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MR ROB TEST Grasons Company Estate Sale Services REALTOR www.grasons.com Home Sale Strategy

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MR ROB TEST Grasons Company Estate Sale ServicesREALTORwww.grasons.com

Home Sale Strategy

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Understanding Your Expectations

• What concerns do you have about woking with a real estate agent ?

• What are your expectations pf your real estate agent ?

• What would it take for you torefer me to your friends

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Strategies :6 Point Approach

The Power of Branding




Office Promotion






& Closing

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#1. The Power of Branding

What Do you think When you hear or see Grasons Company ?

• We are the #1 Rated and Referred company for local estate sales.  Our estate sale company is quickly moving across the Nation with multiple Grasons Co. Locations to serve you.  Grasons Co. has been growing faster than any other Estate Sale Company because we sell your items at the highest price, stage your home with the most care involved.  We also have the largest following and ratings by buyers, sellers, Realtors, Attorneys, Probate Courts & Trustees.

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What’s in a name?

She sad contacted three estate sale companies before choosing Grasons to handle the sale of her former husband’s estate in Huntington Harbour in 2014

Netting More than $20.000 for the estate

Gransons held 245 estate sales through 11 franchises in three states in 2015

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#2. Merchandising

Curb Appeal

StagingInterior Condition


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#2. Merchandising

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Understanding Your Expectations

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Understanding Your Expectations

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Understanding Your Expectations

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Understanding Your Expectations

of all home buyers used the internet as a tool when searching for a home

felt the same about virtual tours

of home buyers first learned about the home they purchased using the internet.

87%of recent home buyers found photos very useful



37%Source national association of realtors 2008 Home Buying and Home Selling Survey

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Additional Exposure for Your Property

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#4. Offline Promotion

Direct MailEmail CampaignsYard Sign

Local Advertising

Multiple listing Service

Agent & Public Open House

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#5. Networking

• Personal Sphere of influence• Professional Agent Network• Facebook• LinkedIn• Craig’s List (High Profile Web Classifieds)• Postmets.com• www.homeinthesuburbs.com• www.wikins1.com

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#6. Negotiation and Closing

• Negotiate favorable terms and conditions • Successful closing

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The Power of Branding




Office Promotion






& Closing

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Based on what we’ve discussed so far, if we can agree on price would you fell comfortable listing your property with me ?

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My Professional ExperienceMy Philosophy

A real estate transaction ….……

My Credentials

Licensed in NJ in 2003, Licensed in PA 2009 ….…

My Background

Specializing in First Time Home Sales, First Time …


Government Affairs, Community….….

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Grasons Company Estate Sale Services

The Company (Strengths)

Years of experience ….…..

Number Of agents : over 100 full time agents

Perks; 1. NEPA …..2. Independent Family ….

3. Relocation Department

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Thank You.

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Thank You