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Giving Presentations. Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 1pm – 2pm 15 th December 2009 Maeve Gallagher Student Learning Development. 4 Steps in Giving a Presentation. Plan Prepare Practice Present. Plan. Who is your audience? Why are they there? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Giving PresentationsDepartment of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

    1pm 2pm15th December 2009

    Maeve GallagherStudent Learning Development

  • 4 Steps in Giving a PresentationPlanPreparePracticePresent

  • PlanWho is your audience?Why are they there?What is the subject of your speech?What is the purpose of your speech?How long will it be?Where will it take place?Will you use visual aids?

  • PreparationDecide on what audience need to know v what would be nice for them to know (but is less important).Methods and sources for researching subject topic.Shape and Structure.Visual aids key points only KISS!Getting the nerves under control.

  • Researching itYour own experienceListening and talking to othersBooks, Journal articles, Newspaper cuttings, internet, television programmesGroup the informationBe choosy: decide on relevancy Decide on a rough introduction, main argument and conclusion

  • Shape and StructureMain themeIntroduction Summary/ConclusionsGet audience attention.Let your own interest shine through.

    Facts should be in logical order. Make sure there is sequenceRe-state your main points.Make it punchy and interesting

  • Preparation of slidesOne major concept per slideFew words per slideTry to limit levels and pointsLimit slidesHave back upsColours and font sizes use of graphics.

  • PracticeCheck room, time and equipmentAwareness of self, voice, body language and confidenceRehearse!!!!!!!Organise visual aids, notes and handoutsPrepare for audience questions

  • PresentReasons for feeling nervousLack of experienceLack of preparationLack of enthusiasmNegative self talk

  • Overcoming nervesBe over-preparedRehearse and practiceKnow your subjectUse relaxation techniquesThink positiveAllow for all eventualitiesAvoid stressors

  • Resources for PresentationsHttp:// (free stock photographs an alternative to PowerPoint) (Commercial photos) (Tips on presenting) (examples of presentations)