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  1. 1. Noir IconographyBy Adam Burton
  2. 2. Many objects and elements which make upnoir are extremely recognisable and iconic.The following presentation presents the mostcommon and, using Sin City as a case study,where they are used in film.
  3. 3. Monochrome filtersThe above screenshot shows a perfect example of black and white. It adds tothe atmosphere of the piece indicating that there is no hope, love or prosperityto come of the situation. I used this particular filter in the majority of myediting . The black and white made the photos I took as part of my Nor shootmore iconic and recognisable.
  4. 4. Femme FataleAbove you can see mytake on a femme fatalein my noir shoot. Usingweapons in the photoallowed me to portraythe stereotype of thedanger in which isconnected to thefemme FataleOften associated with lust and danger , the femme fetale is often akey element of noir. She is often the temptation of the antiherogetting him into trouble. Often the femme fetale is attached to themain antagonist someway.
  5. 5. Mood lightingUsed in conjunction withblack and white in Sin City itreinforces the mood of thescene and it can hide keycharacters and their facialexpressions.
  6. 6. Smoking and alcoholThe use of the stated substances reinforces the idea of pleasure and danger.Some-times in noir they are the source points of violence and conflict. I tookthis piece of iconography in the picture centred and it changes the mood andtone of the scene considerably.