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Welcome to 4th Grade!OPEN HOUSE Ms. Clarks classBrookhaven Elementary School


A little about Ms. Clark!Graduate Masters in Teaching (Belhaven University).I have a 9 year old son named Caiden. My hobbies include reading books and traveling.I have two pet dogs named Champ and Bo

We are going to have an Exciting Year!!

First Things First

What I expect from YOU Follow Directions first time givenRaise your hand and wait to be called on Use your inside voice No running in the classroom or hallwaysWork Hard Be respectful to Everyone Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself

What you Expect from ME

To teach you the material To provide a safe learning environment To treat you with respect To motivate and encourage you

Daily AgendaSchool Begins at 8:00 amAny student that comes after 8:00 should report to the office for a late pass 8:00-8:30- Morning Work 9:00-10:30- Language Arts10:30-12:00 Math 12:00-12:30- Lunch 12:30-1:00 Recess1:00-1:45- Language Art Centers1:45-2:15 Math Centers 2:15-2:35- Activity/ Clean Up 2:45 Dismissal

Things to Expect Signed Papers/ Daily Grades

Signed Papers will go home every Monday Students will take reading tests on computers twice a week Reading Scores will come home with signed test papers as well


Students will have homework on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays Please Note: If students do not bring homework the next day, you will miss recess that da.

Make-Up Policy

Make up work will only be accepted if the student has an excused absence

Grading Scale90-100A89-80 B79-70C69-60DBelow 60 F

My Door is Always Open..

My Contact Information

Email Address Telephone Number 601-123-4567

Important School Information Rita Rich- Principal Jerold Willis- Assistant PrincipalStacy White- Secretary Beth Hutchinson- Nurse

601-833-3128Telephone Number

I Look forward to working with you and your child!!