finance, Strategic Planning,MBA in Finance, Strategic Planning,

    HRM & MarketingHRM & MarketingHRM & MarketingHRM & Marketing

    MSc in Construction ProjectMSc in Construction ProjectMSc in Construction ProjectMSc in Construction Project


    MSc in Civil Engineering &MSc in Civil Engineering &MSc in Civil Engineering &MSc in Civil Engineering &

    Construction ManagementConstruction ManagementConstruction ManagementConstruction Management

    MSc in Business PsychologyMSc in Business PsychologyMSc in Business PsychologyMSc in Business Psychology

    BA in Management & Psychology,BA in Management & Psychology,BA in Management & Psychology,BA in Management & Psychology,

    Business Administration, Business &Business Administration, Business &Business Administration, Business &Business Administration, Business &

    Finance, Accounting & FinanceFinance, Accounting & FinanceFinance, Accounting & FinanceFinance, Accounting & Finance

    BSc in Construction ProjectBSc in Construction ProjectBSc in Construction ProjectBSc in Construction Project


    BSc in Management &BSc in Management &BSc in Management &BSc in Management &

    Information SystemsInformation SystemsInformation SystemsInformation Systems

    SPHR Exam ReviewSPHR Exam ReviewSPHR Exam ReviewSPHR Exam Review

    CISA Exam ReviewCISA Exam ReviewCISA Exam ReviewCISA Exam Review

    UWI Associate Degree in Business Man-UWI Associate Degree in Business Man-UWI Associate Degree in Business Man-UWI Associate Degree in Business Man-


    ABE Diploma in Business IT SystemsABE Diploma in Business IT SystemsABE Diploma in Business IT SystemsABE Diploma in Business IT Systems

    Classes scheduled to enhance learning experience.

    Review classes in a particular subject will be held once every two

    weeks. Students have enough time to review material and prepare

    for new topics, which deepens the benefits gained from the classdiscussions..The classes will focus on the review, discussion and

    practical application of key concepts and material. This learning

    style is designed to deepen the knowledge of an area by encouraging

    a critical-thinking approach revolving around an understanding

    of the material, rather than a detailed rote-learning regurgitation

    of the syllabus....

    For further informationFor further informationFor further informationFor further information

    visit us on the web atvisit us on the web atvisit us on the web atvisit us on the web at

    www.bbucjm.com orwww.bbucjm.com orwww.bbucjm.com orwww.bbucjm.com or


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