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GETTINGSTARTED: MAINTENANCEDIRECT - Dude Solutions · PDF fileGETTINGSTARTED: MAINTENANCEDIRECT MaintenanceDirectisaCloud-basedcorrectiveworkordermanagementsolutionthatallowsyouto

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    MaintenanceDirect is a Cloud-based corrective work order management solution that allows you tomanage the work order process from request to completion. Here's what you need to get started withyour account:

    Table of Contents

    MaintenanceDirect Home Page 2Account Information 5Adding Locations 7Adding Buildings 9Activating Areas 10Activating Crafts 11MaintenanceDirect Users 12How to add Users 13Resetting a User's Password 14

    Automatic Routing 16How to set up Location Based Approval Routing 16How to setup Craft Based Routing 17How to Edit or Delete Routes 17

    Email Notifications 18How to activate Email Notifications 18Recommended Email Notifications by Role 18

    MySchoolBuilding Setup 20Entering a Work Order: Administrators and Supervisors 23Entering a Work Order: Clerk 25Entering a Work Order: Technicians and Site Admins 27Help Resources 29

    1.877.868.3833 | [email protected] |

  • MaintenanceDirect Home Page

    Logging into MaintenanceDirect

    l Open your web browser and type into the address bar and hit the Enter key.Bookmark this page or create a shortcut on your desktop to make it easy to come back to this pagelater.

    l On the Account Login screen, enter your Login Name and your Password.l Make sure thatMaintenanceDirect is selected in the Go To box.l Click Sign In.l Be sure to check out the announcements to the right each time you log in. We will post important

    updates, articles, and events here.

    MaintenanceDirect Home Page

    The elements of the MaintenanceDirect Home Page will vary for each user role, although the basic layoutwill be the same. Here are some highlighted sections of the Administrator page:

    My Account Link

    l Click on the My Account link to go to your personal information page, where you can change yourpassword or update your information.

    l The Application Links drop down box is also in this section. If you are a user in multipleSchoolDude applications, you can select the application from the list to jump between the differentprograms.

    l Click the Logout link in the far right corner of the page to exit the system.

    Home Page Banner

    l The tabs at the top of the screen help you navigate to important areas of the application.l Home - takes you to the MaintenanceDirect home page.l Calendar - takes you to the Calendar page where you can view outstanding or completed

    work orders by request date, target completion date, etc.l NewWork Order - where you can enter a new work order.l Reports - takes you to a page with links where you can create reports.

    1.877.868.3833 | [email protected] |


  • MaintenanceDirect Home Page 3

    l Services - this page outlines our SchoolDude services.l Account Setup - where you can set up certain aspects of your account. This tab is only

    available to Administrators.l The Search For box under the Home tab can be used to find a specific work order or group of work

    orders. Enter a Work Order ID number to bring up that specific form or enter a keyword to bring upa list of work orders associated with that term.

    l The Advanced Search link takes you to a more advanced search form where you can select multiplecriteria to find the work orders you are looking for.

    l The Help link on the far right will take you to a page that lists ways to contact our support team.l The Actions menu contains links to Add information to your account, List the current fields, createGraphs, and run Reports.

    Work Orders by Status

    l This center section shows you abreakdown of the statuses of all of thework orders in your account.

    l Use the Period drop down box to narrowthe timeframe of the requests. The countsare based on the last status change dateof the work order.

    l Click on the number beside New Requestor Unassigned to go to the UnprocessedNew Request page where you will be ableto assign out each work order.

    l Click the number beside any other status to show a list of those work orders. Check the box next tothe status to include it in the pie chart on the right.

    l The New Requests are divided into several groups:l Unassigned - These New Request work orders are assigned to you for processing.l In Approval Process - These New Request work orders are waiting for the approval of

    someone other than you. The number of Unassigned New Requests and In Approval ProcessNew Requests will add up to equal the total number of New Requests.

    l PMs, FSs, TDs, PDs - This indicates how many of the New Requests were created in otherSchoolDude applications (PMDirect, FSDirect, TripDirect, andPlanningDirect/CapitalForecastDirect).

    1.877.868.3833 | [email protected] |

  • MaintenanceDirect Home Page 4

    Assigned Work

    l The Assigned Work section of the home pagewill show a list of work orders assigned to you.From this section, you can print the work order,reassign the work order, add action taken notes,and mark the work order as In Progress orComplete.

    l You can sort the list by Request Age, WOID,Priority, Status, or Request Description inascending or descending order. You can alsofilter the list by any open status.

    Quick Launch

    l The Quick Launch section displays shortcut links to different functions of thesystem. The Administrator Quick Launch sections displays the following:

    l New Request - Shortcut link to enter a new Work Order request.l Print WO Batch - Shortcut link to the Batch Print feature for work

    orders.l Account Settings - Takes you to the same page as the Account Setup

    tab, where you can access the setup link only available toAdministrators.

    l User Forum - Use this link to ask other MD users for peer input on questions about using theapplication or any other industry questions.

    l More Services - Information on available training and other services.l MySchoolBuilding - Shortcut to the Requester page: www.myschoolbuilding.coml - Shortcut to the SchoolDude corporate website:

    What's New and Special Notice

    Keep an eye out for announcements in the What's New? and Special Notice sectionson the left side of the home page. We'll post new product features, office closures,and more in these sections.

    1.877.868.3833 | [email protected] |

  • Account Information

    The Account Information page allows you to identify important and helpful information about yourorganization, such as the Address, Fiscal Year, and Tax Rate.

    How to set up the Account Information

    l Click on the Account Setup tab.l Click on the Account Information link.

    l The Maintenance Department Name and Address will automatically populate for you. TheMaintenance Department Name can be edited and will be displayed in the upper left hand corner ofthe screen. Corrections to the address information can also be made here.

    l The Time Zone and Current Server Date/Time are populated based on your organization'saddress.

    l The Last Assigned Work Order Number defaults to 99, which assigns the first work order createdas Work Order ID 100. This number can be adjusted in the initial setup, however it cannot be set toa number below 99.

    l The Maintenance Emergency Phone Number, Pager, and Contact information are optional fields.l Comptroller shows the user currently listed as the MaintenanceDirect Comptroller. For more

    information about the comptroller function, see MaintenanceDirect Users.l In the Current Period fields, enter your organization's Fiscal Year Begin and End dates.l Define the name for Your Work Order Custom Category Label here. The Custom Category is a

    reportable field available to track any additional information important to your organization.l The Purpose Code fields are used when your organization owns other SchoolDude products in

    addition to MaintenanceDirect. These purpose codes will automatically populate on work orderscreated from your other SchoolDude applications and are color coded to each product. To select acode in the following fields, you must first add the Purpose Code to the account.

    1.877.868.3833 | [email protected] |


  • Account Information 6

    l If you own PMDirect, define your PM Purpose Code; most commonly "PreventiveMaintenance." Any work order generated from PMDirect will automatically display thispurpose code and will have a yellow background.

    l If you own FSDirect, define your FS Purpose Code; most commonly "Facility Scheduling" orsomething similar. Any work orders generated from tasks in FSDirect will automaticallydisplay this purpose code and will have a light blue background.

    l If you own PlanningDirect, define your PD Purpose Code; most commonly "Capital Planning"or something similar. Any work order generated from a need in PlanningDirect willautomatically display this purpose code and will have a dark blue background.

    l If you own TripDirect, define your TD Purpose Code; most commonly "Field Trip" orsomething similar. Any work orders generated from a field trip in TripDirect will automaticallydisplay this purpose code and will have an orange background.

    l *For Public K-12 New Jersey clients* Check Use NJAC 6:24 to add the M1 and M2 reports to yourhomepage.

    l Enter your Sales Tax Rate here to automatically populate when entering transactions. If yourorganization is tax exempt, leave this field empty.

    l The Work Order Form can be printed in one of three different formats. Select the form you wouldlike to use from the drop down box. *Note: Once there is a work order in the account, you canpreview the forms by clicking the Preview link.

    l Define whe

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