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  • 7/27/2019 Files Marilyn 1968 Rhodesia



  • 7/27/2019 Files Marilyn 1968 Rhodesia



    Date January 23. 1968Name in full Marilyn Jean FilesComplete address on field . P:0 Box 40, Nuanetsi. Rhodesia. Africa

    Marilyn J , Files R:NoComplete forwarding address Mrs. Nornia Balllnp^ert Unlvcrsi'ty Oh-rlstlan Ohruc^ 83 1 Gen tln el^ -. Ave. Los Ange les , OA 900^^Name and address of LivingUnk church or churches:

    Univers i ty Chr is t i an Church

    Cent lnel^^ . Ave Street.Los Angeles 90045City - y.miP. StateXlaliUmisCity, Zone, .State.

    Names and addresses of other sponsoring or endorsing churches:

    Stree t , Stree t .Zone StatP. r!ity, 7nnP. StflfP

    Please send along with this form copies of recommendations from churches which will encouraother churches t o suppor t you r missionary work. There are churches which wil l not allow avisiting missionary to speak unles s a church recommendation can be shown. Since it is impossible fo r any one person to know all Christ ians in the world , this recommendation by a responsible New Testament church is a vital help in persuading others of your worthiness and th e valuof your mission. Mission Services stands ready to help you inform HORIZONS readers aboutyour church recommendations. Since th e church is sending you to the mission field (Acts 13:1-and will help provide the necessary needs on the f ie ld , naturally th e church should share th ecredit in your missionary ministry. One of th e ways that th e church can do this is to share theconviction regarding your missionary minist ry with others. Certainly, their words wil l helpconvince others regarding the worthiness of your work. Please help MISSION SERVICES tospread your news through HORIZONS, Packets and Slide l ibrary by sending your church recommendations as soon as possible. Thanks. Send what you have now, and the others la ter .Recommendations by Christian Lea ders: (L is t n am es and addr e ss e s he re and enclose a copy oeach letter, thanks.)NAME. Name.s t r p p t S t r ee t .

    C ^^y Z one State C ity Z one State.

  • 7/27/2019 Files Marilyn 1968 Rhodesia


    Name and address of hometown npwgpanftr Inglewood DallynUews1 ^ 1 N La BroaIng lewood , Ca l i f o r n i a

    Name and address of other papers which might carry stories of your work:. Qulygr City fir.Rr Nftwn 1" 'St.rftftt. 404^ Irving St ree t .

    Zone . Sta te ,ity.Quiver Gityzonp. StateflaJJJ^cjmid^ity.Place ofBTRTH Omaha, Nebraska ^Day of hirf-hApriJ- Mnnth. 25th Ypav 1929Where' baptised? Chxistic^ri. Churcn

    Pity Los Angeles. CaliforniaDate_ 1R, 1067

    Sta te .

    On an extra page please describe any details regarding conversion which you might care tomen t i on .MARITAL STATUS :Mar r i ed , Single. X Divorced . Widowed .Date of marriage, Whe r e ma r r i e d ?Who solemnized your wedding?List children by full name giving place, day, month, and year of birth:(If your children have been adopted, please indicate.)Nam e P l a c e of t h e i r b i r th day, month, and year

  • 7/27/2019 Files Marilyn 1968 Rhodesia


    Please list places of previous Christian service and what service you d id . Give approximate dates:P l a c e S e rv ice D a te s

    Univers i ty Chr i s t i an Ohurch. Junior BeDtfSS) Sunert 1Q68phi Thata Womena Mlsalonanv Society. Gorsp ^968

    SCHOOLING (high school and later):Name of school Location Number of years Degrees and date granted

    North THgh . Omnh^ ^ KVbra.gka P. ypg^rgH a m i l t o n I-Ii??h Los A n g l e s . Calif. . 2 y e a r s rrt-oH.Los Anneles Ci ty Coi l edge Los Angeles 2 1 /2Bis hop J hon sonCollege o f NursingHospi ta l o f the Geot^ SamaritianLoa Angeloa 3 yea r s

    What things influenced you to become a missionary? What is your purpose? What do you hopeto accomplish on th e mission field? Your own story in some detail might be in flu en ti al i n l eadingothers into fulltime service (Use an extra sheet if you need more space):

    Descr ibe br ief ly in outline form th e nature of your daily duties on th e field:

    Which of the following te rms most near ly descr ibes your miss ionary s tatus?Rvangftlist. Bible College Tpanhpr, PubUc School Teacher^Homemaker__ D o c to r M n r c p X Social w o r k e r _ ^ _ Music teacher.Radio ministry. RaHin fnllnwup. .niiriaHgn Sprvinp Tamp Linguistics,Maintenance of mission equipmentBenevolenceOffice Name other:

  • 7/27/2019 Files Marilyn 1968 Rhodesia


    PARENTS;Father's name and home fldHrpsg- Hugh 1, Flies Living_JC_ Deceased,584g West 78 .Street. Los AngfilftR Pifj/noi ! a Zone ^State-CaHis nnfMipaHnn Ret i red Tw he a Christian? positions of leadership has he held in the local church? Ti^onnn

    What Chr i s t i an se rv i ce does he now do? n o n eMother's full maiden ngm^.l^elen Elizabeth Will Fl ies Living^J!^Deceased.Rtropt r.ity . Tinnff RtntPIs she a Christian? v^r- X Mn. Her occupation if employed outside the home^TLOiiiWhat leadership positions or Chri st ian s e rv i ce has she rendered to the local nhiirrh.?

    ^aconessFORW ARDI NG AGENT:

    Unive r s i t y Chr i s t i a n ChurchNamff Mrs. Uorma Balllnger Street, ^8 ^1 Centinella Ave213City 7,nnfi Qnn45 State,Califgrn la Telephone:, nHTnO-T4747

    Wher e a tt en d nhn rn h? U n i v e r s i t y O h r l R t i a n Stree t n ^ n t l n r l dv?r.ity Lob Angeles 7nnpQ004^ RfntP Oallfn-PTijaWhat duties are performed by the forwarding agpnt- fInannlal ^ pe-rRnrtftl diitlftR -Tn-r moDoes the forwarding agent receive a salary? noShould money be sent to the forwarding agent only?, sIn what form should funds be g^nf? nhf^nV^ mnnmyIf funds are to be sent directly to the missionary on the field, please explain the details of how todo it , so we can give your explanation to HORIZONS readers and others who may inquire.Use the remainder of t hi s sheet or an additional sheet to supply other information which you thinkmight be helpful to the staff of MISSION SERVICES in preparing news stories about your ministry:

  • 7/27/2019 Files Marilyn 1968 Rhodesia


    A ll of my U fa I have f e l t a deep c a l l toth e Miss ion F i e l d . As a youngs t e r I wasa lways i n t e r e s t e d in th e work o f Mis s ionaries at home an d a b r o a d . I believe I h a v ealways planned on becoming a miss ionarynu r s e . Almost 10 yea r s ago I be l i ev edt h a t G-od was c a l l i n g me to th e f i e l d b u tthe d j o r s c losed r ap id ly when a new po s i tio n in nur s i ng opened fo r me wi th opera t ingroom s upe rv i s i on and ho sp i t a l supply purch -in g expe r i ence . I can now see t h i s a s Godd i r e c t i n g my life.My pr imary purpose fo r going to Wuanets ii s to t e l l these people of God's love forthem and o f His g i f t t o them o f e t e r n a ll i f e t h ru His Son Jesus Chr i s t my Lord .As a Christian nurse I c a n find n o betterway to se rve my Lord than to tell th epeop l e o f N u an ets i , Rhodes ia o f th e G-oodNew of Jesus by th e medical and s p i r i t u a lhea l i ng o f th e se peop l e .In the mornings I wi l l see many people inthe c l i n i c wi th a va r i e t y o f d i s e a s e s andcond i t i ons . Many t h a t I have neve r seenbe fo r e and have on ly hea rd o f in t e x t booksand l e c t u r e s . I wi l l be t r e a t i n g peoplewi th va r i ous t ype s o f i n f e c t i o n s , VD, mala r i a ,pneumonia , and burns and many l a c e r a t i o n st h a t wi l l need to be s u t u r ed , made by bo thman a n d beast. I will b e both doctor a n dnurse o n t h e M i ss i o n Station. The closestdoctor wi l l be 45-90 minutes away by a i r p l an e .I.will b ab l e to t r a n s p o r t needed peop leto h osp ita l by our M issio n Cessna 206. Iw i l l a l so t r a v e l to th e v i l l a g e s wi th bo thmedica l , and s p i r i t u a l he l p . I wi l l a s s i s tth e Evange l i s t wi th th e t e ach ing o f b i b l eclasses as I am needed a n d other dutiesas I am needed.

    Please forgive mo for being so la te with this but the time for departuris fast coming upon me. I will be leaving Los Angeles March 1, 196for Nuanetsi, Rhodesia. Please pray that I may be able to do God swi l l and work i n Rhodes i a , Af r i c a .In H is Service

    Mar i lyn F i l e s