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Genre Iconography

All have facial hair.. moustache and beard (Indie look)

They both wear quite plain, simple clothes, however experiment with colour to bring that sense of indie to their appearance.

Matt Cardle

He has a good reputation in the public eye, either appearing as a 'gentleman' or the 'casual' guy with the indie look he goes for when he wears a cap and chequered shirt. At the same time however he can wear a suit and look completely different, but when he sings you can recognise by the tone of his voice and by his style of music that he is in the indie genre.

Matt Cardles webpage is a simple layout, taking the colours of blacks and brown to support his image. He is a solo artist who tends to sing slow songs and so the dark colours support this slow pace music. He came from the X Factor and from this they created his image into what they wanted to sell him as to the public. For example, he went into the X Factor your normal laid back guy in baggy clothing, now he wears suits and combs his hair a different image, but still sings the same style of music.

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons website is again a dark colour, with black white and mustard being used to represent their image. This image is really good in the way it represents Mumford & Sons as an indie band. The way they are dressed and their hats and waistcoats also emphasises a feel of old fashioned and country/folk. In the image is shows each of their instruments which they use and this also supports their image as country and folk singers tend to play and instrument whilst they sing. Individually, they are all dressed different and have a different 'look' however on a whole as a band, they promote one image of being an india/country boy group.

This is from a red carpet event that the band attended and away from the 'made up' photographs that are taken for the media, this is them as their casual selfs and they all look happy and carry on their image in a way of hats, glasses and checkered shirts.